Electric grinder

This electric grinder makes the grinding of every herb easy. It is made from transparent...

$ 10,01 view

Magic-Flight finishing grinder

Wooden grinder exclusively designed for use with the Magic-Flight vaporizer. The grinder fits atop the...

$ 30,69 view

Magic-Flight nano grinder

The nano grinder fits perfectly atop the Magic-Flight vaporizer and allows you to grind herbs...

$ 16,68 view

Metal grinder "classic"

Rough metal grinder with sharp teeth to shred your herb. Magnetised on top and bottom.

$ 18,35 view

Quick Grinder V3

The Quick Grinder V3 features a sophisticated emptying system, special closing joint and a smart...

$ 42,70 view

VapoShop grinder card

This credit-card sized grinder features the VapoShop V-shaped logo and is an easy and discreet...

$ 4,67 view

Wooden grinder "ninja star"

Lightweight wooden grinder with metal pins. Shredding herbs was never so easy.

$ 12,34 view

$ 4,00 $ 43,00