The MiniVAP is a vaporizer manufactured with only the highest quality components. It is laboratory tested to guarantee the cleanest vaporizer experience possible. For the true connoisseur!

€ 369,00


The miniVAP is a vaporizer manufactured in Europe with only the highest quality components. No expense was spared to make this the ultimate vaporizer experience in every respect: durability, portability, design and functionality. It is laboratory tested to guarantee the cleanest vaporizer experience possible. This uncompromising aim for perfection is the reason the miniVAP now firmly ranks firmly among the top vaporizers, portable or otherwise.

The quality gap between a portable and home vaporizers has been shrinking for a long time, but with the miniVAP the difference is gone. Never before has a vaporizer combined the exquisite vapour of the likes of the Arizer Extreme or Volcano, with the portability and style of the PUFFiT or Arizer Solo. Want to take the miniVAP with you? Just attach the battery accessory (included with the Portable version).

Technical features

  • Digital heat control with 4 settings: 190 ░C - 225 ░C
  • Powered by ion-li battery for up to 3 hours (Portable version)
  • Auto switch-off (12 minutes)
  • Suitable for liquids (accessory included in every version)
  • Aluminium casing is durable and remains cool to touch.

Components miniVAP vaporizer

VapoShop offers the miniVAP in 2 modules, tailored to different needs:

  • miniVAP Single: The basic vaporizer (non-portable). Set contains the vaporizer, 1 carry bag, 1 adapter + charger (international) and 1 accessories kit.

  • miniVAP Portable: Consists of all items from the Single edition + 1 ion-li battery that can be attached to the bottom. This makes the miniVAP portable for up to 3 hours of use.


  • Heat-up time: 2-5 min
  • Brand: MiniVAP
  • Adjustable temperature: Yes
  • Portable / Desktop: Portable
  • Compatibility: Herbs and oils
  • Delivery method: Direct draw
  • Automatic switch-off: Yes


  • Kim:
    Have owned a miniVAP for a few months now. Is worth ever penny invested!!! Heat-up times might be shorter, and more temperature settings might be a great extra option, but these are more like my wishes. This thing works great, all around. Is very easy to…
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  • Mr Mamen: 2014-01-31 09:44:23
    Hi. I need a vaporizer that handel concentrates, and do not take to big Space. Is this the product i need? Regards Mr Mamen
    Hi Mamen, The MiniVAP is capable of handling both concentrates as well as blends (dried flowers or tobacco). The dimensions of this vaporizer (with the battery attached) are as follows: Height: 207 mm. Diameter: 50 mm Weight: 480 gr. I hope this answers your questions!
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