German lovers of therapeutic herbs gathered at the Berlin Arena on a sunny weekend for the fifth Mary Jane Berlin event.

Being a fan of therapeutic herbs I decided to take the short flight to Berlin and join them. Berliners are a healthy bunch. Cyclists whizzed by me as I walked along the tree lined boulevards to the event from my Airbnb. It seemed every other shop was bio, organic or vegan.

It was mediterranean hot so I was keen to get to the event but not so keen that I ended up there a sweaty mess. I ducked from one shady side of the street to the other until I found my way to the river where the Berlin Arena is located.

Enjoying the Linx Hypnos Zero in Berlin

Enjoying the Linx Hypnos Zero in Berlin. Photo credit: @easyorganicweed

Judging by the large queues Mary Jane Berlin is a popular event. Luckily I met some friends from a therapeutic seed company based out of Holland. Chatting with them helped pass the time as we waited. Inside, there were all manner of companies offering products to help people grow herbs indoors. It seems to be a trend that is catching on.

It wasn’t long before I found another friend who was working for an organic nutrient company. Using organic nutrients helps ensure that your home grown therapeutic herbs are of the finest quality, taste great and most importantly are safe for human consumption.

People waiting in line for Mary Jane. Photo credit: @easyorganicweed

He pulled out a medicine bottle that contained oil that was extracted from a special herb and offered me a few drops under the tongue. He kindly informed me, “You might forget that you took it but don’t worry, after half an hour it will come knocking at the back of your head saying ‘remember me!’”

Moving on, I drifted around the show soaking in the herbal lifestyle. True enough around twenty minutes later there was a little knock knock at the back of my head and I sunk into a state of sublime relaxation.

The Arena doesn’t seem so large at first but they packed in a lot of exhibitors. The venue was by the river, so attendees could pop outside for some cool air coming off the large open space of water. Deck chairs were lined up for those who like to enjoy their herbs seated. There was even a large party boat to enhance the Balearic vibe.

Once back inside I headed to the VapoShop stand. I was curious to meet George, the mastermind behind vaporizer company DynaVap. They hand make beautifully engineered flame powered vaporizers. George is enthusiastic about his products and his passion shines through in the vapes themselves. He spent his days at the show demonstrating their product range on the VapoShop stand.

DynaVap's NonaVonGs. Credit: @easyorganicweed

What’s particularly nice about the DynaVap range is the fact that they use interesting materials. The NonaVong is especially stunning with its use of wood. Conveniently, they come in the right diameter to slot into a water pipe. This means that those invested in a nice piece of glass are not only restricted to combustion as a way to enjoy their flowers. After the purchase of a NonaVong they can now participate in the healthier option of vaping with their water pipe.

Being a vape enthusiast I was keen to see what other new products were on display. There was the Boundless Tera which reminds me of the form factor of a hand grenade. Given the size of the heating chamber I’m sure it would have the capacity to get everyone in the room on the floor. There was also the magnificent PuffCo Peak that takes dab rigs to the next level.

The statue of PuffCo Peak. Photo credit: @easyorganicweed

I spent three wonderful days chilling (baking) under the sun at the Berlin Arena with like-minded herb enthusiasts. What struck me was that the emphasis of the event was much more geared towards the lifestyle surrounding therapeutic herb culture (in case you are interested I wrote more on that here). There seemed the perfect blend of technology, clothing, herbal products and culture.

Hopefully, we’ll see you on the VapoShop stand at Mary Jane Berlin 2019.

By Bill (Instagram @easyorganicweed)