Ghost MV1 vs. Mighty: a side-by-side portable vaporizer review

The Mighty and Ghost MV1 are both high-end vaporizers, offering desktop-quality vapour in a portable device. With a similar price-tag, they continue to be benchmark devices in terms of vapour smoothness, flavour, potency and quantity. Both devices are rather bulky and could rightly be dubbed ‘cordless home vaporizers’: easily transportable but not necessarily easy to have on you at all times. That being said, the Mighty and Ghost MV1 couldn’t be more different in terms of functionality and overall design philosophy. If you’re looking for a herb vaporizer that mimics the performance of a desktop vape, neither devices will let you down. When picking the one that most closely suits your needs, you’ll need a whole lot more information than just this sweeping statement. That’s where we come in.

Ghost MV1 vs. Mighty: Performance

Convection is key

Both the Mighty and Ghost MV1 portable vaporizers are based on a convection heating system. Cool air is drawn in, passes along a heated coil and enters the herb chamber before being cooled down again in the heat sink. The Mighty is actually a hybrid conduction/convection vape in that the sides of the oven are heated as well. This means that your herbs will continue to be heated somewhat even though you are not drawing any vapour. The Ghost MV1, by contrast, is a pure convection, on-demand system, only delivering heat when you need it. On-demand convection heating remains superior in that it evenly heats your herbs, doesn’t require a mid-session stir and delivers a highly nuanced flavour profile.

Unparalleled vapour quality

Both devices are absolute flavour masters. Despite its partially (food-grade) plastic air-path and mouthpiece, the vapour produced by the Mighty has a pristine taste and is definitely on par with the vapour running along the Ghost MV1’s steel-ceramic-glass air path. Furthermore, the spacious oven chamber and full temperature control of the Mighty allows for an easily fine-tuned session while the Ghost requires an app to achieve the same smooth temperature buildup. Even though the Mighty is partially conduction-heated, which could lead to uneven heating and therefore a uniform taste throughout the session, the flavour is simply stellar.

Vapour quantity and smoothness

At higher temperatures, the hybrid convection/conduction solution, low draw-resistance and large oven of the Mighty produces deeply satisfying columns of smoke. The convection-only approach of the Ghost keeps your herbs from withering during those longer, drawn-out sessions. Getting lungfuls of vapour through the Mighty is somewhat limited by the inevitable drop in temperature and the sweet spot is something you’ll have to work out for yourself. The more electronically advanced Ghost MV1 produces haptic feedback letting you know you’re outpacing the device’s heating capacity. The ‘cooling unit’ in the Mighty is nothing more than an elongated airpath with plastic fins and works absolutely fine. The more refined Ghost is equipped with a highly effective ceramic heat sink and an extendable mouthpiece, the latter’s position offering either cooler vapour or larger hits. Taking large, satisfying hits from the Ghost is what the device excels at and you shouldn’t be afraid to push the Ghost to maximum temperatures. Both devices are capable of producing highly dense vapour that will extract all the goodness from your herbs in virtually no time whatsoever.

Battery is where we draw the line

The Mighty sports dual 18650 integrated batteries that fully charge in little more than two hours with a wall charger (no USB-charging possible with the Mighty). These dual batteries will last you for about 90 minutes (the 2018 edition of the Mighty offers 20% more battery life) on medium to high temperatures. As the Ghost MV1 is convection-heated only, battery life can only be measured in draws: gradually building up temperature levels will yield about 50 to 60 draws, spread out over multiple sessions. That is not bad at all. A big plus for the Ghost MV1 is its removable, custom designed battery pack which can be charged using a fast charger in under two hours (instead of the whopping eight hours of charging inside the device via USB-cable). Keeping spare battery packs handy or replacing a pack when it’s been through too many cycles is easily done. Other than that, the Mighty allows for full pass-through charging and this is where the Ghost is found at fault: no simultaneous charging and vaping here.

ghost vs mighty review

Ghost MV1 vs. Mighty: Build quality

Looks aren’t everything

There’s no area where the Mighty and Ghost contrast more sharply. The Mighty is pitch-black, plastic, rugged and ugly-in-a-beautiful way. The Ghost sports a beautiful look, a shiny metal alloy body available in several colours, and is ergonomically shaped. Then again, there’s no accounting for taste.

Solid builds

In spite of their radically different use of materials, both devices have a reassuring weight to them. The all-plastic casing of the Mighty hides the fact that the device is actually very well put together and can probably take a bit of a beating. The Ghost has more removable parts but each of them seems to be machine-tooled with absolute precision. The device’s delicate electronics are probably not able to survive even light collision accidents so it needs to be handled with the utmost care.

Ghost MV1 vs. Mighty: User friendliness

Bells and whistles

The Mighty’s uncomplicated look betrays its basic but highly reliable functionality. A power button and temperature control buttons that allow for incremental, 1°C changes. Load it, turn it on, check temperature and battery life on the LED-screen and then simply draw at will. The Ghost, by contrast, has a bit of a learning curve as only one button controls on/off,  temperature presets and battery life indication while a series of 6 coloured leds provide all the information. This device definitely takes some getting used to.

Temperature control

The Mighty offers full temperature control in a range between 40°C to 210°C at the touch of a button. The Ghost has three factory temperature herb presets of 170°C, 185°C and 200°C, a concentrate setting and two herb settings that are customizable with an app. Switching between these sittings takes only a few seconds.This app also offers full temperature control. A slight drawback of the Mighty is that it relies on small temperature drops - indicating that you are actually vaping - in order to remain powered on. This feedback system doesn’t always work perfectly which causes the Mighty to turn off unexpectedly from time to time.


The Mighty comes with a grinder and a handy, funnel-like loading tool that can be attached to the device. Loading the Mighty is therefore a breeze. The Ghost’s smaller and detachable, ceramic crucibles comes with a metal lid and can sometimes be a bit tricky to put back into the device.

ghost vs mighty review

Ghost MV1 vs. Mighty: Maintenance and accessories

Maintenance is easy

Cleaning both devices is relatively hassle-free and mainly involves disassembling the cooling unit/heat sink on both devices and soaking them in isopropyl alcohol. The Mighty’s O-rings are quite durable and will only occasionally warrant replacing (spares are included in the box). The Ghost comes with a spare crucible and a spare crucible lid. Both the Ghost and the Mighty come with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.


The Mighty could definitely do with a stand as it’s incapable of standing upright on its own (a minor oversight of legendary manufacturer Storz & Bickel). The Ghost requires the fast charger and extra battery pack if you’re planning a vape night with friends. Liquid pads are available for both devices. The Mighty comes with a brush to clean out its fixed oven chamber, a plastic grinder, a dosing capsule and a funnel-like loading tool. The device can be outfitted with a water pipe adaptor and can be supplemented by a filling set with dosing capsules and a plunger. For the Ghost MV1 you can buy a crucible dispenser that comes with 5 ceramic crucibles.

ghost vs mighty review

Ghost MV1 vs. Mighty: Pros and cons of the Mighty

Mighty pros

- Sturdy and rugged look, excellent build quality
- Pristine flavour, cool and smooth vapour
- A regular smokestack at higher temperatures
- Hybrid conduction/convection heating
- Full temperature control
- Pass-through charging

Mighty cons

- Requires a stand
- No USB charging.
- Batteries are built into the device

Ghost MV1 vs. Mighty: Pros and cons of the Ghost MV1

Ghost MV1 pros

- A true gem, excellent build quality
- On-demand convection heating
- Pristine flavour, highly nuanced flavour profile, cool and smooth vapour
- Massive hits on higher temperature settings
- Haptic feedback signals draw duration
- Removable battery pack

Ghost MV1 cons

- Needs to be handled with the utmost care
- App integration required for full temperature control
- Batteries take a long time to charge unless you buy the fast charger

Ghost MV1 vs. Mighty: Who are they for?

Both devices are meant for users who are looking for a portable vaporizer that offers a desktop-like experience. The Mighty and the Ghost MV1 have both succeeded masterfully in mimicking desktop vaping and this couldn’t have been achieved without compromising on size. Both devices are seriously portable but in no way meant to be carried with you at all times. Bring them to a party, on road-trips, to work (we’re not actually advocating this, check with your employer first) but don’t expect to have one of these devices dangle in your trouser pocket. The out-of-the-box devices face serious challenges in terms of battery life, with the Ghost MV1 requiring the fast charger for prolonged use and not allowing pass-through charging while the Mighty is limited in terms of its integrated twin batteries and wall-plug only charging. That being said, flavouristas and cloud chasers alike will simply be over the moon with the performance of both vaporizers.

Ghost MV1 vs. Mighty: Final verdict

Choosing between these two beasts is no easy feat. Even though the Ghost and the Mighty are both high-end, ‘cordless home vaporizers’ that sell at about the same price, they have different strengths and weaknesses. In terms of vapour quality and flavour profile, the Ghost and Mighty are both overachievers and comparing them would amount to splitting hairs. With its replaceable and externally rechargeable battery, the Ghost outperforms the Mighty when it is equipped with the fast charger. The Ghost has a learning curve, requires app integration for full temperature control and depends heavily on delicate electronics and programming. By contrast, the Mighty has a straightforward interface and will probably survive exposure to most hazardous environmental conditions. Simply put: if you like rugged, simple, and reliable vaporizer, get a Mighty. If you like luxurious, delicate, highly advanced device, go for a Ghost. Even simpler: if you like dogs, go for a Mighty, if you like cats, buy a Ghost. Are we pushing this thing too far?

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DaVinci Miqro ultra-portable vaporizer review

This little gem is DaVinci’s take on what a smaller but still very performant IQ should look like. Just as its older sister, the Miqro is a portable vaporizer based on conduction heating, compatible with herbs only and competing in the high-end segment. The Miqro is hardly a misnomer and its size raises the question how such a compact packaging could contain the ability to achieve high-end performance. Are the Miqro’s claims to fame overstated? Let’s find out.

DaVinci Miqro review - Performance

Flavour Queen

The Miqro is all about smooth, terpy, wholesome vapour. Even at the highest temperature settings, vapour remains rather wispy and leaves you longing for a lungful. On the plus side, building up to these higher temperatures is a highly satisfying experience. The zirconium airpath, mouthpiece, oven lid and high quality ceramic oven guarantee a pristine flavour that will only gently tickle the back of your throat. Smaller devices generally don’t make for impressive smoke stacks but the Miqro faces additional challenges due to its noticeable draw resistance. The oven holds about 0.25 grams and the device performs better when the material is finely ground and tightly packed. To this end, the oven lid comes with an extendable ‘pearl’ which firmly holds your material in place. You may want to stir your herbs mid-session, which is easily done with the device’s built-in stirring tool. The oven’s limited capacity and the need to tightly pack your herbs means that this vaporizer is not for cloud chasers. Then again, the Miqro will surely meet expectations from even the most demanding flavouristas.

Removable and rechargeable battery

While its older and bigger sister, the DaVinci IQ, sports the 18650 removable and rechargeable battery, the Miqro had to settle for the 18350 battery, about half its size. Nonetheless, the fact that it has a removable battery is already quite a feat for vaporizer this size. The battery will last about 30 minutes while vaping on higher temperature settings so this is not a vape suitable for multiple sessions shared with a bunch of friends. As a light-use vape for one person this is more than enough. The batteries can be charged in a separate charger and are small enough to carry a few spares wherever you go. The Miqro can be also be used while the battery is charging.

Hot tamale

In Smart Path mode, you can choose between four temperature bands. The vaporizer heats up to the highest temperature band in under 40 seconds with a freshly charged battery and a bit over a minute when your battery is close to being depleted. Cycling between smart paths takes only a few seconds, even when your battery is about to give out. To accomplish this feat, heat is siphoned off mainly through the aluminum outer shell, which is why the device tends to be pretty hot to the touch.

DaVinci Miqro review

DaVinci Miqro review - Build quality

Deluxe feel and look

The Miqro’s design is simply impeccable. Elegant curves, a sturdy outer shell with a matte finish available in five different colours (Amethyist, Cobalt, Graphite, Onyx and Rust). Even though the device could be swallowed whole by a medium-sized dog, it feels reassuringly heavy in your hand.  The mouthpiece lid closes magnetically and gives access to the battery compartment, which is sealed off with an additional lid of its own. The extendable pearl on the oven lid feels more sturdy than the one on the IQ and just to be sure, a replacement gasket and screw are included in the box. All hinges feel solid and the metal control and temperature buttons are recessed, which adds to the overall sleekness of the device. The front cover features an intriguing led indicator composed of 15 individual leds which spells out letters, numbers, battery and temperature levels. As a finishing touch, the DaVinci logo has been stylishly and discreetly engraved on the front side of the vaporizer.

Isolated airpath

Like its bigger sibling, the Miqro’s design includes zirconium and other ceramic elements all along the vapour path: from the extendable pearl on the lid used to pack your herbs tightly, over the removable airpath tube all the way up to the mouthpiece. Zirconium is often used in medical implants and is a thermal insulator, which is why it’s a perfect fit for the vapour path. The oven itself is made out of a more thermally conductive ceramic material.

DaVinci Miqro review - User friendliness

Ultra portable

We’ve already mentioned it a few times: this little gem is only slightly larger than your run-of-the mill cigarette lighter. The Miqro comes with an optional 10 mm tubular mouthpiece but can even be used without it, which renders it even more compact. This device is definitely one of the more discreet vaporizers we’ve come across and also features a stealth mode, reducing the brightness of the indicator leds. The Miqro may be highly portable, it’s not ideal for sharing at social events as the smaller oven and battery would probably not be able to satisfy popular demand.

Friendly little helper

The Miqro’s size would suggest limited functionality yet the opposite is true. Through the combination of a power button and two temperature buttons, the device allows you the switch between a Smart Path mode and precise temperature control. In Smarth Path mode, the Miqro will automatically heat across a 10°C temperature range, gently raising the temperature during a session. The vaporizer also features a boost mode which will keep the device at 220°C as long as you press and hold the control button, effectively turning the device into an on-demand vaporizer. This elaborate functionality doesn’t come at the expense of intuitive controls and the device is easily mastered after only a few sessions. Appropriately programmed haptic feedback makes the use of the Miqro easier in situations where discretion is advised.

DaVinci Miqro review - Maintenance and essential accessories

Easy cleaning

The removable vapour tube and mouthpiece make for easy cleaning. Break out the isopropyl alcohol swabs and wipes and get to work on the oven while you let the removable parts soak in a bath of isopropyl alcohol. Detailed cleaning instructions can be found in the video below.

Accessories galore

The standard edition of the Miqro comes with replacement parts for the oven lid’s extendable pearl, fluffy cleaning rods, a 10 mm tubular mouthpiece which doubles as a water pipe adapter, a spare silicone mouthpiece gasket, a stirring tool and a quality USB-cable. The deluxe ‘Explorer’ edition also includes an battery carry-on case featuring a herb container, a carrying pouch, a vaporizer sleeve and a beautifully designed grinder card. Most removable parts can be bought separately as well as extra batteries and a 18350-compatible battery charger. You can sign up for a 5-year warranty for the Miqro by registering your device on the company’s website.

DaVinci Miqro review - Pros and Cons


  • Highly portable and discreet
  • Gorgeous and sturdy design
  • Flavourful, clean and smooth vapour on all temperature settings
  • Go-to vaporizer for light use or microdosing at a reasonable price
  • High functionality combined with intuitive controls


  • Draw resistance and smaller oven prevent deep tokes
  • Feels a little hot to the touch at higher settings

DaVinci Miqro review

DaVinci Miqro review - Who is this for?

The Miqro should figure high on the wish-list for anyone who’s looking for something very small and discreet yet doesn’t want to compromise on quality. The Miqro does an impressive job integrating high-end functionality and design in a compact model. If you are looking for a reliable, durable vape for light use to carry with you without imposing itself on you, the DaVinci Miqro is a strong contender. The Miqro is less suitable for cloud chasers, who might be put off by the device’s wispy vapour, even at higher temperature settings.

Davinci Miqro review - The final verdict

The DaVinci Miqro essentially offers a high-end, ultra-portable vaporizer at a reasonable price. Unlike other ultraportables, this vaporizer offers light and smooth vapour with a pure, unadulterated flavour. DaVinci clearly adheres to the idea that terpenes are there to be savoured and should not be sacrificed in favour of large and dense clouds of vapour. It features Smart Path, Precision temperature and Boost modes while being accessible to even the most novice of vaporizer users. If portability, discretion, an elegant, sturdy design, excellent vapour quality and light vaping are your main selection criteria, the Miqro offers all this without breaking the bank.

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Linx Blaze portable concentrate vaporizer review

The new Blaze is Linx’s latest addition to their successful line of concentrate pens. Aside from incremental improvements based of the already impressive Hypnos Zero, the Blaze breaks ranks by including not one but two atomizers: a redesigned Zero atomizer and the brand new and innovative Ace atomizer. Plenty to get excited about so let’s dive right in.

Linx Blaze review - Performance

Fits snugly in your pocket

In terms of portability, the Linx Blaze is one step up from the Hypnos Zero in that it comes with a magnetic lint cap. Keeping your borosilicate mouthpiece from clogging and scratching is a big plus. It's definitely bulkier than its predecessor but still more compact than most portable vaporizers out there. Linx provides screw-on caps for its replacement atomizers so we’re still wondering why they are not included with the initial vaporizer set - having an extra atomizer in your pocket would sometimes be preferable than bringing the case along. While the case is definitely sturdy and sports a beautiful matte black finish and a subtle grey Linx emblem, it’s not exactly pocket-sized.

Ace Atomizer

The Blaze is definitely a trailblazer when it comes to the new Ace atomizer, featuring an all quartz bowl, separated from a highly responsive heating element. Linx has paid close attention to developments in larger dab rigs where quartz banger nails with electric heating elements have become a trustworthy alternative. The Blaze incorporates this heating method in a highly compact atomizer with impressive results. The quartz ‘bucket’ is adequately protected by a thick stainless steel outer shell and allows for immediate heat transfer from the inlaid heating element coiled up under the bucket. The all-quartz medical grade material guarantees a clean, wholesome and terpy vapour.

Zero Atomizer

We’ve come to love Linx’s take on the ceramic atomizer in the Hypnos Zero, with a ceramic disk instead of traditional donut. The inevitable drawback of a donut-shaped heating element is its uneven heat distribution, which mainly spreads heat on the circle of the donut, leaving the material collected in the 'eye' not properly vaporized. The Hypnos Zero’s convex heating ‘halo’ disk  allows for material to be heated more evenly with any residue being collected in a narrow groove at the outer rim of the disk. The Blaze improves on this nifty solution by increasing the size of the disk allowing for more material to be heated all at once while at the same time recessing the disk further, preventing unheated material from disappearing along the edge of the disk. The disk heats up to the highest temperature setting in a blink of an eye and the increased size of the atomizer will allow you to load material to your heart’s content. This heavy-duty atomizer is your ticket to dense, gratifying clouds.

Battery packs a punch

The most noticeable improvement over the Hypnos Zero is the Blaze’s impressive 900 mAh battery which is 510-threaded. The battery charges via USB cable in two to three hours and is sold separately as well.

Linx Blaze review

Linx Blaze review - Build quality

So very shiny

Like the Hypnos Zero, the Blaze’s brushed stainless steel finish is buttery smooth. This concentrate pen feels reassuringly heavy in your hand and the precision with which each part has been machine-tooled is impressive. Linx has been consistent in the level of detail brought to design and finish and this portable concentrate vaporizer is no exception. The control button on the Blaze is now a protruding metal disk which feels more durable to the touch compared to the large, slightly wobbly, plastic disk on the Hypnos Zero. The indicator light on the Blaze is now a subtle pinhole led located above the control button.

Airflow redesign

The four holes providing the air intake on the Hypnos Zero were integrated in the atomizer and made for an unimpeded airflow directly from the top of the atomizer to the filter. The air holes in the Blaze are drilled into the filter section which screws into the atomizer. The air is now guided along the side of the atomizer before entering the bowl thereby reducing possible leaking and clogging of the air holes.

Linx Blaze review - User friendliness

One button control

The Blaze is activated and controlled with just one button. Clicking 5 times will turn the device on and off, the indicator light will blink five times when the device is turned on and you’re ready to start vaping at the last temperature level you selected. Three clicks to cycle between four temperature settings (blue, green, yellow and red). The indicator light will blink three times before changing to the newly selected temperature level. When the indicator light turns white and blinks 8 times, it’s time to recharge the device. Pretty straightforward. Holding the main button down will quickly heat the atomizer to the set level. A built-in safeguard prevents overheating (the indicator light will turn light and blink to let you know the device is no longer heating).

Superfast heating

The temperature range and heating time is without a doubt one of the major assets of this elegant concentrate vaporizer. Four temperature settings deliver the appropriate range: from low temp dabbing to powerful hits, the Blaze delivers as promised. The pen draws on the powerful 900mAh workhorse to quickly reach the desired temperature and then maintains the temperature level by heating more sparingly. A low temp dab in the Ace atomizer is as flavourful, mild and clean tasting as you could ever wish for, while a powerful, instant and harsh hit on the highest temperature is right at your fingertips as well. The Zero atomizer heats up like a real trooper despite its large heating surface, allowing you to take powerful hits. It would have been nice to get an actual idea of the temperature settings, which Linx doesn’t provide. Other than that, the atomizers tend to get pretty hot, especially on the high setting which is slightly annoying, considering that this is the area where your thumb and finger will be.

Linx Blaze review

Linx Blaze review - Maintenance and accessories

All parts replaceable

The sturdy protective case holds your Blaze with both atomizers, a loading tool, a spare mouthpiece, and the short but elegant USB charging cable. The Blaze’s modular design allows you to switch between replacement parts and gives the ability to keep a spare battery ready. Replace both atomizers, mouthpiece, filter sections and magnetic lint cap as you go along and extend your Linx’s lifespan at a manageable cost. The glass bubbler that already worked its magic on the Hypnos Zero is also compatible with the Blaze.

Limited warranty

The Blaze’s battery module comes with Linx’s 1-year warranty. The warranty does not apply to the atomizers.

Bath time

Your Blaze could do with regular cleaning and this is mainly done through isopropyl alcohol baths. Removing residue from the atomizers is easily done by heating them on the red setting and let the residue drip out (use a tissue to wipe off those stubborn stay-behinds). Leave parts to soak for a while and your device comes out looking brand new. Check Linx’s cleaning guide video below for detailed instructions.

Linx Blaze review - Pros and Cons


- Elegant, shiny, sleek, smooth, well-built, heavy feel
- Dual atomizers for two distinct vaping experiences
- Atomizers successfully address common problems associated with ceramic donut and quartz coil technologies
- Powerful, powerful battery
- 4 temperature settings with superfast heating time


- Limited warranty of 1 year, applies solely to the battery
- Atomizers feel pretty hot to the touch

Linx Blaze review - Who is this for?

The Linx Blaze is a high performing concentrate pen and we would be hard pressed to find a worthy competitor. A logical choice would no doubt be the Hypnos Zero, its predecessor. Upgrading from your Hypnos Zero is definitely a sound idea as the improved Zero atomizer, increased battery life and reduced heating time will make all the difference. Experienced dabbers who are looking for a way to take their all-quartz flavour experience on the road will find a reliable companion in the Ace atomizer.

Linx Blaze review - The final verdict

Linx continues to impress with its versatile and beautifully designed line of portable concentrate pens and the Blaze could rightly be considered its flagship model. An unrivaled powerhouse, remarkably responsive in terms of heating and undeniably modular. The dual atomizers provide the complete concentrate vaping experience: from powerful and large hits to terpy, low-temp vaping. Both atomizers are a testament to Linx’s design philosophy which favours incremental improvements and avoids common pitfalls associated with both ceramic donut and quartz coil atomizers. If you are into concentrates and you’re looking for a definitive, portable, cold-loading concentrate pen, look no further.

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VapCap ‘M’ 2019 portable vaporizer review

DynaVap’s VapCap ‘M’ model has become a benchmark product in the segment of portable, non-electric  vaporizers. Its portability, elegant design, quality execution and ingenious convection mechanism makes the VapCap ‘M’ stand out to the extent that it nearly forms a category all by itself. This vaporizer is not quite as luxurious and versatile as some of the other DynaVap creations but it’s all the more affordable. True to form, DynaVap has released its 2019 model and we’re excited to find out what they have in store for us.

VapCap ‘M’ 2019 review - Performance

Develop a feel for it

The performance of the VapCap ‘M’ hinges on your ability to apply the right amount of heat to the bowl. Using a butane powered torch lighter works best and it’s up to you to gauge the distance between the flame and the cap for optimal results. A skilled user will be able to generate a more low-heat, flavourful hit or a high-heat, dense vapour hit by spinning the VapCap ‘M’ over the flame. By controlling the airflow via the device’s carb, you can further finetune the consistency and density of the vapour.

Herbs that last and last

When you’re just starting out with this classic vaporizer you’ll probably overheat the cap a couple of times, producing an overly dense and overly hot vapour.  After a couple of times, you should be able to delicately manage the amount of heat you apply to the bowl and you’ll be surprised how long your herbs will last: from barely visible but very tasty vapour to eye-watering hits in an increasingly refined spectrum of flavour and intensity.


The VapCap ‘M’ will easily fit in the tiny pocket of your jeans (the universal standard for small, portable items), leaving ample space for a torch lighter in your main pocket. This vaporizer is seriously portable and there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t carry it with you everywhere you go.

vapcap m review

VapCap ‘M’ 2019 review - Build quality

Medical grade stainless steel

All VapCap ‘M’s are made from the finest medical grade stainless steel and its individual parts (mouthpiece, main body, tip, condenser tube and cap) have been machine tooled with loving precision. The 2019 edition has seen some subtle but consequential improvements.

Improved airflow

The helix-shaped grooves on the tip of the 2018 version have been replaced with serpentine airflow channels allowing for a larger surface area to act as an air-intake. The air that flows along these channels will be exposed to the external heat source for a longer time which in turn will heat your herbal material more quickly.  Airflow is further increased by small indents on the edge of the tip, creating space between the cap and the tip. A small design change that has significant consequences for the way the air enters the tip.

Better grip

The carb on the 2019 version is recessed much lower compared to the 2018 version. Easier access allows for increased airflow control as your finger is guided effortlessly over the carb. An added ridge acts as a tactile clue about the carb’s location and makes for better rolling action during vape sessions. The grooved section under the carb has been replaced with a beautifully carved rosetta pattern which ensures a good grip and shimmers in the light when you hold the VapCap at an angle.

vapcap m review

VapCap ‘M’ 2019 review - User friendliness

As always...respect the click

The device’s cap is key to a satisfying vaping session. It contains a heat-sensitive disk which will click twice when it reaches a certain temperature (usually not over 200°C), effectively letting you know when your herbs are close to combustion. When the device has cooled down sufficiently, the disk will snap back into place and you’re ready to reheat the vape. Overheating the cap is the main cause of misuse of VapCaps so you need to more or less keep your wits about you when using this little gem. When in doubt, wait a little longer or cool the VapCap by applying cold to the cap. Depending on the area that’s being heated, you will get a faster or slower click which in turn has an impact on how hot your herbs will get. Practice makes perfect…


Loading the 2019 version has been made easier with the cutaways on the edge of the bowl acting as teeth that can cut your herbs to the appropriate size while you push and twist the device. The increased airflow allows you to pack the bowl a bit tighter than you would on previous models.

External lighter

Using the VapCap ‘M’ requires an external heat source. A regular, yellow flame lighter will immediately deposit soot on your cap and will take its sweet time to heat up your herbs. A blue-flame refillable torch lighter is what you’d want in this case. Spend that extra euro on a decent one, refilling is cheaper than buying new ones.

VapCap ‘M’ 2019 review - maintenance and accessories

A detailed explanation on how to clean your VapCap 'M' can be found on our blog. The VapCap comes with a two year warranty and in the unlikely event the cap on yours  gives out, you can purchase a replacement cap. Even though the VapCap ‘M’ is designed with herbs in mind, you can use degummed hemp fibre to load it with concentrates to prevent the bowl from clogging due to residue. The good folks at DynaVap have provided us with a very complete maintenance kit including replacement o-rings. VapoShop recommends using the Vertigo 3-flame (stormproof) butane lighter with the VapCap ‘M’.

vapcap m review

VapCap ‘M’ 2019 review - Pros and cons


- Increased airflow and more intuitive design on the 2019 version
- Beautiful design, quality materials, everlasting (at the very least until the 2020 edition)
- With skill:  a very complete, nuanced and satisfying way to experience your herbs
- So, so portable


- Learning curve ahead
- “I could have sworn I heard it click”
- Vapour is rather hot but this should come as no surprise

VapCap ‘M’ 2019 review - Who is this for?

The VapCap ‘M’ is DynaVap’s entry-level model and at this price, everyone should get one. This is a vaporizer that requires some skill to master but the rewards are well worth the effort. Bring this baby to the party and delight your friends, go travelling with it, keep it by your bedside table or fidget with it at work. The 2019 edition is worth the upgrade mainly due to the device’s improved airflow and better grip so even seasoned DynaVap enthusiasts will find plenty to be excited about.

VapCap ‘M’ 2019 review - The final verdict

The area of the cap you’re applying heat to, spinning the vape, the distance to the flame, opening and closing the carb...This vape requires a fair amount of skill and experience before you can make it do your bidding. Spend some time and effort on it and the VapCap ‘M’ 2019 will be able to conjure the most diverse flavour profiles and vapour density you could imagine while being less than pocket-sized. The improvements in the 2019 edition will not dramatically change your experience of the VapCap but they are more than worthwhile to justify the upgrade. If you haven’t got one already, now would be as good a time as ever to add the VapCap to your collection.

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PAX 3 portable vaporizer review

The good people at PAX set out to improve on their already critically acclaimed PAX 2 in certain decisive areas. The main idea behind the PAX 3 vaporizer is to move PAX devices into high-end vaporizer territory at a mid-level price without abandoning conduction heating. A daunting task to say the least and we’re eager to find out if they’ve succeeded.

PAX 3 review - Performance


This device may be a conduction vape, it seems hell bent on mimicking on-demand convection vaping in terms of heating and cooling. The PAX 3 heats to your desired temperature in about 15 seconds and will cool down immediately after vaping. The coloured LED lights  behind the vape’s signature ‘X’ gradually turn from a dark blue to an ‘all-clear’ green and back, depending on whether the device is heating or cooling.

Herbs and concentrates - really!

The oven of the PAX3 holds about 0.3 grams which should easily yield about 20 extended draws when gradually cycling through the 4 temperature settings. A second oven lid with a bulbous protrusion will allow you to only pack the oven half-full while still holding your herbs firmly in place. The concentrate insert has the obvious drawback of actually sticking awkwardly out the vape’s back end (maybe so you won’t forget you’re vaping concentrates now?) but it does the trick in terms of performance. The container is rather spacious and two tubular air intakes should prevent the PAX 3 from leaving behind a sticky trail of melted concentrate. Make sure you hold the vape more or less straight, there’s always the risk of concentrate seeping into your device.

Awesome battery life

The battery life on the PAX 3 is one of the more noticeable improvements over its predecessor. The battery seems to hold out forever and you should be able to have three comfortable, extended vape sessions with one charge. Charging the battery only takes 90 minutes and the only drawback is the magnetic connection between the USB charger and the device which could be interrupted if the unit is only slightly moved.

Tasty, lukewarm vapour

The device is quite small which invariably comes at the expense of cool vapour. That being said, the vapour produced by this device doesn’t grind the back of your throat either and the silicone mouthpiece stays nice and cool, even at higher temperatures. The vapour has a clean taste, fully allowing the aromas of your herbs to be appreciated in all of their facets.

PAX 3 review - Build quality

Compact and a luxurious feel

The PAX 3 vaporizer is the same size as its predecessor and easily fits in the palm of your hand. The unit has a comfortable feel to it and a reassuring weight. The aluminum shell with a matte finish is available in rose gold, black, silver and teal. These coatings make the vape easy on the eyes even though they have a tendency to show fingerprints and are not immune to scratching or even chipping along the edges of the oven lid. Make sure you keep your keys and change in your other trouser pocket.

Easy access

All materials connected to the air path are of medical grade quality. The oven and mouthpiece are located at opposite ends of the vaporizer which makes for a longer vapour path resulting in a cooler vapour. The oven lid clicks into place with magnets and is therefore easily replaceable. One tiny drawback of this otherwise ingenious design is that the main air intake occurs along the seams of the lid. This means you’ll be able to smell the residue of your herbs if you hold the back of the vape up to your nose, so you may want to avoid doing that. Unless you’re into that sort of thing. In any case, PAX sells special odor caps to seal off both ends of the vaporizer for maximum discretion.

Pax 3 review

PAX 3 review - User friendliness

One button to rule them all

Another feature we know from the PAX 2 is the single control button located between two air slits on the mouthpiece. Even though this is counter-intuitive for many users who would expect to find the controls on a vape’s body, you get used to this way of handling your vape rather quickly. This single button controls the works: turning the vape off and on, going in and out of temperature control mode and cycling through temperature settings. Haptic feedback lets you know when the device is ready to vape so you can rest your eyes on your conversation partner instead of staring at your vaporizer. The instruction manual in the box is only there to get you started and PAX provides additional instructions on their website.


Well, not quite a gyroscope but the built-in accelerometer and smart-gesture control do make you feel like the vape is spookily aware of how you’re handling it (so be gentle). Waving the vape around shows the temperature level and picking up the vape will automatically activate the oven while setting it down will immediately initiate cooling.

An app that is actually useful

Normally we would dismiss an integration with an app on your phone as a needless gimmick. This time, the PAX 3 vaporizer actually has caught our attention with an app that expands the device’s already impressive capabilities in a useful manner. Aside from the standard option of customizing the temperature settings by one degree increments, the app allows you to choose from four heating modes. Stealth mode maintains lower temperatures so you’ll produce barely visible vapour. In flavour mode, the device will only heat up to these lower temperature when drawing in order to preserve your herbs even more. Boost mode will limit your device’s cooling which is useful if you’re into thick clouds and efficiency mode will automatically increase the temperature during a session, eliminating the need to cycle through the settings manually. You can even increase the vape’s stealth by turning off the lights while the device is heating and cooling.

PAX 3 review - Maintenance and essential accessories

The PAX 3 vaporizer comes with a reassuring 10 year warranty. Cleaning the device is easily done by soaking the different parts in isopropyl alcohol. Fluffy cleaning rods are included which you can insert in the airpath during more thorough cleaning sessions.

Basic Kit and Complete Kit

The PAX 3 is available with a basic kit (maintenance kit, one flat and one arched mouthpiece and a standard oven lid) as well as with a complete kit (concentrate insert, half-pack oven lid, multitool, carry case and additional screens) for about €50 more. The basic kit allows less habitual herb enthusiasts to enjoy the PAX 3 experience while remaining firmly in the mid-level price segment. The complete kit has the advantage of offering accessories at a much more advantageous price than when buying each accessory separately.


Most of the accessories available for the PAX2 are also compatible with the PAX 3, which should ease the transition for PAX 2 users. Check out the compact water pipe adapter and additional herb capsules for pre-loading purposes if you’re planning on taking the on-the-go vaping experience to the next level.

pax 3 review

PAX 3 review - Who should buy this?

The PAX 3 definitely has a leg up on the PAX 2 in terms of heating/cooling time and battery performance so PAX enthusiasts should consider an upgrade. With its mid-level price and obvious on-the-go appeal, the PAX3 seems geared towards mobile vapers who refuse to skimp on quality. Flexibility, vapour quality, customizability, discretion...this device can look high-end portable vaporizers in the eye without flinching. The PAX 3 seems to be designed with the discriminating user in mind who’d rather focus on having meaningful interactions during a night out than fiddling with a vape.

PAX 3 review - Pros and cons


- Smart gesture control for rapid heating and cooling
- Useful app integration
- Herbs and concentrates
- Impressive battery life and charging time
- Good value for money


- Coating prone to scratches
- A bit of a learning curve
- Minor imperfections: concentrate insert sticks out a bit - both ends can get a little smelly

PAX 3 review - The final verdict

The PAX 3 is PAX’s latest attempt at proving that a top-of-the-line portable vaporizer can be sold at a mid-level price. Through significant strides made in terms of battery life and heating/cooling time, this vaporizer definitely outperforms the PAX 2 and stands out among its peers in the same price range. The smart gesture control is finely attuned to your vaping needs and is a key factor in the device’s ability to heat up and cool down rapidly. It successfully bypasses the most common objection we have against conduction vaporizers and manages to be a more than decent concentrate vaporizer to boot. PAX’s most recent addition to the vaporizer universe should therefore be at the top of any serious vaping enthusiasts’ list.

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Boundless CFC LITE Review

Boundless Technologies has established a respectable reputation with its affordable but quality vaporizers. Its latest addition to the family, the Boundless CFC LITE, is meant to persuade enthusiasts of ultimate portable vaping. The vaporizer is one of the smallest on the market and very competitively priced. We sure are keen to find out if this little vape can tag along with its older siblings...

Boundless CFC LITE - User friendliness

Intuitive controls

One button features prominently on the CFC LITE and controls the works: cycling through the temperature settings, turning the device on and off and battery checks. An indicator light on the side of the device tells you whether the device is warming up (blinking) or has reached the desired temperature (steady). Also, haptic feedback lets you know if your device is hot enough to start vaping. Indicator lights at the front will let you know how your battery is holding up while you’re vaping. When you’re no longer vaping, the device will deactivate automatically after a few minutes. Everything about this vape is crystal clear and there’s no learning curve whatsoever.

Impressive chamber size

Even though the vape’s size would suggest otherwise, the ceramic chamber is large enough to hold 0.4 grams of herbs. The removable stainless steel chamber screen doesn’t fit snugly in the chamber’s grooves and has a tendency to get lost in your ashtray when scooping out your herbs. We get why this vape comes with 5 additional chamber screens. The CFC LITE is not compatible with concentrates.

Boundless CFC lite review

Boundless CFC LITE - Performance

Heats up in the blink of an eye

The Boundless CFC LITE may be small but heats up like a big boy. Holding the power button for three seconds will take you to the next temperature level in under 40 seconds. The vaporizer only has three preset temperature settings which cannot be adjusted. At 196℃ the lowest (blue) temperature level is a bit high for our taste. The mid-level setting (green) is at 206℃ and the vape maxes out at 216℃. The CFC Lite is aiming high and this results in a mouthpiece that will heat your lips in a way that is not entirely pleasant.

Thick clouds

The upside of the rather high temperature range is that the vape tends to produce satisfying clouds of vapour that do not taste bad at all. No plasticky taste or harsh vapour here.

Little beast

The Boundless CFC LITE does not strain its removable 18350 battery too much. A fully charged battery will last you 5 to 6 satisfying vaping sessions. The battery is small enough to keep an extra one in your pocket if you’re one the move. It takes about an hour to fully charge.

Boundless CFC LITE - Build quality

Stealthy and solid

The CFC LITE may be small but you can tell the good people from Boundless didn’t skimp on build quality: the finish at the seams is indicative of a well-designed and well-manufactured device. The mouthpiece and battery compartment connect with the CFC LITE’s main body with a reassuring click. According to Boundless, all materials exposed to heat are of a medical grade.

Boundless CFC LITE -  Maintenance, cleaning and accessories

The device comes with an abundance of mouthpiece and chamber replacement screens, a packing tool and a cleaning brush. Be careful when removing residue with isopropyl alcohol as the outer shell of the device may be sensitive to the alcohol.. The device comes with a three year warranty, which inspires further confidence in its build quality. Additional batteries are available as well.

Boundless cfc lite review

Boundless CFC LITE -  Who should buy this?

The CFC LITE is all about stealth and on-the-go vaping. If you’re a vapour connaisseur (a vapoureur? anyone?) you may object to the coarse grading of its temperature levels. If however, you’re someone who values efficiency over complete temperature control, the CFC LITE will not disappoint. Given its value for money, this vaporizer should also appeal to the beginner.

Boundless CFC LITE -  pros and cons


- Stealthy
- Removable battery
- Affordable
- Fast heating time
- Solid build


- High temperature settings that cannot be adjusted
- Prone to making chamber screens disappear (or is it just us?)

Boundless CFC Lite - the final verdict

The Boundless CFC Lite should appeal to anyone who enjoys vaping herbs while on the move. The device is seriously small, has a removable battery and doesn’t light up like a christmas tree when you’re using it. Even though the CFC LITE is relatively inexpensive, we’re convinced the manufacturer made sure to present us with a quality product. If you’re into no-nonsense efficiency, the Boundless CFC LITE should suit you nicely.

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VapoShop is going all out at this year's Spannabis

Spring is in the air so that can mean only one thing: VapoShop is going to Barcelona to liven up the annual Spannabis fair, the biggest cannabis event in all of Europe. Our Spanish customers (and a few avid travellers) will be thrilled to find out we’ll be able to welcome you at not one, but two stands at the celebrated fair. VapoShop’s cream of the crop will be on display with a special focus on DynaVap, Linx and Ghost vaporizers and accessories. Come and greet us at stands 75 and 76 from 15/3 until 17/3 at the Spannabis fair in Barcelona. Get your tickets here.

Ghost MV1 Spannabis Contest

The Ghost MV1 remains one of our top picks for any discriminating vaporizing enthusiast such as yourself. Its on-demand performance is unparalleled in the world of vaporizers and it’s guaranteed to produce only the finest and most pleasant vapour. There’s a rumour going around Spannabis that one of these gems could soon be one of your prized possessions…

How can you win one of two Ghost MV1 vaporizers?

1. Follow @vaposhop on Instagram

2. Pick up your free Ghost pin at one of our Spannabis stands

3. Post a picture of you wearing the Ghost pin and tag: #spannabis #ghostvapes #ghostmv1 #vaposhop and #bcnghost. Deadline for entries is 30/03/19

4. The winners will be announced on Instagram on 01/04/2019

Terms and conditions

1. This Instagram contest is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram
2. Hosting company of this contest is: VapoShop; Postbus 58012; 1040 HA Amsterdam; The Netherlands
3. The contest runs from 14.03-30.03.19 (24:00 CET)
4. The prizes are two Ghost MV1 vaporizers. The prize is as stated and no cash or other alternatives will be offered.
5. One winner will be chosen randomly and one winner will be selected by VapoShop based our appreciation of each entry.
6. You need a Ghost MV1 pin which can be picked up for free at vaposhop spannabis stands 75 and 76. The pins are limited to 250 pieces.
7. You have to follow @vaposhop on instagram; Post a picture of you wearing the Ghost Mv1 pin and tag #spannabis #ghostvapes #ghostmv1 #vaposhop and #bcnghost
8. The winner will be announced on Instagram on 01.04.2019 and will be contacted through the “direct Message” function.
9. The winner will have 5 days to claim their prize from the date that they are announced as a winner. After this time we reserve the right to select a new winner.
10. The pictures of all participants can be used at VapoShop’s discretion.
11. The competition is open to residents of the EU aged 18 years or up. Employees of Ari Logistics are not allowed to participate.
12. Any personal data relating to participants will be used solely in accordance with current EU data protection legislation and will not be used for marketing purposes without the individual's prior consent.

Ghost MV1 portable vaporizer review

Ghost MV1: Best of both worlds?

A decent on-demand vaporizer not only needs a large and powerful battery but also an efficient heatsink. These design requirements can easily be met in a sizable desktop vaporizer but cramming these features into an ergonomic, hand-held device is a whole new ballgame. The people behind Ghost set out to achieve the impossible: creating a powerful, on-demand convection vaporizer you can easily carry with you, suitable for herbs and concentrates alike. All the benefits of a desktop vaporizer combined with the on-the-go appeal of a portable vape: how did they fare?

Ghost MV1 performance: the gold standard for on-demand vaping

Ingenious design

The on-demand vaping performance of the MV1 is impressive, to say the least. In vape mode you can activate the battery pack by pressing a discreet vape button near the mouthpiece. The airflow in the Ghost MV1 is directed along a  airpath and is preheated through conduction heating before entering the oven. From then on, the vaporizer is in full convection mode as an efficient heating coil takes over. The hot air is drawn through the crucible, into a heat sink and through a retractable glass mouthpiece.

Preserves your herbs

The device’s fast heating and cooling time leave your herbs fresh after each draw. Overall, these features lead to a drastic increase in the absorption efficiency of your herbs’ active compounds. The Ghost MV1 will allow you to use roughly half of the material you would normally use in a conduction vaporizer.


The removable, custom designed battery-pack will be able to supply you with enough power for about 50 draws, on a medium heat setting. The batteries will take about 8 hours to recharge using a regular USB-charger so you’ll need to plan ahead. If you like to improvise you can buy a fast charger which will charge your battery pack in a mere two hours.

Cloud 9

Even though the air has a long way to travel in the Ghost MV1, the draw resistance is nearly non-existent and can still be adjusted by retracting or extending the glass mouthpiece. The excellent build quality and choice of materials result in a flavorful, smooth and cool vapour, even at higher temperature settings.

Ghost MV1 Build Quality - Shiny and sturdy

The build quality of the Ghost MV1 is simply jaw dropping: it has a solid alloy body, feels heavy but somehow fits snugly in your hand and the parts feel and look like they’ve been machine tooled with impressive accuracy. No cheap, plasticky feel here…The vape comes in shiny and classy colours (satin silver, black chrome and nickel) and in a more modern stealth black.  The good people of Ghost were sure to use medical grade materials in sensitive areas along the airpath: the heatsink, mouthpiece and silicone parts exposed to the hot air.

Ghost MV1 User Friendliness - Pay attention, this will be on the exam

One button control

This device comes with a learning curve, there’s no doubt about it. You’ll have just one button to turn it on/off, and to configure temperature settings, battery level and vape mode. Your first draw in any of the temperature settings should be taken slowly and continuously until you receive haptic feedback. Luckily for people with a run-of-the-mill lung capacity, you are allowed to feel your way through subsequent draws.

Hands-on vaping

Loading and putting the crucible in place can be a bit tricky and requires some dexterity but on the plus side, there’s absolutely no need to stir your herbs mid-session. The Ghost MV1 is compatible with concentrates through the use of concentrate pads and even has a separate concentrate temperature setting. The vaporizer also has 3 fixed temperature settings for herbs and two custom temperature settings which you can program via an app.

Ghost MV1 -  Maintenance and essential accessories


Maintenance is fairly easy: disassemble the vape and bathe parts that collect residue in isopropyl alcohol for a while. A two year warranty should convince most of us of the Ghost MV1’s longevity.

Extra battery, fast-charger and crucible dispenser

You’ll want to get an extra battery pack and/or a fast charger, though, unless you’re really good at planning ahead. In any case, you wouldn’t want a vape session with friends to end prematurely. For those inevitable all-nighters, you can buy a crucible dispenser that comes with 5 crucibles you can load in advance. You can find all of the Ghost MV1 accessories here.

GHOST MV1 - Who should buy this?

Lovers of the finer things in life

The Ghost MV1 is a portable vape but not really suitable for a night out at the club. It’s far from being a ninja-vape and you sure as heck don’t want to drop this baby either. Instead, picture yourself slowly moving about your house, preparing a snack, taking in the sunset from your windowsill and having a puff whenever you feel like it. This vaporizer also lends itself really well for a cosy night in with your friends given that your herbs won’t deteriorate while you’re passing the Ghost MV1 on the left hand side. Experienced users who appreciate high quality, cool vapour and are willing to invest time in learning how to use the device properly should drop everything and buy a Ghost MV1 right this minute.

Good value for money

Integrating an on-demand, convection heating system with a portable design is no easy feat so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Ghost MV1 comes at a hefty price. The vaporizer MV1 can be found in the same price range as other high-end vaporizers. 

Ghost MV1 - Pros and Cons


- Convection heating preserves your herbs
- Exceptionally flavorful, smooth and cool vapour
- Impressive build quality and medical grade materials where it counts
- Excellent value for your money


- Controls take some getting used to
- Loading can be a bit of a hassle
- Portable vaporizer but not build for on-the-road use
- Battery takes a while to charge without the fast-charger

Ghost MV1 - The final verdict

In terms of performance, the portable Ghost MV1 rivals a high-end desktop vaporizer. This on-demand vaporizer doesn’t come cheap but its quality convection heating system will definitely get the most out of your herbs. The Ghost MV1 produces a flavorful, smooth and surprisingly cool vapour for such a compact device. It takes some time getting used to the minimalist controls but once you get the hang of it, you’ll probably want to declare this your go-to vaporizer. Dip into your savings, take your time to get acquainted, and go for the state-of-the-art in portable vaping.

Order the Ghost MV1

How to use your Dynavap - cleaning and care

To use your VapCap:

1. Most Important! Before your first use, please read all of these instructions and then do at least two, preferably more than two, dry runs with nothing in the VapCap! This is very important to become familiar with the operation of the unit and prevent unintentional combustion residues.
2. The VapCap is unlike any other vaporizer, so give it a few tries empty to get the feel of its unique temperature-indicating click. Heat the VapCap in a quiet area, listen and feel so you know what you are looking for. If you are using a torch lighter, this should not take more than 5 or 6 seconds. Heat the middle of the cap not the end and rotate while heating. If more than 6 seconds go by and you don’t hear the click, stop heating and let it cool down.
3. If you severely overheat your VapCap it can be permanently damaged. It is very important you hear the cool down click, or allow it to cool to the touch, before heating for the next cycle. Repeat this procedure several times to get the feel of how this little unit operates.
4. When you are ready for the first use, let it cool down, then remove the cap from the VapCap.
5. Fill the VapCap chamber with your material of choice. This can be done easily by pushing the VapCap into a container of your material and twisting. Pre-grinding your material is NOT needed like when using a bat or hitter. If you prefer to grind, go coarse. Finely ground material will get through the diffuser disc and into the unit.
6. Place the cap back on the VapCap.
7. Heat up the metal cap of your VapCap while rotating it, with the flame or heat source applied to the last third of the metal cap. Try to only apply heat to the side of the cap and NOT the end. This is not like lighting a smoking device.
8. Continue rotating and heating the cap until you hear and or feel a click - this means the VapCap is ready!
9. Puff on the mouthpiece. Experiment a little here. If you draw with the air hole completely plugged the flow will seem somewhat restricted. This is normal. Some find they get the best result by taking a long, slow steady draw with the hole completely open, and others will intermittently or lightly cover the air/vapor mix port. The way air flows through the VapCap cools the vapor to provide a smooth experience.
10. Keep drawing as desired until you hear the click again, this means the VapCap has cooled down.
11. When the vapor production diminishes, it is easy to reactivate. a. Make sure the VapCap has re-clicked “to cool” before reheating for the next cycle. b. If you are not sure if it has re-clicked, gently blow on the end to cool it. It may take up to 1 minute to reset.
12. When there is no longer any desirable vapor produced, and the cap has clicked “to cool”, remove the cap. The consumed material can be either blown out the end, or the little tang on the cap is also a wonderful “digger outer.”
13. Reload for another round of simple and wonderful vapor.


1. It is recommended that you use a butane torch style lighter with your VapCap.
2. Wait until you hear or feel the reset click or at least 30 seconds after the VapCap stops producing vapor to reheat.
3. It is VERY important to wait until you hear the cool down click before applying more heat.
4. Stop heating your VapCap as soon as you hear the click until you get to know each other better.
5. You can vary the intensity of the flavor by using the air/vapor adjustment port.
6. Depending on your personal preference and heat source, as well as how many cycles since the VapCap was loaded, you may want to apply heat for 1-2 seconds after the click. This will provide for a different level of roasted flavor.
8. The end of the VapCap gets very hot during and following use. Do not touch the hot end until it has cooled. Also please do not put the hot end into your mouth.
9. The VapCap can be safely put back in its Special Case or reloaded after the cool down click is heard.
10. We have done our best to remove the hassle from using a vaporizer. The VapCap doesn’t have any fancy digital display or lights, but it does make great vapor.

Cleaning instructions:

To remove consumed material from the chamber, either blow on the mouthpiece or use the built in extractor or “digger outer” to empty the chamber. The body can be cleaned with hot water. You can also use the included carrying case with almost any cleaning solution filled half full then shake or soak to wash your VapCap with the cap removed.

WARNING: Cleaning with alcohol or other flammable liquids is not recommended. Alcohol will not damage any component of the VapCap, even with prolonged soaking, but we do not recommend using it.

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Organic Bill travels to Amsterdam to experience his first “Vape Night”

Going freelance one has only one disadvantage in my mind - Christmas parties. There ain’t none. Just like you need to find your own work you need to find your own work-do to gate crash.

This year there was no need to crash a party as VapoShop have been running a weekly vape night in the stylish Coffeeshop Amsterdam Café on Singel canal just a few minutes walk from Central station. Note the “café” in the name - this is not a coffeeshop. Which is nice - as you don’t have to trip over semi-dissolved dysfunctional UK tourists to get to a dysfunctional toilet. This place is the perfect combination of classy and cosy.

Vape Night has been running now for quite a few weeks and after seeing all the glowing reviews I figured it was worth the 3-hour drive to get to Amsterdam.

Picture by @organicbill

I was staying on the North side of the Noordzeekanaal - the North Sea Canal (don’t be intimidated by long Dutch words; they are just sentences without any spaces). It turned out to be a 15-minute ferry crossing from a surreal cityscape complete with its own discarded street-art-clad submarine and other oddities. “NDSM Werf” the place was called - which sounds like a spaceport. The spotting of “Blast Galaxy” - a retro arcade club - confirmed to me it was actually a spaceport.

I arrived at Central Station early to catch up with vape aficionado Cannamelier who is one of the organisers of Vape Night. Actually, in my mind, I was early, but for poor Cannamelier I was pushing him to be late - he had a lot of glass to polish before the event kicked off.

We slurped down noodles at Wagamama’s in Central Station - which has been transformed over the years from a crack den to a sleek waterside shopping centre. It’s nice to not have to dodge the muggers, prostitutes, pickpockets and dealers that used to harass tourists in the past around these parts.

Picture by @organicbill

I was not here to admire the gentrification of the city but here for an interesting development in the Amsterdam nightlife scene - “Vape Night”. Heading away from Central Station things liven up a bit. If you head to the west (your right side, if your back is to the station) you come to the trendy Haarlemmerstraat. Just before Haarlemmerstraat, you cross the Singel canal. Situated right on Singel was our destination - Coffeeshop Amsterdam Café.

In case you find the name a little confusing, I’ll explain. Coffeeshop Amsterdam Café is owned by Coffeeshop Amsterdam but it is not a coffeeshop, it’s a café. The clue is in the name - obvious once pointed out but the penny didn’t drop for the many disappointed looking groups of young guys being politely turned away and pointed in another direction. Here, we were in a civilised place - where the toilets functioned and you could enjoy a nice glass of chardonnay if you fancied it.

Cannamelier set to work cleaning up the selection of crème de la crème desktop herbal vaporisers. A process which involves medical grade pure alcohol. Anything that required water - to cool the clouds of vapour - was filled with distilled water. It’s this attention to detail that makes this event such a success. I’ve met some vape geeks in my time but Cannamelier is the ultimate - he’s the guy the vape geeks turn to when they need advice.

Picture by @organicbill

If you come along to Vape Night you will definitely learn something - no matter your level of experience. I learnt one very important lesson - whenever I visit Amsterdam in the future I’m to make sure it falls on a Thursday.

Once the thousands of euros worth of vapes - from Storz and Bickel, de Verdamper (my personal favourite vape of all time), VapeXhale and Herborizer - were lined up on display, all that was needed was a human shield to avoid the space around the table becoming too crowded. That’s where I came in. I was plonked on a table to the side to help keep folks at bay and ensure nothing accidentally toppled over. Sitting still for a few hours is a task I’m particularly suited to, in fact I’ve trained for such eventualities for the best part of my adult life.

Picture by @organicbill

I was not alone for long. A few vape enthusiast Instagrammers turned up to join me. I probably looked like their dad sat there in the middle. After introductions, we all figured out that we were all following each other and interacting already in the virtual world, it was great to get to meet these guys in the flesh @sundancekid.sdk, @runa.vape, @pauljamesnl and “Stan da man” @gapie17. Not forgetting of course @cannamelier. Judging by my Instagram feed from the last few weeks there’s always been someone there whom I’m connected too. It offers the perfect opportunity to socialise with like-minded souls.

Vape Night is not just targeted at “vape nerds” it’s also the ideal opportunity for anyone who is on the fence about the purchase of a vape to try before they buy. After all, these things cost a fair chunk of money.

A common question people ask before their first purchase is - “what is the best vape?” The answer is; there is no best vape, just the best vape for your needs. Having the opportunity to chat with a vape expert such as Cannamelier gives people the ideal way to discover and experience the best vape that is waiting for them.

Picture by @organicbill

A prime example was a young guy from the UK who was actually attending the event with his mum. They gingerly approached the table and asked many questions about the models on display. Cannamelier prepared some freshly ground herbs and they were not only able to sample the contraptions but get sound advice on the best way to use them. This experience is only possible offline at an event such as this. As a parting gift they each received a DynaVap VapCap M. Sometimes it pays to be curious.

By 21:30 this old man was ready to hit the hay. I set off on my chilled out free “cruise” over the expanse of water to space port NDSM after enjoying what could well have been the best “work do” ever.

Vape Night is presented by Coffeeshop Amsterdam Café and VapoShop every Thursday evening from 19:00-21:30 at the café which is situated on Singel 8.

Author: Bill Griffin (@organicbill)

Image by @cannamelier

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