Debunking the convection vaporizer myth

Most of you may have heard of convection vaporizers and the benefits of using them. Maybe you even own one, or are thinking about buying one. Although convection is touted as the vaporizing method of choice among vaporizing aficionados, there are a few things to bear in mind. Beginning with: most vaporizers that are claimed to be full convection vaporizers are not full convection vapes.  

In this article, we will first explain the difference between convection and conduction vaporizing. After that, we will debunk the convection myth once and for all.

What is a conduction (oven based) vaporizer?

Most vaporizers on the market are, in fact, oven based. In this type of vaporizer, your herbs are heated through direct contact with the hot material of the heating chamber ("oven"). This direct heating method typically gives full, dense draws. Conduction vaporizers are relatively easy to design and produce, and therefore, they're often cheaper than full convection vapes.

Because the plant material is heated through direct contact with a hot surface, you will have to stir during your session. Heating it for too long might also run the risk of "burning" your herbs. They won't catch fire, but the hit will be harsh on your throat and won't taste very nice.   

Popular conduction vaporizers

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What is a convection vaporizer?

Convection heating works differently. A convection vape technically shouldn’t vaporize material, until hot air has been drawn over it, extracting the active components. The heating element in these devices is separated from the herbs, so the hot air that it produces seeps through the flower or the oil in a slower, gentler way. This avoids combustion and exalts the aromas of the herb. 

A convection vape often takes longer to heat up than an oven based one. It also requires a slightly different inhalation technique. To get the best results, it is recommended to take longer, slower draws - you'll be rewarded with smooth, light and delicious clouds of vapour.

Popular full convection vaporizers

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The full-convection myth

Although sometimes marketed as such, most vaporizers are not full convection vapes. There are two main reasons for this:

  1. Conduction vaporizers are easier to produce. Conduction vapes don't have to be as technologically advanced as their convection counterparts. After all, it’s basically just an oven. The oven gets hot, and when the surface reaches vaporizing temperature, it 'bakes' your herbs. Even if your device also uses convection heating; as soon as your plant material is heated through contact with a hot surface, it becomes conduction (or oven based) vaporisation. 
  2. Convection costs a lot of power. When you draw, the air that draws through your herbs cools down. So a convection vaporizer has to fight against the air cooling down too much, which costs extra power and is quite stressful on the battery and the heating system. Taking the calculations relating to distance, heat and draw speed into account, a 100% convection vaporizer is a technologically advanced, often quite expensive device.  

Many oven-based vaporizers are claimed to be convection vaporizers. Which is not entirely incorrect; many vaporizers use convection heating, by heating up the air that passes through the herbs. However, in most of these vaporizers, the chamber heats up as well, making part of the extraction happen through conduction.

The only factor that defines if you're dealing with a conduction or convection vape, is if the plant material is in contact with a heated surface to create sublimation. If so, it is not convection.

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The Ghost MV1 vaporizer: a few tips and tricks to master its use

One of the latest and most talked about portable vaporizers to hit the market is the Ghost MV1. This is the first device released by the manufacturer Ghost, and with its outstanding design, innovative technology and fantastically futuristic look, this vape is here to create waves in the vaporizing experience as we know it.

However, the full beauty and benefits of this device are only really revealed after an operational learning curve is mastered. We are here to help you get the most out of your Ghost MV1 experience. These tips and tricks will help the new user build on the basic functions learned through the instruction manual.

There are different factors that influence a draw taken from the Ghost MV1 portable vaporizer: the dryness of the material, the selected temperature, type of material, coarseness of grind, draw speed and height of the stem. One of the most rewarding experiences in vaporizing is to actually get to know your device and how to combine and fine-tune all the elements that influence it.


In any vaporizer, it is essential that you use dry material to vaporize. However, in the Ghost, it is even more the case. Any dampness in the botanical material will negatively affect the performance. The best way to make sure that the material is dry, is to grind it and then lay it out on a piece of paper, for about half an hour. This should ensure optimal dryness.

The dry herbs should be coarsely ground. A too fine grind could see some particles slip through the holes of the filter and enter into the air path of the vaporizer. As with most other vaporizers, the herb chamber, which in this case is a removable crucible, should be filled to the brim but not packed too tightly.  After filling the crucible it is recommended to slightly tamp down on the herb, making sure there is none spilling out. The perfect density of herb is also a result of some experience and experiments.

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Another fundamental aspect of great influence on the performance is the temperature settings. For the best experience, it is best to start on the lowest temperature setting. This gets the first warm air through the herbs and starts the vaporization of the compounds with the lowest temperature extraction. By taking one or two draws at the lowest temperature, then two or three at the third setting and again finish it at the fourth or fifth temperature, you will achieve the best session. All the compounds will have been activated at the appropriate temperature, the fullest range of aroma will have been released, and dense and copious clouds of vapour will have been produced.

All of these aspects, the extraction, the aroma and the vapour volume, are in the Ghost MV1 of the highest quality. However, we do want to keep pointing out that to achieve such a high level of performance it is necessary to get to know your device.

In regards to the heat produced by the vaporizer, please be aware that the crucible does get really hot. In fact, it is not possible to touch it just after a session. It is a convection heating system and despite the materials’ low conductivity, the crucible and the lid still get very hot and need or cool down before being swapped or removed.

After a session the manufacturer recommends to open the lid and to blow on the crucible, or to draw through the stem without pressing the button, to allow some cold air to pass through the air path, cooling it down.

Photo by @Doornappel

A few more tips and tricks for your Ghost MV1

Ghost MV1 Battery

Upon receiving the Ghost MV1 a full overnight charge is necessary in order to be able to use the device. Another solution to this would be to purchase a fast charger. However, if this is not available, plug it in before first use and wait until the next day for the light to go off before use. Not performing this correctly can “damage” or “wrongly program” the battery and give a false full.

Ghost MV1 and Concentrates

The Ghost performs very efficiently with concentrates, make sure the Ghost is in concentrates mode and add your extract to the pad before placing in the crucible.

A few last notes

The Ghost MV1 is not a classical “portable vaporizer”. It is slightly more bulky than average, requires space and time to load and the power needed to operate it makes it more suitable as a home portable. In other words, not the portable vaporizer you would take to a club or a festival.

The Ghost MV1 has its own operating system that somewhat sets it apart from many normal vaping practices. It is important to know and understand it before using it. However, once this learning curve is achieved, the purity and power of the session are unrivalled compared to most other portable vaporizers.

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The 10 best portable vaporizers of 2018

Are you looking for the best portable vaporizer? VapoShop has you covered.

What is the best portable vaporizer? It’s an easy question to ask but not so easy to answer. There isn’t such a thing as ‘the best portable vaporizer’. However, there definitely is a vape out there that’s the best portable vaporizer for you.

To find the best vaporizer, you need to think about how you intend to use it. Where will you vape? What will you vape? Think about what is important to you - do you prefer stealthiness or power? Dry herb or concentrate?

With all this in mind, our team of expert vape connoisseurs have compiled a list of the best portable vaporizers for 2018, with a description of each to help you decide which one is the best portable vaporizer for you.

PAX 3 vaporizer – where style meets high tech

PAX has been at the forefront of the best portable vaporizers for a few years. Their latest model, the PAX 3 offers several advantages over the excellent previous generation PAX 2, despite it coming in the same form factor. You get a better battery that holds more charge and heats up faster. You are also able to vape concentrates, thanks to the concentrate insert which is included in the box.

The PAX 3 is one of the best portable vaporizers due to its stealth factor. You can slip it into your bag or pocket, and no-one would know what it was. It’s perfect for a night out with friends. For those wanting to microdose, you can insert the oven lid that reduces the chamber capacity by 50%. This makes the PAX 3 a great portable vaporizer for those who want to make their favourite dry herbs last.

The PAX 3 can connect to your smartphone with an app. This allows you to customise your experience, and tweak the temperature settings to your preference. Having a smart vape enables you to update your vape to the latest firmware. PAX incrementally improve their software over time, so that you can benefit from an even better experience.

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VapCap M Vaporizer - distinctive and powerful

The VapCap M from DynaVap is the best flame powered vape. It is one of the best portable vaporizers for those who like to vape both herbs and concentrates. Thanks to the fact there is no complex electronics in the device, it is one of the cheapest vapes on the market. It has the size of a pen – which makes it incredibly stealthy. The vapour quality is superb, which is why many vape connoisseurs prefer the VapCap over any other portable vape.

The VapCap M is made entering in-house in a small company in the USA. This gives them complete control over the products they produce, and makes sure that all VapCap M’s are of the highest possible quality.

The VapCap M is the best portable vaporizer for people who want to vape for extended periods, without having to be dependent on a power source. It’s ideal for camping trips or hikes in the wilderness. You could even heat it up on a campfire or with a candle. But our favourite method is with a jet torch flame lighter, preferably filled with refined butane gas.

Once you own a VapCap M it’s just the start. It’s a fantastic way into the whole DynaVap range that includes different fine materials and finishes such as ornate woods or titanium.

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Boundless CFX Vaporizer – the next level of vaporizing

The Boundless CFX is one of the best portable vaporizers in terms of power to price ratio. It comes in a solid casing that can withstand some serious knocks. The powerful battery makes sure that the dry herbs you put in the large heating chamber are quickly heated, using convection technology. The result is copious clouds of dense vapour. A big battery also means an extended battery life – so you can leave the mains behind for long periods of time.

Another reason that makes the Boundless CFX vaporizer one of the best portable vaporizers of 2018 is the fact it is the only portable vaporizer on the market with a colour screen. You can easily read the temperature display, even if it is sunny. It displays the actual temperature, desired temperature, heating time and the battery status. It has an auto cut off to help preserve battery life and your dry herb.

Apart from dry herbs, you can also vape oils and concentrates, using the included accessories.

The CFX can be fast charged via a DC adapter or trickle charged through a USB cable. This hybrid style of charging means you can fast charge at home and also easily charge whilst on the go with the USB - giving you the best of both worlds.

The Boundless CFX is a powerful, great value and versatile portable vaporizer.

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Firefly 2 Vaporizer - smooth, flavourful draws of herbal goodness

Firefly 2 is the best portable vaporizer in terms of vapour quality. If you care about the taste of your vapour, this is the vape you must seriously consider.

Once your Firefly2 vaporizer is loaded with your favourite therapeutic herb (or concentrate), it’s just a case of lightly pressing the tips of your fingers on the two touch sensors on either side of the body. This can be reconfigured to be activated by just one button if you prefer to use the excellent Firefly app.

The Firefly 2 is a beautiful vape to look at, and feels great in your hand, thanks to the superb build quality. To reduce weight, the body is made from a magnesium alloy – which helps make it 55% lighter and 33% smaller than its 2014 predecessor; the original Firefly. The low thermo-conductivity of this material also helps to stop the Firefly from burning your hands when you use it.

There is no doubt that this is a premium product. This high level of quality is also applied to the inside with the performance matching the great looks. Third party reviewers love it too. TechCrunch in their review says it “creates a smooth, flavorful draw and can extract the maximum in herbal pleasure out of a little bit of material.”

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Mighty Vaporizer - pure rugged power

The Mighty is the best portable vaporizer for many users due to its high power and durable construction. Many refer to its manufacturer - Storz and Bickel - as the Mercedes Benz of vaporizer brands. You get everything you need in the box, and have full control over the temperature of the heater that produces convection heat, which you draw through the larger than average heating chamber.

The Mighty vaporizer is one of the best portable vaporizers for medicinal users, as it comes with dosing capsules that you can pre-fill allowing you to quickly load when you need to. It’s easy and intuitive to use as you just turn it on with one press then adjust the temperature with the up and down arrows. Haptic feedback buzzes to alert you it has reached your desired temperature.

The Mighty packs two powerful batteries which means it heats fast and the charge lasts for a long time.

The Mighty is the best portable vaporizer for those who need something rugged. The case is made from high-quality plastic that would be at home on a power tool. It would not be out of place in your toolkit. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to experience a powerful hit of vapour.

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Crafty Vaporizer - Mighty quality on the go

The Crafty from Storz and Bickel is the best portable vaporizer for those wanting to have a Mighty-like experience, but in a small form factor. It’s perfect for those who want to take a vape with them but need it to be small and rugged - skiers or boarders for example. The vape experience is exactly the same as the larger Mighty, although it takes slightly longer to heat due to there just being one battery. That said, the battery life is excellent and will easily last for several days of moderate use without having to recharge.

You control the temperature settings via your smartphone. Their app is one of the best on the market and the setup is intuitive. Removing the buttons and screen to control the temperature allows Storz and Bickel to pack in more battery, giving you a better experience than other portable vapes on the market around the same size would.

Loading is as easy as the Mighty and it is shipped with a loading tool. You can also use the same system of capsules that you can pre-load to make things easier whilst on the go. The rugged materials and design mean you can just chuck it in your backpack without having to worry about it getting scratched up or opening accidentally and spilling out your dry herb.

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DaVinci IQ Vaporizer - the smartest portable vape

The DaVinci IQ has been on the market for a while now but it still holds its own and is the best portable vape for those who want both stealth and great tasting vapour. It is a smart vape that connects to your phone. Via the app, you can change the “smart paths” which are custom heating profiles. It sounds complicated – but don’t worry, it comes shipped with four predefined heating profiles that will suit most people. You can also switch to a mode that allows you to dial in the exact temperature you prefer.

There are some great design touches to the IQ. To load, there is a smooth loading tray – something that I wish more vapes included. There is also a handy poking tool integrated into the design that tucks away neatly.

The taste of your dry herb when heated in the DaVinci vaporizer is wonderfully clean. You can even improve the taste by loading up the flavour enhancing stash jar that slide in the top and the vapour passes through it giving double the taste. To top it off, the IQ has a removable battery so you can bring a spare, should you need it.

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Ghost MV1 Vaporizer - cutting edge innovation

The Ghost MV1 is the best portable vaporizer for those looking for something new and innovative. The MV1 is the first vaporizer from the US manufacturer Ghost. Aside from looking like a prop from Battlestar Galactica, it serves up copious sublime tasting clouds of vapour from your dry herbs and concentrates.

The loading mechanism of the Ghost MV1 vaporizer is unlike anything we have seen before. You preload ceramic crucibles, then open a door to insert it into the heat path. Once primed to vape it is ready in seconds and you can take a true convection draw. You hold the button to apply the heat as per a pen vape - this is innovative for a dry herb vape. It doesn’t just handle dry herbs though. Switch out the herb crucible for one with a concentrate pad, change to concentrate temperature and you are ready to vape concentrates. 

If you are a vape connoisseur and wish to tweak the four pre-set temperatures, you can via the Ghost Vape app on your phone. The Ghost MV1 can be charged via USB, alternatively, they also offer a fast charger that plugs into the mains. This, in conjunction with an additional battery, will always ensure your Ghost is ready to vape when you are.

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Linx Gaia Vaporizer - classy design and materials

The Gaia from Linx is the best portable vaporizer for those who want a classy looking device that performs well. What sets the Gaia apart from the competition is the fact that the heating chamber is made from quartz - a material popular in high-end dab rigs. Using quartz means no steel or ceramic to impact the taste. This gives the vapour a distinctive and refined flavour.

The classic design is suitable for someone who likes tactile objects. It is reminiscent of an old hip flask. The mouthpiece is made of glass and is protected by a metal cap that is held in place with magnets. The Linx Gaia vaporizer allows the air to flow directly over the heating element, thus avoiding any plastic parts or electronic components. Not only is this a healthy approach it produces great tasting vapour.

The Gaia is extremely pocketable, due to its stealthy dimensions. What’s more, it can be had at a very reasonable price. The Gaia comes in a selection of colours which look great on the brushed metal body.

The Gaia’s innovative quartz heating chamber, clean vapour path design, unique air insulation, compact size, temperature variability and glass mouthpiece make the Linx Gaia a design classic and one of the best portable vaporizers available in 2018.

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PuffCo Plus Vaporizer - a sleek dab rig in your pocket

The PuffCo Plus is the best portable pen vaporizer for concentrates. This Brooklyn designed pen vape is as sleek as it is beautiful. PuffCo integrate a clever system for loading. You open the PuffCo Plus and reveal a tip which you can dip in oils or other sticky substances - they call it the dart.

When you heat the PuffCo Plus, the hot air melts the concentrate from the dart onto the heating element which vaporises instantly. It’s the perfect way to control your dosage and is the best portable pen vaporizer for those wanting to micro-dose. Of course, not everyone wishes to micro-dose - so don’t worry, the PuffCo can handle more than enough concentrate to keep you satisfied.

You can either hold the button to vape on one of the three temperature settings or enter “sesh mode” which gives continuous heat for 12 seconds.

The Puffco Plus vaporizer has a coil-free all ceramic bowl meaning cleaning has never been easier. Simply run a sesh on high temperature then wipe clean with one of the included cotton cleaning swabs.

It’s not just us in VapoShop towers who love the PuffCo Plus High Times is also very fond of it saying it offers “The biggest clouds of vapour we could find with no compromise to the flavour of high-quality extracts.”

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Best portable vaporizers conclusion

Finding the best portable vape is not an easy task given the huge selection available on the market. Hopefully, the guide above helps you to identify the best portable vaporizer for you. In case you have any questions do not hesitate to contact our customer support who would be delighted to help you find the right choice.

Best vape temperatures for vaporising different herbs

To get the most from your vaporizer you need to have the correct temperature depending on what you wish to vaporize. Many vapes on the market allow you to dial in exactly the vape temperature you need. The trouble is not many of us know what is the best vape temperature to choose. The essential oils that contain the active components in your herbs all have different boiling points, meaning that they all vaporize (turn to gas form) at different temperatures. As an example lavender - which can be vaped at 100℃ - is way more volatile than ginger that won’t vaporize until the heating chamber reaches 175-200℃. Thankfully our scientific boffins have been on the case and identified the best vape temperatures for a variety of therapeutic and medicinal herbs.

Best vape temperatures for medicinal users

A formerly demonized herb which is slowly legalized for medical use has multiple active components that are beneficial. To use your medical herb effectively you will set the vape temperature to vaporize the components your doctor recommends. A good rule of thumb for vaping medicinal herbs would be to stick to temperatures below 185℃ during the day to vape the main components then go all the way up to 220℃ towards bedtime to finish off the other components. Basically vaping for medicinal use breaks down into two steps. The best vape temperature for the main component is 157℃ or higher. This will slowly vaporize terpenes which produce the wonderful taste and smell. Other components do not have a definite boiling point so will vaporize when temperatures reach 160℃ and will still be vaporizing until you reach 180℃. The interplay between different substances can balance some of the negative effects. This means vaporizing at 180℃ or more should be a more comfortable experience than starting at 160℃.

vape temperatures infographic

Vaporizing other therapeutic herbs

There are many therapeutic herbs you can vaporize in your vaporizer. Other therapeutic herbs can also have some wonderful effects. For example chamomile, lemongrass or lavender can help you relax, whilst valerian can aid sleep. Should you require something to pick you up you could try green tea or yerba mate.

Best vape temperature for herbal blends

You can mix different complementary therapeutic herbs to make your own blend tailored to your needs. Just make sure that you check the best vape temperature from the chart to ensure that you vaporize the active components of all the ingredients in your blend. The best vape temperature for a sleep-inducing valerian, hop and chamomile blend would be 185-200℃ which is the temperature that valerian vaporizes at.

VapoShop stocks a variety of therapeutic herbs to get you started on your aromatherapy experiments.

The ABC of vaporizing

The world of vaporizers can be complicated and confusing. There is a constant flow of new technology and terminology to understand, in order to make the right choices for our personal vaporizing needs. Here we tried to compose a partial list of essential components and techniques that can help you make sense of the possibilities and quality expectations for these devices.

Airflow - The amount of air passing through an air path and then out the mouthpiece with each inhale. Greater airflow provides larger clouds of vapor with each inhale.

Atomizer - Component of a vaporizer pen which creates vapour out of extracts through a heating coil and a wick. Like in the case of Dr. Dabber vape pens, the heating element is usually made out of quartz or ceramic.

Bubbler - Bubblers are beautiful glass accessories that attach to a vaporizer and provide the user with extra water filtration. Offer moist, fresh clouds of vapour. You can read more about bubblers in this article

Convection Heating - In this device, the heating element, typically in ceramic or aluminium, does not make direct contact with the botanical material. Instead, from the heating element hot air is formed and transferred over your herbs. This provides the most efficient and effective vaporization process, for a full flavour experience. Popular convection vaporizers include the Linx Gaia, the Boundless Tera and the Novae.

Conduction Heating – Vaporizers with conduction heating, extract the plant material through direct contact of a hot metal plate and the herbs. With this method the clouds of vapour extracted are quite dense, although it might be necessary to stir the bowl to consume all the plant material. The PAX 3 is an example of a conduction vaporizer. 

Dabbing (dabs) -The term “dab” is used as both as a noun and as a verb. A dab refers to a small unit (a bit bigger than a rice grain) of concentrated material. This concentrated material (waxes and other extracts) can be dabbed. Dabbing involves taking a dose of concentrate by applying it to a heated surface where it instantly vaporizes and is inhaled. Dabbing is an efficient way to intake a high doses of plant material.

Glass on Glass - A connection that utilizes only glass. The adaptor on most hands free vaporizers between the heating element and the whip is often a glass on glass connection. The preference for glass is because this material doesn't release harmful toxins or smells that affect the vaping experience. 

Heating element - The part of a vaporizer that heats up the plant material and transforms its active alkaloids in vapour.  Most heating elements are made from ceramic because of this material's quick heat-up time and durability. Other common heating elements include aluminium and steel.

Lithium-ion - Most commonly used rechargeable batteries in today's vaporizers are lithium batteries. They are lightweight, with high energy density and low self-discharge.

mAh - Stands for milliampere hour which is a unit of measure representing a battery’s charge holding capacity. A higher mAh number means less changing time, since the battery can hold more power. For example, small and pen vaporizers normally use batteries around 200-300 mAh, while top end and big vaporizers adopt batteries which can be around 1000-2500 mAh.

Mod Heater - Main heating element for the vaporization of e-liquids. An example of this can be found in the Boundless Hybrid.

Nail - A term that refers to a plate or a hot plate, nails are used for convection heating of “dabs”, which rests on a glass joint. The nail is heated to very high temperatures (normally using a hand torch, but in the case of the Puffco Peak, it heats electronically). This is part of the dab rig. See next entry.

Oil Rig - This is a specially designed glass pipe system used to vaporize concentrates.

Oil Diffuser / Aromatherapy Bowl - Oil Diffusers and Aromatherapy Bowls allow the user to enjoy their favourite essential oils with the Vaporizer. These are typically very simple glass pieces that are designed to hold oil while heat is applied to the bottom. A device that particularly accommodates this use is the Arizer V-tower.

Screen – a thin screen sheet of metal (usually stainless steel) used to prevent herb particles from entering a component of the vaporizer, without disturbing the airflow.

Water Filtration Adapter – A water filtration adapter is a simple glass (or sometimes wood or steel) attachment that permits the vaporist to connect their vaporizer to a water pipe or bong. This method allows the user to have the double-benefit of a water filtration and vaporizing. The joint of these accessories is usually male and come in both 14mm and 18mm diameter joint.

So, there you go, we hope to have shed some light through those dense vapour clouds, hopefully helping you to make some better informed choices for your next vaporizer.

Author: Julia

Let's meet at the Vape Lounge

Over the last year, the VapoShop team has participated in different fairs and festivals selling and showcasing all the latest and greatest vaporizer models. Lately, our presence evolved into a new concept for us, getting us closer to our past, present and future clients on the basis of what we love to do most: share the benefits of vaporizing. This is why we started to organize vape lounges.

"It is fun to see how there is one perfect vaporizer out there for everyone."

We have been up and down the continent, from the 4.20 Hemp Fest in Milano to Mary Jane in Berlin and again at the CLD festival in Amsterdam. These presented perfect occasions to put vaporizers into the hands of some sceptical newbies and to show off the hottest new releases to the nerds, who live and breathe… vapour. By introducing the lounge we broke from the virtual to the real world.

Something for everyone

In the Vaposhop lounge, we invite our guests to touch and test with their own lungs the benefits of vaporizing. Our visitors and their curious friends possess very different levels of knowledge about vaporizing. Some have been star struck at a party when the American friend of their roommate pulled out their Firefly, others have heard of us through their well-informed cousin showing them Vaposhop’s Insta account, while others actually made enough research to give a run for the money to our most knowledgeable staff members.

Anyways, we meet many people, from all walks of life, and it is always a pleasure to introduce this revolutionary technology to someone who has never heard of it or to be amazed by our visitor's passion for their herb and their paraphernalia. By now we are able to introduce to our guests their perfect match when it comes to vaporizers.

vaposhop lounge

“I will never quit smoking, maybe”

For these guests, we take great pleasure putting a VapCap in their hands. VapCaps could easily be the best way to convince any smoker to take the leap into vaporizing. Many factors appeal to the almost-ex-smoker: the fact that you still use a lighter, the shape of the device similar to a herbal cigarette, and the use of the DynaStash is reminiscent of an ashtray. All of this is in perfect harmony with the comfortable routine of a smoker. Another really appealing aspect is that you can vape resin with it. After all not everyone has access to rosins and waxes. VapCap is definitely the one for the old-school at heart.


The second kind of guest is the one that hates tobacco, they are the people who try to live their lives as healthily as possible. They are also really conscious of their herbal consumption, knowing everything about strains, effects, cultivation climates, etc. Basically a hip nerd. This person would not be caught dead with a lighter, but cannot put their phone down. What do I recommend to these visitors? I let them try a Firefly or a PAX 3. These devices are techy and classy, the two most important values in life for this avant-garde user, who can control and define their whole experience through an app on their phone. These vaporizers are a match made in heaven for those who are only satisfied with the best.

The wise kid

The third guest type is the millennial herbalist, who has probably never touched a cigarette in their lives, has no intention to do so because it never occurred to his generation to smoke something with no effects. Instead, they appreciate and enjoy the fun gifts of mother nature. What they are looking for is something powerful, practical and precise, and of course, very cheap. Basically, they want it all. When I pull out the Boundless CFX, their jaw drops and eyes bulge. Full temperature control (of course they have read on the internet that this feature allows for the most exact extraction of plant material), double batteries (which means bigger hits), a slick black outer shell in easy hand-held shape, (which means discreet public use). These kids know what suits them like a glove when they see it.

The self-medicating patients

The fourth kind of guest to ask us about vaporizing advise is the medical user. These are people that have approached herbal therapy because of ailments or diseases and a desire to move away from a strict pharmaceutical diet. They have no interest in recreational uses of herbs, so nothing flashy - they want something serious, reliable and long-lasting. They have heard about the Mighty, although they have never seen it, and were wondering if there is anything else we would recommend. No, there is not. The Mighty is it. There is no better and more solid vaporizer on the market for medicinal use. Everything from the shape, which takes people with little mobility into account, to German engineering, to the power of the full hits of vapour, knows no rivals.

Even though we are describing these characters with sweet superficiality, it is fun to see how there is one perfect vaporizer out there for everyone. It’s fun to be the matchmakers and to help people enjoy their herbs in a more healthy way.

Please come to visit us at the next fair in October, Cultiva in Vienna!

By Julia

Celebrating therapeutic herbs at Mary Jane Berlin

German lovers of therapeutic herbs gathered at the Berlin Arena on a sunny weekend for the fifth Mary Jane Berlin event.

Being a fan of therapeutic herbs I decided to take the short flight to Berlin and join them. Berliners are a healthy bunch. Cyclists whizzed by me as I walked along the tree lined boulevards to the event from my Airbnb. It seemed every other shop was bio, organic or vegan.

It was mediterranean hot so I was keen to get to the event but not so keen that I ended up there a sweaty mess. I ducked from one shady side of the street to the other until I found my way to the river where the Berlin Arena is located.

Enjoying the Linx Hypnos Zero in Berlin

Enjoying the Linx Hypnos Zero in Berlin. Photo credit: @easyorganicweed

Judging by the large queues Mary Jane Berlin is a popular event. Luckily I met some friends from a therapeutic seed company based out of Holland. Chatting with them helped pass the time as we waited. Inside, there were all manner of companies offering products to help people grow herbs indoors. It seems to be a trend that is catching on.

It wasn’t long before I found another friend who was working for an organic nutrient company. Using organic nutrients helps ensure that your home grown therapeutic herbs are of the finest quality, taste great and most importantly are safe for human consumption.

People waiting in line for Mary Jane. Photo credit: @easyorganicweed

He pulled out a medicine bottle that contained oil that was extracted from a special herb and offered me a few drops under the tongue. He kindly informed me, “You might forget that you took it but don’t worry, after half an hour it will come knocking at the back of your head saying ‘remember me!’”

Moving on, I drifted around the show soaking in the herbal lifestyle. True enough around twenty minutes later there was a little knock knock at the back of my head and I sunk into a state of sublime relaxation.

The Arena doesn’t seem so large at first but they packed in a lot of exhibitors. The venue was by the river, so attendees could pop outside for some cool air coming off the large open space of water. Deck chairs were lined up for those who like to enjoy their herbs seated. There was even a large party boat to enhance the Balearic vibe.

Once back inside I headed to the VapoShop stand. I was curious to meet George, the mastermind behind vaporizer company DynaVap. They hand make beautifully engineered flame powered vaporizers. George is enthusiastic about his products and his passion shines through in the vapes themselves. He spent his days at the show demonstrating their product range on the VapoShop stand.

DynaVap's NonaVonGs. Credit: @easyorganicweed

What’s particularly nice about the DynaVap range is the fact that they use interesting materials. The NonaVong is especially stunning with its use of wood. Conveniently, they come in the right diameter to slot into a water pipe. This means that those invested in a nice piece of glass are not only restricted to combustion as a way to enjoy their flowers. After the purchase of a NonaVong they can now participate in the healthier option of vaping with their water pipe.

Being a vape enthusiast I was keen to see what other new products were on display. There was the Boundless Tera which reminds me of the form factor of a hand grenade. Given the size of the heating chamber I’m sure it would have the capacity to get everyone in the room on the floor. There was also the magnificent PuffCo Peak that takes dab rigs to the next level.

The statue of PuffCo Peak. Photo credit: @easyorganicweed

I spent three wonderful days chilling (baking) under the sun at the Berlin Arena with like-minded herb enthusiasts. What struck me was that the emphasis of the event was much more geared towards the lifestyle surrounding therapeutic herb culture (in case you are interested I wrote more on that here). There seemed the perfect blend of technology, clothing, herbal products and culture.

Hopefully, we’ll see you on the VapoShop stand at Mary Jane Berlin 2019.

By Bill (Instagram @easyorganicweed)

Vapes designed with distinction

If you’re a person who likes the finer things in life then you’re probably on the market for a vaporizer which is a cut above the rest. This selection of premium vapes may not be within everybody’s budget but they surely push the boundaries in vaporizer design. These vapes utilise cutting edge technology and high-grade materials which all add up to a superior vapour quality. Seeking five-star luxury vaping? then look no further…

Firefly 2

The Firefly 2 is synonymous with premium vapour quality. Its distinctive design is emotive of smoking a bowl pipe. The attention to detail is exquisite - even down to the glowing heating chamber that gives its name. Despite arousing feelings of nostalgia for the ancient practise of combustion the technology used throughout the Firefly 2 is cutting edge. Not only can you pair it up to your iPhone (or other smart phone) it also has a high-quality glass finish on the chamber. Want to vape more than just herbs? No problem, pop in a concentrate heating pad and you can vape your concentrates too.

DaVinci IQ

The DaVinci IQ was one of the first premium pocket vapes to hit the market and it still holds its own today. The vapour quality is astounding for a device so small and it packs some serious technology. The DaVinci IQ uses a concept of smart paths which are heating patterns designed to get the most out of your herbs. You can run with their predefined selection or pair to your phone and design your own. The IQ is a thing of beauty and practicality thanks to the subtle led display and integrated haptic feedback. A 100% ceramic zirconium air path allows you to get a draw of the purest flavour. The replaceable battery enables you to vape premium vapour for extended periods.

PuffCo Peak

The Peak is is a smart dab rig. No more messing around with blow torches or red hot nails when you want your next dab sesh. We’ve never come across a vaporizer as stunningly good looking as PuffCo’s Peak. Whichever angle you look at the Peak it can only be described as gorgeous. It looks straight off the set of the sci-fi film TRON 2.0. Integrated LEDs and water cooling system add to the allure. Hand blown glass adds to its exclusivity.

Airvape X

The Airvape X not only has the distinction of being one of the thinnest portable vapes on the market but it’s also incredibly good looking. You’d be forgiven for thinking a “thin vape” could be a little on the wimpy side. Not so with the Airvape X which - thanks to the ruggedly designed air cooling system – has the function to match the looks. It was designed in collaboration with YouTube vape expert Vape Critic so you can be rest assured what you are comfortably slipping into your pocket is worthy of a vapour connoisseur. The X comes in black or ocean blue (new!), including a smell-proof protective shell and concentrates pad insert. This stylish vaporizer is very reasonably priced.

CFC 2.0

Maybe all these high-end vapes are beyond your budget or you are looking for something completely new? Here’s a great scoop. The Boundless CFC 2.0 is just hitting the market. It is billed as an “ultra-discreet, compact, and lightweight unit” for use on the go. Its mini size belies its ability to produce large clouds of great tasting vapour. It may be very pocketable but that doesn’t stop Boundless including space for a rather large heating chamber with a half gram capacity. VapoShop is the first to stock this pocket marvel in Europe.

Come see us at Mary Jane

Still not sure which is the best vape for you? Then why not join us at Mary Jane in Berlin, and have one of our friendly vape experts help you discover your ideal vaporizer. We look forward to seeing you there!

What is a bubbler and why do I need one?

A bubbler is a popular vaporizer accessory - but what is it exactly? Let’s take a quick look at what a bubbler is and why you may want to consider getting one for your favourite portable vaporizer.

What is a bubbler?

Most people reading this will no doubt be familiar with the concept of a water pipe (commonly referred to as a bong). In a bong, tobacco (or more “tropical herbs”) are burnt and the resulting hot smoke is cooled through the water within the pipe. They work the same way as hookahs which originated from India and the Middle East. Trouble is, the smoke is still harmful to your health despite it being water cooled.

 A bubbler uses the same concept but it is designed to be small enough to fit onto a portable vaporizer. As there are many forms of portable vaporizers on the market - each with different shaped mouthpieces - brands are starting to produce bubblers that specifically fit their products. Some, such as the PuffCo Peak, are even integrating a bubbler into the design.

 Bubblers tend to be made from glass and hold a small amount of water that helps to cool and hydrate the vapour passing through. This means you can take bigger draws without irritating your throat.

Who would want one?

Even though vaporizing is a much safer way to consume your favourite herb you cannot escape the fact that the resulting vapour can sometimes be hot and often dry. If you are not used to it - this hot dry vapour can be irritating to the throat. Smokers especially tend to cough when they take a reasonable sized draw from a vaporizer.

 As a bubbler cools and hydrates the vapour passing through it people who are put off vaping - due to the fact it makes them cough - are able to vape in comfort.

 A good example would be a medicinal user who has to stop smoking but they still need the relief the therapeutic herb of their choice gives them - bubblers make vaping more comfortable thus giving them a healthy avenue to explore.

 I vape everyday and when it’s possible to do so I tend to add a bubbler to the vaporizer. I find that I can take bigger draws with no discomfort whatsoever. Even as a seasoned vape enthusiast - from time to time - I have the need to stifle a cough. Adding a bubbler just makes vaping more pleasant.

 Which brands offer bubblers?

At time of writing there are around 15 bubblers available in our shop. These include:

  • Linx bubbler: a high quality glass bubbler which fits their classy Gaia and Hypnos Zero models.
  • XMAX bubbler: an affordable bubbler which fits their Starry and Fog portable vapes. It’s adaptable design can also fit other brands too.
  • FlowerMate bubbler: an ingeniously designed bubbler for the FlowerMate portable vaporiser.
  • Magic-Flight UFO: as expected, Magic-Flight’s take on a water pipe attachment is not your typical bubbler. See it to believe it.

Adapters: some brands don’t offer actual bubblers yet. All is not lost, you can maybe pick up a water pipe adaptor. You can get one for the Pax 2/3, the Mighty/Crafty and even for - everyone’s favourite modular-wooden-flame-powered-vape - the Sticky Brick Junior.

Bubbler disadvantages

To show we’re impartial and have our customers best interest at heart over profits we thought we should point out some of the down sides to bubblers.

 Let’s get the most obvious out of the way first - they are usually made from glass and they need water inside them to function. It doesn’t take Einstein to see issues could arise here - particularly when it comes to portability. Being glass they can break if not well protected and having water inside means that they can leak whilst in you pocket or bag.

You can probably get away using a bubbler for a walk in the park but should probably not pack it on your next snowboarding trip.

Finally, be aware that most bubblers will only fit the specific brand you purchase it for. If you have a few portable vapes this may mean you could end up buying more than one bubbler.


Bubblers are a great way to get the most out of your vaporizer. They cool and hydrate the vapour making it as smooth as can be.

Whether you are new to vaping or a seasoned vape nerd a bubbler can help improve your sessions. Check that there is a bubbler available for your model.

A peek at the PuffCo Peak

Many of you will know PuffCo thanks to their wildly popular and acclaimed PuffCo Plus concentrates pen vaporizer. If you dug that, then their next release, named Peak, will no doubt pique your interest.

PuffCo in-house design and engineering team’s only goal is to deliver the very best platform for concentrate consumption. They saw concentrates as the future of consumption because they contain the best parts of the plant. According to their site a good extraction process “leaves you with the most potent, flavourful, and healthy product”.

Dab rig 2.0

Up until recently the only choice for those wanting to unlock the potential of concentrates was a dab rig. Then, portable vapes started to integrate support for vaping concentrates. However, dab rigs are pretty crude technology wise and vaporizers designed for vaping flowers aren’t necessarily the greatest solution for vaping concentrates.

It’s no wonder then that the PuffCo Plus was such a success. High Times magazine were all over it describing it as “one of the best vape pens of all time” and it even made its way onto the Netflix hit - Disjointed (episode 9 - see if you can spot it).

Introducing the PuffCo Peak

PuffCo combined the futuristic technology of modern vapes with the high temperatures and water cooling functionality of a dab rig. The result is the spectacularly good looking “smart rig” the Peak.

It’s all stored in a purpose designed carry case. Inside of which you’ll find your 18cm high smart rig, with hand-blown glass, integrated LED band and a rugged silicon base.

Having seen one in the flesh I can truly testify the finish is nothing short of spectacular and they look like the kind of dab rig Tron 2.0 would be found using.

PuffCo Peak features roundup

4 unique user heat settings

No matter how you like to consume there is a perfect setting for you. The popular “sesh-mode” - which was included in the PuffCo Plus - lets you extend your session, creating a social dab experience for you and your buddies.

20-second average heat-up

Compared to the 3-minute process of heating and cooling times of typical dab rigs this is welcome news to concentrate lovers.

Intelligent temperature calibration

The smartware automatically adjusts heat times if your removable ceramic bowl is still hot.

LED light band / haptic feedback

The discreet light band provides battery and heat cycle indicators when needed, and conceals itself when they're not. Haptic feedback keeps your timing spot on so you get the perfect hit every time.

Fast charging / long lasting

The battery fully charges in 2 hours and will last for around 30 glorious “dabs”.

PuffCo Peak European shipping

At the time of writing the Peak is not available in any markets. However, Europeans can get an email notification of when the PuffCo Peak is available from VapoShop.

We’re hoping to start shipping in April 2018.

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