Linx Eden portable vaporizer in-depth review

Linx Eden portable vaporizer in-depth review

Performance of the Linx Eden

A crystal clear chamber to catch all the savoury notes

It’s important to note that the Eden boasts a quartz crystal heating chamber. Quartz is by far the best material you could wish for if flavour is your main goal. It’s odourless and clean, exactly what you want for clear, crisp savoury notes. For this reason, the Eden performs equally well with dry herb as with concentrates, although the latter retains its flavour a bit longer, due to the fact that it is indeed that; more concentrated. Herbs, on the other hand, tend to lose some of their flavour definition after the second or third session. 

True convection airflow 

Another factor that improves flavour is airflow, which is nicely balanced with the Eden. This also gives the Eden a decent draw resistance. Not too much but also not too constricted, exactly as it should be with a true convection vaporizer. And as a true convection device, the Eden’s bowl needs minimal stirring when you are vaping dry herb. Even if you don’t stir the herb at all, it will still be heated evenly.   


Full blast vaporisation with the Boost function

No matter how well the Eden performs in regards to flavour, eventually the terpenes will have been thoroughly evaporated. That doesn’t mean the material is finished - unless you are vaping concentrates, because those will be gone by the time you can’t taste them anymore. In most cases, the herb will still contain enough compounds to fully enjoy the physical aspects of the material. This is the ideal moment to initiate another brilliant feature the Eden offers: the boost function.
This function is triggered by holding down the power button, which will instantly raise the vaporisation temperature by another 20°C. A great solution for when the flavour is gone, but you still want to get a lung full of thick vapour and the last full-blast of active compounds.

The build quality of the Linx Eden

Only the best materials

Linx, as a manufacturer, has always taken great care in only using sturdy, medical-grade materials in all their devices. This is no different for the Eden. The body has been made with medical-grade stainless steel, the heating chamber with the aforementioned quartz crystal, and the mouthpiece is glass, instead of plastic. That last part may also be the Achilles heel for the Eden, as the mouthpiece does get hot rather quickly, even before the first session has ended. And yet, this problem is instantly mitigated by applying the included silicone mouthpiece cap, which guards your lips against most of the convective heat.  

A robust body

The care and attention that has gone into choosing materials for the Eden have also been applied to the manufacturing and finish of the Eden. It feels sturdy and robust in your hand. Even if you screw off the top to get access to the heating element, you can feel the quality of the build by the smoothness of the threading.



User-friendliness of the Linx Eden

Truly portable vaporizer 

The sleek, almost simplistic design of the Eden and the robustness it gets from the sturdy materials make it an excellent portable dry herb vaporizer. You will not have to fear for its safety when you put it in your pocket or bag. It’s robust enough to handle almost anything.    

A breeze to fill

Filling the Eden with herb or concentrates is as easy as pie. Due to the tapered edges of the heating chamber, the herb literally slides into place, without ever having to spill anything over the side. Seldom have we seen portable vapes where the filling it up with your material of choice is such a breeze.   

Temperature settings

Selecting one of the temperature settings is done by clicking 3 times in quick succession. The unit memorizes the last setting you used.

Blue: 182℃
Green: 193℃
Yellow: 204℃
Red: 220℃
Hold the power button down for an instant heat boost of 20℃

Maintenance & accessories of the Linx Eden

A breeze to clean

As easy as it is to fill the Eden, as easy it is to clean. The quartz chamber is so smooth, that residue has almost no chance to stick to its surface. One quick swipe with a Q-tip soaked in isopropyl alcohol and the chamber is as clean as a whistle. 

Silicone sleeve

One thing we should touch on is the silicone sleeve that is included in the package. This sleeve is meant to protect the device from wear and tear or damage caused by dropping the device. This, of course, is a good addition if you lead an active lifestyle and are planning to take your Eden with you everywhere you go. It does, however, take away some of the “sleekness” of the design and you should take care to properly align the holes for the airflow on the sleeve with the holes on the device. Otherwise, you may inadvertently constrict the airflow and draw resistance.         

Important note: when cleaning your Linx Eden mouthpiece, do not soak the mouthpiece in rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol or ethanol). This may damage the rubber o-ring that keeps the glass stem in place on the mouthpiece. When cleaning the mouthpiece, use a Q-tip with a minimum amount of rubbing alcohol and dry it with another Q-tip or the cleaning brush to remove any excess alcohol residue.


Pros and cons of the Linx Eden


  • Great flavour.
  • The “Boost function” really gives that extra ‘oomph’ to the vapour density and the physical effects.
  • Robust and portable design.
  • Super easy to use. One button, four settings. No display or app needed.
  • Easy to fill.
  • Easy to clean.   
  • Very affordable! It falls within the € 100.- price range.  


  • Only four heat settings, may not be enough for everyone.
  • The mouthpiece gets very hot at the end of a single session. 

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