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The Boundless CFX is here to take your vaporization game to the next level. Equipped with a powerful heating element (delivering 80 watts of power!) the CFX heats up in less than 20 seconds.

The Boundless CFX also has a fully isolated airpath, complete temperature control and a bright OLED screen. The CFX vape produces excellent vapour quality and is easy to operate. It makes this portable vaporizer an excellent choice for those looking for a great price/quality vape.

Boundless CFX features

Fast heat-up time: The Boundless CFX heats up in less than 20 seconds (depending on your desired temperature setting)
Large capacity, high-grade ceramic heating chamber: A large ceramic chamber fits up to .6 grams of your favourite herb
Vibration feedback: Haptic feedback alerts the user when it is heated
Isolated airpath: The CFX vaporizer has a fairly unrestricted airflow, making it easy to inhale. In addition, the air path is fully isolated from the electronics.
Digital OLED display: A large display (4.3 cm) displays the current and set heat settings as well as a battery indicator and session timer.
Dry herbs and concentrates: The Boundless CFX can be used with both dry herbs and concentrates (using the included concentrate pod)

The battery life of the CFX is impressive for a portable dry herb vaporizer. Once fully charged, it will last up to 15 sessions, before requiring a recharge. This, of course, depends on the temperature of your liking.

Authentic CFX Vaporizer, full warranty

We are a long time authorized reseller of Boundless vaporizers. You are guaranteed to receive an authentic unit with a full 3-year warranty on manufacturer defects.

Boundless CFX Vaporizer
USB charging cable
DC charger
EU adapter plug
Oil/concentrate pod
Packing/dabber tool
Cleaning brush
User manual (English)
3-year warranty


Battery: Dual lithium-Ion batteries (2500mAh, 7.4v, not user replaceable)
Dimensions: 12.8 cm (height) x 7 cm (width)
Weight: 208 grams
Temperature range: 40°C-220°C), fully adjustable temperature
Power: 100-240v (will work in any country)

Switching Celcius to Fahrenheit

Press and hold + and - buttons at the same time for 2 seconds. This will change the temperature settings from Fahrenheit to Celcius degrees or from Celcius to Fahrenheit degrees.

It is not recommended to use the CFX while charging. It is advised to wait until the device is at least halfway charged.

Please note: This product is NOT suitable for use with e-liquids. It is for use with herbs and concentrates only.

Boundless CF & Boundless CFX

The Boundless CFX has a little brother, which is slightly smaller in size and price. The Boundless CFX has custom temperature settings and an OLED display. The smaller CF has five preset temperatures and no display. Curious about the CF? Have a look at the Boundless CF here.

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Boundless CFX Questions

Kann man das Gerät auch mit Extrakten bzw. Wachsen verwenden?

Ja hierfür ist die im Lieferumfang enthaltene Öl / Konzentratkapsel vorgesehen: /vaporizer-zubehoer/vaporizer-teile/boundless-concentrate-pod/

Can I buy from You display for cfx

The CFX display is not sold as a separate product. However, in case there are any problems with your display, please contact our Customer Support team to see what they can do to solve the problem.

Kan ik hier ook rosin mee dabben?

De CFX is inderdaad ook geschikt voor concentraten. Gebruik hiervoor de bijgeleverde concentrate pads om je vaporizer te beschermen. Zorg dat je de vaporizer goed schoonmaakt na gebruik om een lange levensduur te garanderen.

Vapo fonctionnant avec résines ? Merci

Ce vaporisateur est compatible avec les résines, dont nous recommandons l'usage avec : /vaporizer_accessoires/degummed-hemp-fiber/

Wat is het verschil tussen de cf en de cfx?

De CF is kleiner en heeft minder functies dan de CFX. Kijk op de pagina van de Boundless CF voor meer specificaties:

Is the charging done with a USB adapter?

You can charge the CFX via USB-Cable or via the DC-Charger, both are included in the Box.

Is this vape also capable for e-liquids?

No the CFX is not suitable for use with e-liquids.

bonsoir quel vapo hybrid eliquid et herbe ?merci

Bonjour, ce modèle est compatible avec huile et herbe

Guten Tag,gibt es für diesen Vaporizer auch ein Mundstück aus Glas?Vielen Dank.

Leider gibt es für den CFX noch kein Mundstück aus Glas.

È possibile utilizzare anche resine ed altri concentrati, oppure solo erbe?

IL Boundless CFX può essere usato anche con oli e concentrati tramite l'uso dell'apposita capsula.

Salve, nelle caratteristiche non si parla della garanzia.Anche questo prodotto è coperto da garanzia di due anni?

Il vaporizzatore Boundless CFX è ricoperto da una garanzia di due anni.

Le differenze più grandi con il tera v3? Qual'è quello migliore a livello generale?

Sono vaporizzatori con qualità differenti e molto dipendende dall'uso che ne vuole fare. Il nostro supporto è a sua disposizione per aiutarla nella scelta. Può contattarci a questo link: /contact/

Salve, questo modello è adatto per vaporizzare i cristalli? In caso negativo, potreste gentilmente indicarmi quali sono i modelli vapo migliori per questa tipologia di prodotto? Grazie :)

E`possibile vaporizzare cristalli con il boundless CFX adoperando la capsula per oli e concentrati. Puo`settare il vaporizzatore a temperatura massima.

È possibile con cfx boundless scappare degli e-liquid?Grazie

No, para e-liquid puedes mirar el Boundless CF Hybrid: /vaporizers/portable_vaporizers/boundless-cf-hybrid/

es ce que on peut mettre du e liquide dedans

Non, le Boundless CFX n'est pas destiné aux e-liquides

How often do u need to replace the bowl screen filter

It's hard to say exactly, because it also depends on the material you put in. You can always clean the screen when necessary using a brush, or by taking it out and soaking it in alcohol and then burning it off. You can also just replace it when it gets too dirty, that's up to you.

Hallo, Ist dieser Vaporizer einer der gesunden oder kanm durch die Bauart auch das Kraut verbrennen und somit ungesunde Stoffe lösen.Vielen Dank für euren Support.

Dieser Vaporizer sollte bei richtig gewählter Temperatur dein Kraut verdampfen und nicht verbrennen, natürlich kann es bei der Wahl der maximal Temperatur von 221 Grad und langem Betrieb, unter Umständen zur Verbrennung des Materials kommen. Im Normalbetrieb sollte dies jedoch nicht vorkommen.

scalda a convezione?grazie

Questo vaporizzatore utilizza un sistema patentato di flusso d'aria a convezione (CAS)

past de vultool van de cfv ook op de cfx? mvg Richard

Ja, deze past ook op de CFX.

Kann mit diesem vaporizer auch Harze verdampfen??

Ja, dies ist in Verbindung mit dem mitgelieferten Konzentrat/Harz-Behälter möglich. Solltest du Nachschub benötigen findest du ihn hier: /vaporizer_accessoires/boundless-concentrate-pod/

Is this the new 2.0 Version?

No, the 2.0 Version of the CFX is not available yet, we will inform our customers as soon as we receive updates form Boundless.

Hi,Ist es normal, dass das Mundstück (das Teil was ihr für 7,50 Euro hier verkauft / Hybrid Mouthpiece) bzw. die Runde Halterung innen verklebt?Ich hab es auseinander gebaut und es ist sehr klebrig obwohl ich weder Öl noch Wachs geraucht habe.

Ja keine Sorge, dies ist völlig normal. Beim verdampfen deiner Kräuter entsteht Dampf welcher auf dem Weg durch das Mundstück teilweise and den Oberflächen kondensiert dadurch entstehen diese klebrigen "Rückstände". Du kannst sie sehr leicht mit ein bisschen Alkohol entfernen.

Cosa si intende per sessione? Quanto dura una sessione? Vorrei usarlo sia per erbe che per tabacco, andando a sostituire del tutto l'uso convenzionale delle sigarette. Considerando che fumo circa 10 sigarette al giorno, questo vaporizzatore può avere

Per sessione si intende la vaporizzazione di un'erba o composto fino a quando le sostanze presenti nello stesso non sono state completamente estratte. La durata di una sessione e' in genere di qualche minuto e dipende da svariati fattori: tipo di erba, temperatura, frequenza delle aspirazioni ecc.

Ist es inzwischen die 2.0? Da in der Beschreibung steht "Neuste Version"

Nein bei diesem Produkt handelt es sich um die neueste Version des CFX, uns ist noch kein Datum für die Veröffentlichung des CFX 2.0 bekannt.

funziona con tabacco e altre erbe?

Questo prodotto e' adatto per tabacco ed altre erbe.

E' la versione 2.0 del prodotto?

Questa è la prima versione del CFX.

Customer evaluation for "Boundless CFX"

Very fast shipping, product quality is amazing but a bit plastic but its super efficient. It allows for a higher high. A+

This is a great product otherwise and the battery is long lasting. However, I would not recommend buying this because the mouthpiece gets stuck very quickly and is impossible to clean properly due to it’s small size.

Was not too happy with the air flow at first, too restricted. However a few weeks later I found myself having used it every day instead of combusting anything, and I haven't looked back since (now about a half year later).
After getting used to the air flow, I really came to enjoy this vape a lot.

Great battery life, fast recharge and really good for small loads thanks to its slim yet deep bowl/chamber.
Using it with ELB basket screens and it's really neat and super easy to keep clean.

Now looking to upgrade to a Mighty since this thing really peaked my interest in vapes. :D The CFX is an extremely nice high quality entry session vape.

  • + Efficiency
  • + It's helping me to stop smoking
  • + Quick warm up times
  • + Value for Money
  • + Very easy to use
  • - Draw resistance
  • - Mouth piece not easy to clean

This is the first vaporizer I ever used.
The overall experience is very positive and I would recommend that to any novice user, since it is very easy to use.
The only disadvantage is that you need some effort (e.g. 15-20 seconds draws) to get decent vape.

Pretty good for its price (bought at 99€)
The battery life is good, you can get some good sessions with this one.
The heat up time is kind of a hoax, but still decent. You have to wait 3-10 sec after the vape is 'ready' for it to give nice hits.

I really recommend you buy the bong adapter for this one! This vape is really good for bong hits! The bong adapter also makes the whole cleaning process way simpler than cleaning the mouthpiece.

  • + It's helping me to stop smoking
  • + Quick warm up times
  • - Air passage gets blocked easily

I am really happy with mine, I have two others , a Vapcap M and a Magic flight box but this so far is the easiest to use and give the best consistent flavor.

My only gripe with this is when you are taking long tokes the herb will be sucked up to the air vent at the top of the chamber and get stuck to it. minor pain to clean that, a nice addition to the next version would be a gauze of some type to keep it down.

I own 5 vapes int total now, one for every occasion. This vape is awesome. Good battery, fast heat up, great vapour. Yo can use it as it charges and if you carry a external battery pack with you, you can use it all day! I changed the mouth piece for a short tube as I prefer it. But it works great either way.

  • + It's helping me to stop smoking
  • - I cant put it down.

Been smokin J's for 34 years,
Not any more!
Boundless cfx has helped already and i have only had it 4 days. No more skinnin up for moi,
I'm now packin up. YOU BEAUTY
Thanks all at vaposhop,for speedy delivery,

4 stars only since its my first vape and i have no comparison to top of the line products.
As my first vaping device i am more then pleased to use this:
+very fast warming up and fast charging
+good potency and taste (though taste quickly declines, afaik this is the main difference between this and more expensive devices
+vibration when the set temperature is reached

- the plastic mouthpiece warms up very quickly on 220C (but you can buy water pipe adapters, etc)
- the loading bowl is hard to clean
the loading bowl screens are small and REALLY GREATLY needs to mod it (with VapeXhale EZ Load Bowls)
- non-replacable batteries (you can send it back and have batterries replaced by the company though for 25 bucks... not to cheap considering the price of sending it via post most likely)

Extremely smooth and fast device with a long battery life that you can use at every temperature due to the manual temperature control. Has a rather big chamber as well. Can only recommend!

Great product:
Easy to use, lighting fast warm up, lightweight, very well built. -1 star, cause my herbs get stuck inside the space between the compartment and chassis surface, but nothing the included brush can't clean.

This is the first vape I ever tried, so I can't compare.
Warming up is really fast, I think less than 20 seconds.
No led for charging status or fully charged, you have to guess when finished.
On-off is "press 5 times", why? nothing for 4, 3, 2 ...
When sleeping after 5 minutes use you have to press once, and then 2 seconds. (not clear from the manual).
Wouldn't it have been better 2 times on-off, 1 time out of sleep?
Anyway no led to tell you if it's off or sleeping.
Herb compartment is fixed, almost impossible to clean well.
Instruction manual is very poor and not clear sometimes (bad translation from chinese?

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Delivery method: Direct draw
Adjustable temperature: Yes
Warranty: 3 years
Compatibility: Herbs and oils
Heating technique: Conduction
Portable / Desktop: Portable
Automatic switch-off: Yes
Replaceable battery: No
Heat-up time: 10-30 seconds
Brand: Boundless
Temperature range: 38°C - 221°C
Battery: 2500 mAh