Aerospaced By Higher Standards Grinder - 2 PC 50mm Black

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SKU: SHVT-04748

Aerospaced By Higher Standards Grinder - 2 PC 50mm Black

Aerospaced by Higher Standards is a line of precision-engineered grinders. Higher Standards provides true connoisseurs with the tools they need for the most elevated dry herb experience, from premium care and maintenance products to heavy-duty glass and sought-after limited edition collaborations.

To provide the best possible quality, Aerospaced by Higher Standards grinders are milled from one solid block of aircraft-grade aluminium. This makes for extra sturdy yet lightweight grinders. The aluminium is anodized to ensure the coating will not flake and mix with your ground material, or scratch away like cheaply-made grinders. The powerful neodymium magnet closure prevents accidental spills of your precious material if you drop the grinder, which might come in handy if you’re planning an intensive session.

Aerospaced by Higher Standards’ take on the traditional grinder shows their dedication to excellence and quality. The sharp diamond-shaped teeth finely shred your material to an even consistency every time. The precision-balanced head ensures fluid and seamless movements with virtually no friction, making it easier than ever to reduce flowers into a fine and handy grind.

A 2-piece grinder is the perfect solution to enjoy some dry herbs on the go, as it easily fits in a small bag or even a pocket. It’s also ideal if you do not plan to collect the smallest particles of your material for future use, but rather consume all of it at once.

Elevate your grinding rituals with Aerospaced by Higher Standards.


  • 2-piece 50 mm black medium grinder
  • Aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Anodized finish
  • Sharp diamond-shaped teeth
  • Magnetic lid
  • Precision-balanced head




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