Cali Crusher Homegrown Standard 4 piece grinder

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Made in California, USA, the medical grade Cali Crushers are grinders of unsurpassed quality. The makers have taken every problematic feature of the classic grinder and designed it for overall improvement. This Standard 4 piece grinder features a removable hex screen for easy cleaning.

Precision made from top shelf anodized Aerospace aluminum, the razor sharp blades of this grinder are guaranteed indestructible and are covered by a life time warranty. What's more, the patented design allows for more loading space than any other grinder.

Removable hex screen

The 210 count micron screen allows only the gold to fall on your tray. The screen can be replaced or removed for cleaning using a standard hex wrench.

Unique quick lock design

The patented 'Four way quick lock' system replaces traditional threads, eliminating cross threading. It makes opening and closing your grinder as easy as possible, without having to worry about it accidentally opening. In addition, the magnetic lock is the strongest magnet on the market!

Design of the teeth

The long, razor sharp teeth are unbreakable and positioned in the way that allows for the grinder to be packed to the brim.

Neodymium magnetic lock

The Cali Crusher Homegrown's neodymium earth magnets have the strongest hold of any grinder on the market.

Specifications Cali Crusher Homegrown Standard 4 piece 

  • Made in San Diego, CA, USA
  • Dimensions: 5.9 cm x 5.6 cm (Standard)
  • Material: Ultrasonically cleansed 6061-T6 Aerospace medical grade aluminium
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty
Customer evaluation for "Cali Crusher Homegrown Standard 4 piece grinder"



Received my grinder very quickly, well packaged as usual - including 'paraphernalia'. Top logistics from VapoShop.

I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of materials and manufacture that has gone into this product. It really feels and 'sounds' like a machine, meant to be used, more than just a handy tool.
The sound expresses itself ex. when clasping the lid on. It doesn't slam shut, it clonks, like when the difference between a Fiat-door and a Mercedes.

The price fully reflects the level of craftsmanship that has gone into this product + it's American made.
Too expensive.. Too clunky.. ??
Hmmm - it depends on what type of guy you are.
Handy little bugger - no. Will survive a 10 meter drop from the balcony - yes.

One fly in the ointment though: The bottom-part (pollen tray) cannot be attached securely to the top-part (the crusher) to form a more pocket-friendly 2/3 part grinder.
I find no excuse for this design-blooper. It fits, but will not lock into place :-/
Question for VapoShop: Is this really meant to be so, or is my unit defective somehow ?

[Answer from VapoShop: We've sent you an email to look into this, it should lock - even wihout the middle piece!]

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Cali Crusher Homegrown Standard 4 piece grinder Questions

Brand: Cali Crusher
Brand: Cali Crusher