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VitaVac (VapoShop)

VitaVac (VapoShop)

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The Vitavac is the perfect container for your stash, herbs or tobacco and just about anything else you can think of. Airtight, water resistant and smell proof. It could be your next essential for any party, festival, hiking trip, boat trip or available in the style of the one and only VapoShop, home of the vaporizer.

The Vitavac easily fits into your pocket or purse and is exactly half the size of the Minivac, measuring 7.6 cm x 4 cm.

VapoShop Vitavac features

  • Airtight, smell proof & water resistant
  • Releases the air from the container as the cap is pushed down, creates a vacuum seal
  • Perfect pocket and purse size
  • Keeps foods and herbs ultra fresh
  • Extremely strong and durable
  • Capacity: 60 ml / 14 g
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