Arizer Solo/Air GonG adapter

Arizer Solo/Air GonG adapter

SHVT-03872 Easy Flow


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The Solo GonG (glass-on-glass) adapter is especially designed to attach your Solo or Air to a water filter. It keeps it firmly attached, and the effect is extremely smooth.

Available in 14 or 18 mm.


  • Warm the bowl on the highest setting for 10 minutes
  • Gently twist the glass piece into the unit, ensuring that it is not at an angle
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Arizer Solo/Air GonG adapter Questions

Customer evaluation for "Arizer Solo/Air GonG adapter"

The product is awesome, you can get a great quality vapor by using it with your Arizer Solo. BE WARNED! It's extremely fragile, as a matter of fact I don't have it anymore because it's broken due to my dumbness . Besides that I highly recommend buying it, and the Vaposhop service has been great.

This is magnificent! I really recommend this adapter as it takes vaping experience to the highest level. Taste, vape quality, cloud size and moistness, all of it is a lot better with the adapter. Don't wait, you won't be disappointment for sure.

Works great! Per other reviews, this adapter no longer has the hole, so you will not have to worry about the piece getting hot on your finger. Comes with a screen. Secure packaging and fast shipping.

Excellent! I've had a couple that accidentally broke when falling on the stone floot and the have all lasted a good while before someone fucked up and dropped em.
Now I just ordered a couple to make sure and I Realized that they have completely remade this piece!

It no longer has the hole that you have to keep your finger on for proper vape. It's gone and makes for an easier vape experience.
They've added some more slits in the cup to increase airflow aswell as tiny slits on the side of it (see picture) This helps with airflow compared to the older versions and looks pretty cool.

The shape is slightly different also and can make it harder to get the resin out when cleaning but not that much more difficult.

Overall its an improvement!

this adaptor is the bizomb. got it for the arizer air, fits tight (but not too tight). I get the best vapor quality out of this adaptor for some reason (maybe the slits on the bottom), not sure. I attach it straight to my glass bizzy, to where the a.air unit is upside down, fits right in the slider 14guage I think. only complaint is the hole in this adapter is indeed too small to clear a glass water pipe, but you can lift it a little to clear. I do the same thing with the standard glass a.air aroma straight tube as that one still makes a good seal inside the glass slider, just lift the unit from the slider a little bit to clear.

Works extremely well with f-bomb and pinnacle - hole gets hot though

Awesome Product...I have had a Solo GonG now and both have worked great..The one i have cracked due to a slight crack on the Slits on the bowl end...The only thing i do not like is the Carb Hole as it does not really Clear a regular Bong and it does get Hot after a while..But if you have something like i ave the F-Bomb Micro Shower Head Vertical Bubbler is great because of the added air flow Sits...All around happy with my purchase and the quality of service from the Vaposhop staff and delivery..I just wis i could have got a Vaposhop Grinder Card and Hard Case for the Solo to Hold my Micro Bubbler and Solo Safe while out and about.

A awesome product, really a nice add-on to the Arizer Solo, have been using it for two days now and I'm still a bit amazed at how much I love it, works out a lot better then I thought, airflow is great! also very nice shipping went very fast came 2 days after order and packaged up very nice!

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