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Boundless CFV chamber removal tool

Boundless CFV chamber removal tool

14260 Boundless

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The chamber removal tool by Boundless allows you to remove the top part of your Boundless CFV chamber for easy cleaning and maintenance. This tool also makes it easy to switch between the different heat retention rings.

How to use?

  • Stick the chamber removal tool between the indentations in the top part of the chamber.
  • Twist the removal tool to unscrew the top part.
  • You can now remove the heat retention ring and the screen from the chamber to clean or replace them. It also gives you better access to the heating chamber for thorough cleaning.
  • Use the chamber removal tool to screw the top part back on the chamber.
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Boundless CFV chamber removal tool Questions

est-ce que ça marche avec le boundless CFX ? Sinon comment fait-on pour changer la grille de la cuve du Boundless CF et du CFX ?

Non cela n'est pas conçu pour le CFX. Vous pouvez changer la grille de la cuve de manière périodique avec l'outil prévu à cet effet fournit dans le pack Boundless CFX.

Brand: Boundless