DaVinci IQ Honeybird nectar collector

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DaVinci IQ Honeybird nectar collector Specifications

  • Brand: DaVinci

DaVinci IQ Honeybird nectar collector

The DaVinci IQ is widely known as one of the smoothest vapour producing conduction vapes. Now, you can take the smoothness to an even higher level with the Honeybird nectar collector. This IQ accessory by DaVinci turns your vapour into beautiful, thick, delicious clouds.

The Honeybird is a pocket-sized water filtration system, specially designed for the DaVinci IQ. It's only 6.3 cm long, really handy to use and just as portable as your IQ vape. The Honeybird gives you access to water filtered clouds of vapour - wherever you go!

How to use

  1. Load the DaVinci IQ chamber with your favourite herbs
  2. Attach the female joint-tip to the Honeybird
  3. Fill the Honeybird with water. Make sure you don't use too much - about an eighth of the total volume is enough.
  4. Put the Honeybird on top of the original DaVinci IQ mouthpiece.
  5. Switch your DaVinci IQ on and let it heat up.
  6. Enjoy smooth, thick clouds of vapour.


  • 1 DaVinci IQ Honeybird nectar collector
  • 1 10 mm female joint tip

Please note: make sure you empty the Honeybird when you finish your session to prevent your vape from getting wet.

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