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VapCap DynaKit Basic Specifications

  • Brand: DynaVap

VapCap DynaKit Basic

When it comes to maintaining your DynaVap VapCap, you can't go wrong with the VapCap DynaKit basic. This maintenance kit contains everything you need to keep your VapCap clean, safe, and in optimal condition. 

The DynaKit Basic contains spare condenser O-rings, high-temp O-rings and chamber screens, which allow you to replace the original ones, in case they get lost or worn down.

The DynaKit basic also contains tools to clean and maintain your VapCap. The beeswax and hemp oil made DynaWax is for lubricating the O-rings, and polishing the wooden parts of your VapCap. With the pipe cleaners, you can thoroughly clean the narrow parts of your VapCap, such as the condenser.

In addition to that, the DynaKit Basic contains two storage tubes and a fat mouthpiece that offers water pipe compatibility.

Buying a DynaKit turns out way cheaper than ordering all the included products separately.  

DynaKit Basic contains:

  • DynaWax
  • 3 Condenser O-rings
  • 5 High-temp O-rings
  • 3 Stainless steel CCD screens
  • 1 Fat mouthpiece
  • 5 Cotton pipe cleaners
  • 1 Green storage tube
  • 1 Purple storage tube

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VapCap DynaKit Basic Questions

  • Pivo : 2019-09-10 17:45:45
    Is the kit also for the use with Vapcap M 2018 ? Thx
    This kit helps you clean and maintain every Vapcaps, including the M 2018 version
  • Patife: 2019-04-17 10:42:59
    The chamber screens inluded are the stainless steel or titanium ones?
    The included CCD screens are the stainless steel version.
  • siari: 2019-01-12 17:51:25
    Hi, the basic dynakit, is adapt to the omnivap? thank you.
    Yes, the Dynakit Basic fits also the use with the Omnivap, please note that the Storage Tube are not suitable for any XL Dynavap Products.
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