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VapCap DynastashER

The VapCap DynastashER offers a safe, handy and stylish way to store your VapCap. Inside this wooden box, there's space for one 92 mm long VapCap (which means any VapCap, except for the VonG and XL versions), a dab tool and even some vaping material.


  • Thanks to the magnet in the middle of this wooden box, you can easily "stick" it to your fridge or any other magnetic surface.
  • Placing your VapCap on top of the magnet makes the device cool down faster after you used it.
  • Has a silicone storage container for your plant material that can be stashed inside the DynastashER.

The DynaStashER is made of beautiful walnut and cedar wood. Please do bear in mind that due to the nature of the wood, some variations may apply and that the DynastashER you receive may look slightly different from the picture.

What's in the box?

  • 1 DynastashER
  • 1 pointed dab tool
  • 1 silicone storage container

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