VapCap Hula Stem (75 mm)

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VapCap Hula Stem (75 mm) Specifications

  • Brand: DynaVap

VapCap Hula Stem (75 mm)

Everybody loves the VapCap. But do you sometimes wish the body was made of glass? The Hula Stem is just that: the large (75 mm) Hula Stem can be combined with a DynaVap stainless steel or titanium tip. The high-quality glass makes for a very pure VapCap experience.  Indentations on the inside of the tube add an extra surface area which the vapour has to pass. The longer path means even cooler vapour without having to use a drop of water.

Also available in a shorter 60 mm version.

Hula Stem directions

Place any DynaVap tip on the Hula Stem and heat the tip with a flame. When you hear the click Inhale through the other side of the stem.

DynaVap tip not included.

VapCap Hula Stem (75 mm) customer reviews

Cheddar 2019-09-07

I'm very pleased with the hula stem in combination with an M tip. It fits well and securely, it stays cooler to the touch than the original stainless body while also cooling the vapour more. Easy to wash out with iso. If you like your dynavap with the carb hole blocked, you will like this. It doesn't have one.

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