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VapCap NonaVong stem Specifications

  • Brand: DynaVap

VapCap NonaVong stem

Make your VapCap compatible with your favourite water piece, by using this NonaVong stem. Of course, it can also be used to replace the original stem of your NonaVong.

Connecting your VapCap to a water piece with the NonaVong is super easy. Just put the NonaVong in the water pipe joint, and heat it the way you usually do. Works with any water pipe that has a 14.4 mm female joint.

The NonaVong stem is available in blackwood and cocobolo. Both versions have their own look, style and feel. Please do bear in mind that due to the nature of the wood, some variety may apply, and that the stem you receive may look slightly different than it does in the picture. This is particularly the case with the cocobolo version.

Please note: this stem is only compatible with VapCap models with a standard (S) condenser. 

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VapCap NonaVong stem Questions

  • AK: 2020-01-12 23:35:59
    compatible with M 19 with xl condenser and spining mouthpiece kit?should be but am not sure?
    Yes that setup: M19 Tip + XL condenser + spinning mouthpiece + NonaVong stem should just fine work.
  • Elvis: 2019-10-17 21:20:39
    Hi. Is it possible to block the airport of this body by sliding up the o-ring, just like you can with the regular Vapcaps?
    Unfortunately it is not possible to block the airport of this body by sliding up the o-ring like with the regular vapcaps as for the NonaVong stem (alike the OmniVap) the hole is bigger than with the regular VapCap.
  • Fred: 2019-08-22 13:29:23
    Hi, can I transform my omnivap xl in omnivong with this stem please?
    Yes this stem is suitable for that, enjoy the Omnivong.
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