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VapCap OmniVap stem titanium Specifications

  • Brand: DynaVap

VapCap OmniVap stem titanium

This titanium replacement OmniVap stem fits the OmniVap XL mouthpiece and condensor assembly and a condenser XL with a spinning mouthpiece as well. 

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VapCap OmniVap stem titanium Questions

  • Thomas: 2019-05-26 23:15:09
    Hi,So the OmniVap XL has this stem? Or there is a XL stem?Thank you.
    This is the stem of the OmniVap XL, the normal Omnivap is equipped with the smaller Body: /vaporizer-brands/dynavap/vapcap-omnivap-body-titanium/
  • Anna: 2018-11-23 23:25:16
    So if i have M with upgraded XL wooden mouthpiece condenser, it will fit?
    With the OmniVap stem ti you will replace everything that makes the M the M, its body. It should fit.
  • Jorge: 2018-07-09 17:25:30
    What are the specs (length, internal/external circumference, etc) of this item?
    The stem is 62mm in length, due to the surface it is hard to give an accurate external circumference but the internal circumference is standardized to fit the Dynavap condenser o-rings.
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