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Focusvape dry herb pod

Focusvape dry herb pod

15331 Focus V

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This Focusvape dry herb pod is ideal for anyone who likes to use their Focusvape on the go! This pod is made of high-quality stainless steel, and fits perfectly in the heating chamber of your Focusvape. Just pre-load the pod with your favourite herb, and put it in the chamber whenever you feel like using your vaporizer. 

Tip: consider ordering two pods for extra convenience - just pre-load both of them and swap them out in a matter of seconds!

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Focusvape dry herb pod Questions

Do you know the capacity of these capsules orbit they reduce the oven size significantly?Thanks

They are not very thick/wide, so they will reduce the size a bit, but not significantly.

Buonasera,questa capsula è compatibile con il vaporizzatore fenix?

Non consigliamo utilizzare accessori accessori non forniti appositamente dalla casa produttrice.

Brand: Focus V