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Sticky Brick Runt

15975 Sticky Brick

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The Sticky Brick Runt is another flame-powered winner from Sticky Brick Labs. The concept remains the same: a prime wood body holding high-quality glass for the creation of hard-hitting vapor.

The Runt is slightly smaller than the OG Brick and has the same three brick built. But the Runt features one important difference: the slider that connects both halves of the wooden unit make it easier to assemble and gives the whole construction more stability.

Also introduced with the Runt is the restrictor disc. This metal disc reduces the chances of combustion and enables you to use bigger flames. The restrictor disc should be placed under the flame intake. The Runt ships with a restrictor disc in place, which you also can remove.

This is a Sticky Brick vaporizer that is easy to handle with the long Pyrex mouthpiece providing you with a comfortable position to take that tasty hit.

As with all Sticky Brick models the Runt is handmade in the U.S. from the best wood available. This is artisanal vaping at its best!

Sticky Brick Runt dimensions

  • Wooden body: 7.7 x 7.7 cm
  • Total height with mouthpiece: 15 cm

How to use the Sticky Brick Runt?

  1. Remove the intake brick to expose the chamber
  2. Load material into the chamber
  3. Reassemble the bricks
  4. Adjust the heat intake and mouthpiece to the preferred position
  5. Aim the torch flame into the heat intake with the outer flame hitting just the inside of the glass
  6. Cover the carb hole (the lower opening on the side) and draw slowly
  7. After you finish drawing open the carb and remove the torch
  8. Stir material between draws if needed

 Tips & tricks

  • When using the restrictor you may need to increase the flame size
  • Use the included carb cork to close off the carb and free a hand for operation
  • Do not cover the air intake (the upper opening on the side). It provides continuous airflow that is needed for operation
  • The glass heat intake is hot, do not touch immediately after use
  • You can connect the Sticky Brick Runt to a 14.4 mm glass tool with the U Joint Water Pipe Adapter

Sticky Brick Runt maintenance

The body of the Sticky Brick Runt is made of prime wood which needs occasional cleaning to keep its natural beauty. Gently clean the wood components with a cotton swab and warm water. Let it dry. Never use ISO alcohol. Condition with Sticky Brick butter.

Glass components and screens should be removed from the unit and cleaned with ISO alcohol.

When reassembling the Brick insert the O-rings first to create a better seal.

What’s in the box

  • Sticky Brick Runt vaporizer
  • Torch lighter (ships empty)
  • 2 carb corks
  • 2 stainless stir sticks
  • 2 wooden sticks
  • 6 screens
  • 2 restrictor discs
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Sticky Brick Runt Questions

Goedenavond, Ongeveer 2 maanden geleden heb ik de sticky brick runt aangeschaft. Ik ben er zeer tevreden over maar ik ontdekte net dat er een barst in het korte glasdeel (warmteinlaat) zit. Hij is niet gevallen en ik houd de aansteker volgens gebruik

Op glazen onderdelen zit helaas geen garantie (tenzij je ze kapot ontvangt natuurlijk). De flame intake is hier los aan te schaffen:

Is the mouthpiece for this vaporizer available as a standalone product? I'd like to buy one for my sticky brick junior.

Currently the Mouthpiece of the Sticky Brick Runt is not available as a standalone product, we will probably add it to our Sortiment it within the next couple of Months.

Zal het mogelijk zijn de restrictor disks apart aan te schaffen?

Ja, dat is mogelijk. Je kan ze hier vinden: /vaporizer_accessoires/sticky-brick-restrictor-disc/

Hey, ich würde liebend gerne das Sticky Brick Runt Mundstück erwerben, lässt sich da was machen?

Falls du nur das Runt Mundstück möchtest lässt sich da momentan noch nichts machen, es wird jedoch als Ersatzteil angeboten werden und dann kannst du es hier finden: /vaporizer-zubehor/

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Heating technique: Convection
Automatic switch-off: No
Compatibility: Herbs (flowers)
Delivery method: Direct draw
Portable / Desktop: Portable
Brand: Sticky Brick