Storm Spirit resin capsule

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Storm Spirit resin capsule Specifications

  • Brand: Storm

Storm Spirit resin capsule

The resin capsule makes it possible to use resins in your Storm Spirit vaporizer. Crumble a small amount of resin into the capsule, insert the capsule in the chamber and set temp to 200-240 °C.

Important: using resins will cause the mouthpiece and ceramic filter to clog more quickly than with conventional use. The mouthpiece and filter can be cleaned using toothpicks, alcohol wipes or isopropyl alcohol. You can also remove the ceramic filter when using resins. This will reduce clogging but will result in a hotter vapor.

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Storm Spirit resin capsule Questions

  • Tommy : 2019-04-22 14:42:00
    Does this fit on XMAX Starry v3 version? can i use dry herb in this?Thank you
    yes and yes
  • Jason bonner: 2019-02-24 23:33:54
    Does this resin capsule also fit the starry as well as I’ve been told that they are basically the same machine with minor differences
    Yes, the resin capsule is also compatible with the Xmax Starry.
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