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The fragrant lavender blossoms are widely used in herbology and aromatherapy.

Lavender helps to unwind and relax. It's a very suitable herb for the evening, because it combats restlesness and helps you fall asleep.


The flowers can be used to make tea or used in cooking. To directly inhale the relaxing essential oils, the flowers can be put in a vaporizer.


Pregnant and breast-feeding women should avoid using lavender.

Pack of 25 gram.

Lavender customer reviews

Matto 2016-05-31

Got it with my vape I ordered and it really works. Nice relaxed and calm feeling but of course not very strong. Its a great alternative. Also the taste is not suitable for everyone but it gets better the longer you vape it.

Artur 2014-05-13

Works well with Volcano vaporizer. No doubt I'll be using herbs for life now. Keep temperature at 190°C for best results.

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