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Lemongrass is a fast growing, tall, aromatic reed grass. The leaves have a strong distinctive fragrance.

Lemongrass has been used for centuries in Indian Ayurvedic medicine. The essential oil is antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral. In aromatherapy lemongrass is used for its mood-lifting qualities and to relieve tension.

Lemongrass smell is also an effective repellent against mosquitos.


Lemongrass can be used to make a refreshing tea. To inhale its essential oils, heat the herb in a vaporizer. To repell mosquitos, put some of it in a Potpourri lamp.

Pack of 25 gram.

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Lemongrass Questions

  • Gonçalo Jacinto: 2015-11-29 18:17:13
    can I smoke this on the storm vaporizer?
    Absolutely, although we would recommend the lowest temperature setting.
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