The Honey glass bubbler (Easy Flow)

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The Honey glass bubbler (Easy Flow)

The Honey is a glass bubbler, made by English manufacturer Easy Flow. The great thing about the Honey is that you can connect it to many different vaporizers (such as the Mighty, the Storm and the Arizer Air) in combination with a 14 mm water adapter.

Equipped with a barrel percolator and a honeycomb diffuser, the Honey takes smoothness to the next level. In combination with a vaporizer, it produces thick, satisfying clouds that, at the same time, are so smooth that you hardly feel them on your throat.

The Honey is only 22 cm high. This makes it discrete and easy to handle. It’s made of thick, durable glass. Another great feature of the Honey is its multi-functionality. Even though we’d encourage using it with a vaporizer, it’s also perfect for use with a dab rig or a quartz banger.

Joint size: 14 mm (female)

Dimensions: 22 x 9 cm

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