Easy ISO-Swabs (24 pieces)

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Easy ISO-Swabs (24 pieces) Specifications

  • Brand: VapoShop

Easy ISO-Swabs (24 pieces)

Looking for an easy yet efficient way to clean your vaporizer? These cotton swabs (filled with iso-alcohol) are an easy solution to clean those parts that are difficult to reach. The shaft of each cotton swab is filled with pure isopropyl-alcohol for quick and easy cleaning – simply snap across the blue line and ISO-alcohol will be released into the cotton tip.

Each pack includes 24 pieces. Packed in a handy travel case.

How to use

Snap the top cotton swab (blue line) to release the alcohol. Gently moving the swab may help to let the alcohol drip down, into the cotton tip.

Easy ISO-Swabs (24 pieces) customer reviews

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Toni 2018-07-01
  • Easy to storage
  • Easy to use

Actually pretty handy product. First i thought these were completely dry until i learned how to use them. Now i can easily clean a little deeper...

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Easy ISO-Swabs (24 pieces) Questions

  • Sonja: 2018-04-25 21:25:43
    Hello.I purchased this product and now that I opened it the swabs are completely dry. I can't clean anything off. I don't understand how come?Regards,Sonja
    The alcohol is stored in the plastic tube in between the two cotton swabs, please "clip" off the cotton swap with the little blue stripe with your fingers then the alcohol will soak the other side and you are good to go.
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