THCleaner advanced cleaning formula

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THCleaner advanced cleaning formula Specifications

  • Brand: VapoShop

THCleaner advanced cleaning formula

THCleaner is the latest and greatest cleaning formula for your vaporizer parts. The advanced formula allows you to effortlessly clean glass and metal parts.

All you need

Your dirty glass mouthpiece will sparkle like it's brand new. Or use it on a q-tip to thoroughly clean the vapour path of your vaporizer.

Easy to use

Using THCleaner couldn't be easier. Any pieces that do not contain electronics (e.g. glass mouthpieces) can simply be soaked in the solution. No scrubbing or mixing with water required. Low effort, high quality results!


When you're done cleaning, don't throw out the cleaning solution. This powerful formula can be used at least three times.

Advanced & environmentally friendly formula

A nanotechnology agent keep this solution from foaming. Additionally, THCleaner has been developed with great care for the environmental footprint: all ingredients are eco friendly and biodegradable.

How to use THCleaner

  1. Pour cleaning liquid into item you intend to clean (note: do NOT use on electronic components/heater)
  2. Cover openings to avoid leakage (Note: place small items into a glass container and fill with THCleaner)
  3. Do not add water
  4. Let the item soak until completely clean
  5. Discard THCleaner or store for re-use
  6. Rinse thoroughly with hot water
  7. Wash hands after each use

Contents and ingredients

Bottle of 500 ml. < 5% 2-butoxyethanol, < 5% phosphates, < 5% anionic surfactants.


Keep out of reach of children. Non-toxic if used as instructed, see label for proper usage. Harmful if swallowed. In case of accidental ingestion, seek professional assistance or contact a poison control centre immediately. In case of contact with your eyes, flush eyes with water for 15 minutes. If irritation persists, seek medical attention. Store in a cool area, away from sparks, heat or open flames. Please refer to vaporizer manual before cleaning. Do not use THCleaner on electronic components. First apply small amount on a small surface to make sure it does not leave stains or damages the material.

THCleaner advanced cleaning formula customer reviews

Nick 2017-06-04

I'm not sure what the person from the top comment did, but I completely disagree. I have an Arizer air and an x-vape vapourizer. I have used other agents and this is the only one that really works! It even got to areas that pipe cleaners can't get to. Regarding the smell, again, I just rinse in hot water and they sparkle. Half a bottle of solution has lasted for a month. I just seive out the residue every so often. EXCELLENT PRODUCT!

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THCleaner advanced cleaning formula Questions

  • Silvio: 2019-02-20 01:52:15
    is it useful to clean the Verdamper or water and soap is ok?
    Yes it is definitely useful for that as it will help you clean of the residue way faster as you could with water and soap. You can reuse the THCleaner at least 3 times before you have to take some from the Bottle again.
  • Ricardo Torres: 2019-01-08 20:05:36
    Can I use this product to clean a PAX 3?
    Yes this Product is suitable to be used instead of Isopropyl alcohol to clean a Pax 3, please follow the cleaning&maintenance instructions given by Pax Vapor. You can find a short instruction in this Video at around 5:40 min:
  • Nathan: 2018-11-13 22:11:52
    Can you also use this solution to clean grinders?
    Dear Nathan, yes THCleaner works very well on metal grinders. We don't recommend use with plastics.
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