Cali Crusher Homegrown Standard 4 piece grinder customer reviews

New Toker 2016-02-10

Received my grinder very quickly, well packaged as usual - including 'paraphernalia'. Top logistics from VapoShop. I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of materials and manufacture that has gone into this product. It really feels and 'sounds' like a machine, meant to be used, more than just a handy tool. The sound expresses itself ex. when clasping the lid on. It doesn't slam shut, it clonks, like when the difference between a Fiat-door and a Mercedes. The price fully reflects the level of craftsmanship that has gone into this product + it's American made. Too expensive.. Too clunky.. ?? Hmmm - it depends on what type of guy you are. Handy little bugger - no. Will survive a 10 meter drop from the balcony - yes. One fly in the ointment though: The bottom-part (pollen tray) cannot be attached securely to the top-part (the crusher) to form a more pocket-friendly 2/3 part grinder. I find no excuse for this design-blooper. It fits, but will not lock into place :-/ Question for VapoShop: Is this really meant to be so, or is my unit defective somehow ? [Answer from VapoShop: We've sent you an email to look into this, it should lock - even wihout the middle piece!]

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