Cohiba 4 Flame Torch Lighter

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Cohiba 4 Flame Torch Lighter

This durable and powerful quad (4 flame) torch lighter by the renowned Cohiba brand is a perfect match for your flame-powered vaporizer, such as the VapCap and Vaponic. The small size makes this lighter discreet and easy to carry.

Cohiba 4-torch lighter features

  • Windproof
  • Solid metal casing
  • Refillable
  • Flame is adjustable
  • Durable metal housing
  • Fuel level window
  • Comes in luxury gift box

Please note that butane/lighter gas is not included.

Cohiba 4 Flame Torch Lighter customer reviews

  • Feels like quality (1)
  • Durable (I think) (1)
  • Looks styllish (1)
  • Fast (1)
  • I don't like the orange flame (1)
  • Wears out quite fast (1)
  • The looking glass is not really working (1)
H 2020-03-04
  • Durable (I think)
  • Fast
  • Feels like quality
  • Looks styllish
  • I don't like the orange flame
  • The looking glass is not really working
  • Wears out quite fast

I love this lighter. Use it in combination with my blue Omni Dynavap. Haha, you can read the Pro's, that pretty much sums it up. Oh, wait! I have got it for about a year and have used it quite a lot. Never failed, haha, unless it was empty. I removed the piece of material which made the flame turn orange. I don't like stuff I don't know. Like: What? What is that orangy stuff? Is it going to destroy my Dynavap? This can't be healthy right? It is easy to remove. Just one Philips screw to remove it. One more thing. The looking glass is a thing I do not understand. The lighter will not always funtion when you see that there is still some gas-liquid inside. So if you're going away for a few days, just fill it to be shure. Or take your lighter liquid with you. Cheers!

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