Vapman jetflame lighter

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Vapman jetflame lighter

Unlike normal lighters jet flame lighters don't stain glass pipes with soot, which is useful when such pipes are used as a vaporizer. Moreover the flame of these butane gas or torch lighters is hotter, making them more suitable for heating herbs which require a higher temperature to give off their active components.

The gas supply, and thus the intensity of the flame, can be adjusted effortlessly. With a lock lever the lighter can be put on 'continuous burning'.

Notice: The lighter is delivered empty. One can fill it with butane or propane gas, which can be bought in every cigar store.

Flame jets are sensitive to dust. Always put the cap on when the torch is not in use. Store the torch in a clean and dry place!

This lighter was developed for heating the portable Vapman vaporizer.

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