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Arizer Air belt-clip carry case

The Arizer Air Belt-Clip Carry Case holds your Arizer Air and two batteries or aroma...

$13.95 view

Arizer Air II hard-shell case

If your Arizer Air II ever needs transporting this hard-shell case is a perfect match....

$29.71 Out of stock

Arizer Air/Solo Soft-Shell Case

This original Arizer soft-shell case is perfect for taking your Arizer Air or Arizer Solo...

$29.71 view

Arizer Go belt-clip carry case

Carry your Arizer Go (and more) on your belt with this clever case.

$13.95 view

DaVinci Carrying Case

Canvas carrying case lets you pack your DaVinci IQ and plenty more.

$17.58 Out of stock

Dr. Dabber carrying case

A sleek carrying case for the Dr. Dabber pen vaporizer.

$11.52 view

Firefly 2 case with zipper

An original carrying case for the Firefly 2 vaporizer.

$23.65 view

Firefly 2 leather case

This limited edition leather case will keep your Firefly 2 safe and dry - wherever...

$23.04 $35.77 view

G Pen Elite silicone sleeve

This silicone sleeve will protect your G Pen Elite vaporizer.

$17.58 view

Herborizer transport bag

The Herborizer hemp transport bag lets you safely pack up your favourite vaporizer.

$42.44 view

Ryot Removable Pouch

The Ryot Removable Pouch is a perfect option for transporting herbs, smoking paraphernalia and vaping...

$5.46 view

Ryot Rip-Kit

The Ryot Rip-Kit is a multifunctional carrying case with a wallet and a detachable "krypto"...

$35.17 Out of stock

Ryot SmellSafe Hard Case

The Large SmellSafe hard case by Ryot makes a perfect case for storing, protecting and...

$21.22 Out of stock

Ryot SmellSafe HeadCase

The Ryot Smell Safe HeadCase is an excellent - smell proof - storage solution for...

$27.28 view

Ryot SmellSafe PackRatz

The Ryot PackRatz case offers excellent protection for your favourite handheld vaporizer. The SmellSafe materials...

$23.65 view

Ryot SmellSafe Piper NoGoo

The designers of Ryot keep coming up with storage solutions to everyday-vape problems. Their SmellSafe...

$47.29 Out of stock

Storm carry case

A stylish and compact carry case for the Storm vaporizer. Holds your vaporizer, spare batteries...

$10.31 view

Storm neoprene sleeve

A protective travel sleeve for your Storm Vaporizer Pen.

$6.06 view

VapCap DynastashER

This beautiful, versatile storage box for your VapCap holds space for your VapCap, as well...

$71.54 view

VapCap storage tube

Air tight storage tube for casing your DynaVap or other materials.

$1.82 view
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