The Vape Spittoon (Delta 3D Studios)

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The Vape Spittoon (Delta 3D Studios)

Are you super serious about your therapeutic herbs, like the way a wine connoisseur is very serious about wine? Then dispose of your used plant material in the very fancy Vape Spittoon by Delta 3D Studios.

The Vape Spittoon works with any stem or whip style vaporizer, like the Arizer Go, the Extreme-Q and the VapCap M. Two screens prevent your plant material from blowing out of the jar. 

How to use The Vape Spittoon (Delta 3D studios)

  1. Remove the stem containing your spent plant material from the vaporizer.
  2. Press the stem firmly against the inlet of the Vape Spittoon.
  3. Puff gently on the stem's mouthpiece to blow the material into the Spittoon.

To keep your Vape Spittoon nice and fresh, we advise cleaning it regularly with ISO alcohol, and brushing off your exhaust screens regularly.

The Vape Spittoon is made by Delta 3D Studios. Do you want to know more about how it works? Check out their instructions manual.

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