VapCap DynaKit Maintenance

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VapCap DynaKit Maintenance Specifications

  • Brand: DynaVap

VapCap DynaKit Maintenance

Everything you need to keep the appearance and performance of your DynaVap VapCap in perfect condition is bundled in this handy DynaKit. A kit contains VapCap O-rings to replace the original ones, in case they get lost or worn down. It also contains beeswax and hemp oil made DynaWax, which you can use to lubricate the O-rings, and to polish the wooden parts of your vape. Buying a DynaKit turns out way cheaper than ordering all these products separately.  

VapCap DynaKit maintenance contains:

VapCap DynaKit Maintenance customer reviews

WK 2020-02-21

I got what I ordered but realized that since I have a Omni xl I need 7 high temp o-rings and the condenser o-rings in this pack is for everything BUT the Omni. Perhaps it would be a good idea to specify this in the product info as we stoners sometimes are not very good with details. So now Im short two o-rings :/

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VapCap DynaKit Maintenance Questions

  • Davor Sarac: 2019-12-15 15:28:37
    Are those parts compatible with the DynaVap M 2019?Thank you.
    Yes this kit is suitable to maintain your M 2019.
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