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G Pen Connect vaporizer Specifications

  • Brand: Grenco Science (G Pen)
  • Heating technique: Conduction
  • Warranty: 2 year
  • Portable / Desktop: Portable
  • Compatibility: Concentrates only
  • Delivery method: Direct draw
  • Heat-up time: 10-30 seconds
  • Adjustable temperature: Yes
  • Replaceable battery: Yes
  • Battery capacity: 850 mAh

G Pen Connect vaporizer

The G Pen Connect presents a new, clean and efficient take on vaping concentrates. This powerful but small unit is easy to assemble and use. All you need is a good water tool to let it rip. No need for torches and acrobatic operation of a rig, the Connect is extremely easy to handle without any spillage.

Out of the box the Connect can be attached to 14 mm joints (10 mm and 18 mm adapters are optional). The result will be an extremely cool and soft vapour which lets you enjoy the complexity and power of concentrates. With the carb button, you can release all the accumulated vapour in one go for a huge hit.

Ready to get the most out of concentrates? The G Pen Connect will colour your life with amazing cloud formations.

Only for use with concentrates


  •  Magnetic tank cap. Insert your concentrates and keep them in their place with the magnetic cap.
  • Ceramic heating element. Quick, clean heating of your material featuring reverse airflow.
  • 850 mAh battery. Powerful battery with three variable voltage settings.
  • Spring-loaded carb release. Effectively clear the chamber for an extra big hit.
  • Glass adapter. Connects to any water tool with a glass-to-glass connection

How to use

The G Pen Connect consists of four parts. Assembling them for use is easy and intuitive.

  1. Twist the tank onto the housing
  2. Twist the male glass adapter onto the bottom of the housing
  3. Insert the male glass adapter into the female joint of a water tool
  4. Remove the magnetic tank cap
  5. Load concentrate onto the ceramic plate and place the cap back
  6. Connect the battery magnetically to the housing
  7. Press the button on the battery 5 times to active
  8. Toggle between the settings by pushing the button 3 times
  9. Press button 2 times to initiate automatic heat activation, then hold the button for 10 seconds
  10. Press and hold the button for up to 15 seconds for manual heat activation
  11. Press the side button to increase the airflow that clears the vapour in the water tool

G Pen Connect variable voltage settings

The Connect has three settings which correspond to three different voltage levels:

Blue: 3.1 V (low)
Green: 3.6 V (medium)
Red: 4.1 V (high)

What’s in the box

1x G Pen Connect battery
1x G Pen Connect tank
1x G Pen Connect housing
1x G Pen Connect male glass adapter (14 mm)
1x G Pen Connect male glass adapter connector
1x Micro USB to USB charging cable
3x Replacement O-rings

VapoShop Verdict

At VapoShop we love concentrates. They are powerful and adventurous. But vaping concentrates can be tricky due to complex operation with high powered flame torches. If only you had three hands! The G Pen Connect offers an easier and cleaner solution for vaping concentrates by making the most of your favourite water tool. The unit has a reassuring heavy build and feels intuitive. Just a little practice and you can sit back and relax while enjoying some extremely tasty vapour.

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