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Arizer Extreme-Q desktop vaporizer description:

We offer the latest version of Arizer’s famous desktop vaporizer with a silicon whip and frosted glass mini whip kit.

The Arizer Extreme-Q 4.0 ("Quiet") comes with the following improvements:

  • Midnight Chrome’ finish
  • Cooler, more compact design
  • Now with a 3-year warranty
  • Clear view LCD Screen
  • ‘Fast heat’ ceramic heating
  • Precise temperature control, now with triple heat sensors
  • Redesigned with solid-state circuitry. 50% more energy efficient

Remote control - The world's first and only!

Use it for a day and it quickly becomes a ‘must have’ feature instead of a wow feature. Full control of your unit via remote: power on/off, lights on/off, 3-speed fan, 2 and 4-hour timer, beep on/off, temp up, temp down and 9 pre-set temperatures!


Wherever possible the strongest highest quality glass parts are used. Why? Glass is inert, toxin-free ensuring a smooth, tasty vapour, ensuring the best vaping experience.

Precision Temperature Control

Precision matters. The Extreme operates with incredible precision. The beautiful LCD display shows the actual temperature and preset temperature. Heat up time is less than 5 minutes.

Upright Cyclone Bowl

It’s the perfect size and it's made of glass! The bowl stands vertically allowing the air to be distributed evenly and efficiently releasing the full flavour and potency.

Ceramic Heater with a lifetime warranty

High quality ceramic is used so there is no concern of toxins or bad tastes as there can be from metal heaters.

Long whip

Ensures cool, smooth and tasty vapour. Made from real food/medical grade tubing.

Detachable Balloon System

Once you’ve experienced the balloon option on The Extreme you’ll never want to be without this option. The balloon can be detached from the unit giving you freedom of movement which is also convenient for groups.

Interchangeable Glass Mouthpieces!

No need to spread germs, especially during flu and cold season with extra mouthpieces, easily attached to the whip.


Auto shut off timer with 2 or 4-hour setting. No more wondering if you did turn it off.

Insulated Dual Wall, Stainless Steel Housing

Quality, classy stainless steel, insulated with safe non-toxic food safe insulation. The unit is cool to touch.


It's a steamer, vaporizer, potpourri warmer, essential Oils diffuser, and aromatherapy device. The Extreme Q is a dry herb vaporizer using convection heating. It is not intended to work with dab rigs.

LED Indicator Lights

Shows the status of your unit.

Digital LCD Display

The Control Panel of the system shows Set temperature and actual temperature, fan Speed, timer, displays Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Three Speed Fan

Experience the three-speed fan when using the whip, or blowing up a balloon and you’ll see it’s actually a ‘must have’ feature!

Cool Blue Lights

For pleasure and relaxing.

Swivel action glass

The whip rotates so it is much more convenient.


  • 1 remote control
  • 2 balloons
  • 1 mini whip for balloons
  • 1 three foot silicon whip
  • 2 extra interchangeable mouthpieces
  • potpourri dish
  • 2 cyclone bowls
  • 1 glass stirring tool
  • 1 power adapter
  • extra screens
  • instruction manual

Please note: This item has a European plug and works on 90-240V. The plug is not suitable for (among other countries) the UK, Ireland, USA and Canada. Users in these countries will need an adapter plug. For UK plug, please select the UK option.

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Arizer Extreme Q Questions

Ben heel tevreden met mijn vaporizer , maar ik hoorde dat ik de slang niet met alcohol mag schoonmaken. tips hoe dit wel te doen?

Klopt, alcohol kan te bijtend zijn waardoor het de slang aantast. We raden aan om water en reguliere zeep te gebruiken en goed te spoelen. Ook kan het helpen om wat grof zeezout toe te voegen, en dit, tezamen met water en de slang in een gripzak goed te schudden.

Bonjour, est ce que l'on peut l'utiliser avec un bang ? Les produits 7th floor ne sont pas dispo pour une question de non conformité avec les normes européennes, savez vous si c'est une question de temps ?

I hope you don't mind if we answer this in English? We don't currently sell accessories to use the Arizer with a glass piece.

Hi, how does the warranty works? Cause I've read multiple times that Arizer considered their warranty valid only if the product was bought "from authorized reseller" : are you one of those (they don't give a list on their website) or do you know som

Hello Ben, We are an authorized reseller of Arizer products. Should there with a problem with your Extreme-Q, then we will be glad to assist you in repairing or replacing the unit. For more information, see /info/our-service/. Feel free to contact us should you have any further questions.

Thanks for your nice answer :). If I may, I have another question : could you tell me, roughly, how does the material chamber in the extreme Q compares to the one in the Arizer Solo, capacity wise? Thanks again!

Hi Ben, The Extreme-Q has a significantly larger material chamber than the Solo, roughly 1,5 to 2 times the size. I hope this answers your question!

Hoi, Ik ga mijn eerste vaporizer aanschaffen. Twijfel tussen de Arizer Extreme Q en de Extreme-Q . Mijn vraag over de Arizer: waar is de slang van gemaakt? Ik heb gelezen dat het het beste is als ie van siliconen is (als ie van kunsstof is, zouden e

De slang van de Extreme-Q is gemaakt van (food-grade) PVC. Daar de slang niet in contact komt met het verwarmingselement, is deze volledig veilig voor gebruik. Het voordeel van siliconen is dat dit eenvoudig met alcohol schoongemaakt kan worden. Dat kan bij de PVC slang helaas niet. Zelf een slang erop zetten behoort tot de mogelijkheden, maar vooralsnog verkopen wij deze helaas niet in de juiste diameter.

Hi, have you the Arizer extreme q V5 ? or only v4 ? thks

We stock the latest Version 5 model.

Hi, is warranty for this model 1 or 3 years? Thank you in advance..

We offer a 2 year warranty, while there is a 3 year factory warranty on the product - effectively meaning Arizer will honour this last year of warranty.

Hallo, welche Version ist das jetzt? Aktuell wäre meine ich 5.0.Beste Grüße

Auch beim Extreme Q, wie bei allen anderen Vaporizern, haben wir die aktuellste in Europa erhältliche Version (in diesem Fall 2019) zum Verkauf.

Hi what exactly comes with it, do I need to buy more extras? Cheers

The Extreme Q will come with everything you will need to start vaping including the whip and the balloon, you can see the included accessories on this picture and they are listed under components: /images/resize/product_lightbox/arizer-extreme-q-home-vaporizer-set.jpg

Hallo,wie verwende ich das ätherische Öl in dem Arizer?? Also kann ich nicht nur Kräuter sondern auch Öle in den Arizer tun??Liebste Grüße,Mandy

Du kannst die ätherischen Öle in den Potpourri Dish tropfen, dort werden diese langsam erhitzt und breiten sich in der Raumluft aus.

Hallo,kann ich auch einen Wasserfilter anschließen?Liebste Grüße,Mandy

Nein für den Extreme Q gibt es keinen Bubbler / Wasserfilter.

hallo, ik zie nergens in de accessoires dat er extra plastic zakken kan bijbestellen (excuses als ik niet goed heb gekeken.)

Je kunt de extra ballonnen hier bestellen:

Bonjour, cette version possède-t-elle un adaptateur pour l'UE ?Cette version est-elle la dernière, celle de 2019 ?Je sais que vous avez déjà répondu à cette question, mais je voudrais être bien sur car vous êtes les seuls à le proposer à ce prix. :)

Tout à fait, le Arizer Extreme Q que nous proposons est bien le dernier modèle disponible, et il est livré avec une prise secteur EU.

zitten er bij dit pakket 1 of 2 "elbow adapters"?

Bij de Arizer Extreme Q zit 1 elbow adapter.

Bonjour à vous, j'aurais juste une petite question concernant le arizer extrême q, le pack seul suffit à lui même pour commencer à s'en servir, je n'aurais besoin d'aucun pièce supplémentaire pour le moment ? En vous remerciant d'avance de votre répo

Tout à fait, le vaporisateur se suffit à lui-même, il est directement livré avec tous les accessoires nécessaires à son utilisation.

net arizer extreme q bestelt kan ik hier ook olie in verdampen? greetz

Beste peke, de Arizer Extreme Q is niet geschikt voor het verdampen van olie. Dit zou het verwarmingslement kunnen beschadigen.

Hallo, was ist denn alles im Lieferumfang enthalten? Nur der „nackte“ Vaporizer oder auch alle anderen Dinge wie auf Bild 2 zu sehen?

Genau du erhältst natürlich ebenfalls dass Zubehör das du auf dem Bild oben siehst.

Bonjour, je souhaiterai me procurer l'embout pour Arizer extreme Q, celui qui permet de connecter le ballon car je l'ai cassé. Est-ce que vous l'avez ou est-ce que vous pouvez vous le procurer ?Merci d'avance,Pierre

Bonjour, oui nous vendons cet article séparément /accessoires_vaporisateur/vaporizer-parts/arizer_accessoires_mini_whip/

Hello, what is the lowest temperature you can set the vaporizer to?

The Extreme-Q heats from a temperature of 50 degrees Celcius and above.

Any chance I can purchase a replacement remote control for the Extreme Q?

Absolutely, find it here: /vaporizer_accessoires/vaporizer-parts/arizer_remote_control/

Ciao, volevo sapere se tornerà disponibile questo prodotto.

L' Arizer Extreme-Q è al momento disponibile. Per domande relative allo stock è possibile contattare il nostro supporto ai clienti.

Hello,when do you get Arizer Extreme Q?I want to buy one ! :)

Hi, the Arizer Extreme Q is back in stock and currently on sale! :)

salve, volevo sapere quali accessori ci sono all'interno della confezione dell'Arizer Extreme Q.esempio al suo interno trovo il telecomando, il tupo e il sacchetto e altro ancora?

All'interno della confezione oltre il Vaporizzatore troverà: un telecomando, due palloncini, un mini tubo flessibile, un tubo flessibile, due boccagli supplementari, un piatto potpourri, due bracieri ciclone, un' adattatore di alimentazione, un attrezzo in vetro per mescolare, reti di scorta e le istruzioni per l'uso.

Um welche Version handelt es sich hier 5.0 Oder 4.0?

Alle vaporizer die wir anbieten sind immer in der neusten Version, ausser dies ist im Namen (!!) des Artikels (mit einer Jahreszahl) vermerkt.

Bonjour es la version v6.0?

Bonjour! Les vaporisateurs de notre magasin sont toujours la dernière version (sauf indication contraire explicite).

Spero mi rispondiate prima possibile aizere extreme Q vaporizzatore da 129€ è compreso di tutto o bisogna comprare altro? Appena rispondete compro vi aspetto. I would like to by aizer extreme Q but i like to know if the vaporizer it s ready to use or

La confezione dellÁrzer Extreme-Q fornisce un vaporizzatore pronto all'uso.Nella confezione è incluso:1 telecomando, 2 palloncini, 1 mini tubo flessibile,1 tubo flessibile da un metro, 2 boccagli supplementari intercambiabili, piatto potpourri 2 bracieri ciclone, 1 adattatore di alimentazione, 1 attrezzo in vetro per mescolare, retine di scorta. È comunque consigliato acquistare in prevenzione alcuni accessori come palloncini e retine di scorta.

Bonjour ..! Existe t' il des batteries externes pour les 2 Vapo de Salon Arizer , le Extrem-Q et le V-Tower SVP .?? Et si oui , où peut on se procurer 1 des ces batterie externe ..? Merci pour vos réponse & bonne journée .!

Non il n'existe pas de batteries externes pour ces deux modèles. Ces vapos ont besoin d'être branchés à une source de 220v pour être fonctionnels.

Is it possible to buy a replacement glass tough bowl? The one with the silicone padding around it. I accidentally broke mine.

Hi Alex, yes that is possible. You can find it here: /vaporizer_accessoires/vaporizer-parts/arizer_tuff_bowl/

Bonjour,- Est ce la dernière version du Arizer Extreme Q ?

Oui, c'est la dernière edition!

Where can I buy replacement bags for this vaporizer?

You can find a balloon kit with two mouthpieces and four balloons here: /vaporizer_accessoires/vaporizer-parts/arizer-extreme-q-balloon-kit/ and a pack of just six replacement balloons here: /vaporizer_accessoires/vaporizer-parts/arizer-extreme-q-balloon-kit/

Moet de oplader apart worden aangeschaft?

Nee, de oplader komt er standaard bij. Wel is het mogelijk om er een los te kopen, mocht de eerste aan vervanging toe zijn.

Heating technique: Convection
Portable / Desktop: Desktop
Compatibility: Herbs (flowers)
Heat-up time: 1-3 minutes
Adjustable temperature: Yes
Brand: Arizer
Automatic switch-off: Yes
Balloons only: Yes, 2 balloons
Delivery method: Dual-use
Temperature range: 50°C - 260°C