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V-Tower desktop vaporizer description.

The new V-Tower vaporizer is back by popular demand. Manufactured by Arizer (the makers of the Extreme), the V-Tower is an excellent quality, whip based dry herb Vaporizer at an affordable price, with a variety of impressive features that allow for multi-purpose usage.

Wherever possible the strongest highest

V-Tower desktop vaporizer description.

The new V-Tower vaporizer is back by popular demand. Manufactured by Arizer (the makers of the Extreme), the V-Tower is an excellent quality, whip based dry herb Vaporizer at an affordable price, with a variety of impressive features that allow for multi-purpose usage.

Wherever possible the strongest highest quality glass parts are used. Why? Glass is inert, easy to clean and toxin-free ensuring a smooth, tasty high quality vapour.

Precision matters. The V-Tower operates with precise digital temperature controls. Clean and clear LCD display shows the precise temperature and preset temperature options.

The V-Tower is equipped with a perfect size glass cyclone bowl. The bowl stands vertically allowing the air to be distributed evenly and efficiently releasing the full flavor and potency.

The heater is made out of ceramic and has a lifetime warranty. Ceramic heating element is used so there is no concern of toxins or bad tastes as there can be from metal heaters.

The long whip ensures cool, smooth and tasty vapor. Made from real food/medical grade tubing, so no health risks or rubber taste!

Auto shut off timer with 2 or 4 hour setting. No more wondering if you switched it off or not.

High quality, classy stainless steel, insulated with safe non toxic material. As a result, the unit is cool to touch. The Arizer V-Tower is a multi purpose device: use it as a Steamer, Vaporizer, Potpourri Warmer, Essential Oils Diffuser, and Aromatherapy Device.

The LED indicator lights show the status of your unit.

The LCD control panel of the system shows Set Temp and Actual Temp, the timer, and displays Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Complete set Includes:

  • heating unit
  • hpotpourri Dish/ Aromatherapy dish
  • hcyclone bowl
  • h1 package replacement stainless steel filter screens
  • h1 glass Stirring Tool
  • hwhip/hose with glass end and adaptor
  • howners manual

Please note: This item has a European plug and works on 90-240V. The plug is not suitable for (among other countries) the UK, Ireland, USA and Canada. Users in these countries will need an adapter plug.

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Arizer V-Tower Questions

saludos gente de vaposhop,e realizado una compra de un arizer v tower y varios recambios ,creo que e realizado una muy buena compra por lo bien que hbla todo el mundo de este vapo de sobremesa,tengo algunas preguntas. ¿cuanta garantia tiene el produ

Hola Adrian, Encantados de oír que estás satisfecho con tu V-Tower! Nosotros ofrecemos 2 anos de garantía por este vaporizador - que no viene con instrucciones en español (y tampoco necesita muchas instrucciones, porque es tan simples) pero las puedes encontrar fácilmente online! Saludos,

Kunnen met deze vaporizer ook ballonnen gevuld worden ?

Beste Wil, De V-Tower kan alleen met een slang gebruikt worden (directe inhalatie). De Extreme-Q (ook van Arizer) beschikt wel over een ballonfunctie. Hopelijk beantwoordt dit je vraag voldoende!

Aus welchem Material genau besteht der Schlauch beim Arizer V-Tower?

Der Schlauch des V-Tower Vaporizers ist aus lebensmittelechtem PVC hergestellt.

Ik ben op zoek naar volgende onderdeel. Kan deze wel bij arizer in canada bestellen maar dan komt er 45 dollar verzendkosten bij...Hebben jullie deze los?

Bedoel je deze?

Hi! Just ordered the Arizer V-Tower. Do I need a grinder for the herbs?

A Grinder might be helpful as it crushes your Material to maximize the available surface area of your Herbs for the best possible extraction, we recommend using one but you can also grind the Herbs with your Hands of course.

Heeft u ook een Nederlandse handleiding voor de The V- Tower .Met vriendelijke groet, Susanna van Vuren.

Beste Susanna, er is bij dit product helaas geen Nederlandse handleiding beschikbaar.

Het glaasje wat om het warmte element zit is stuk kan ik een nieuwe bestellen en wat kost dat? zou jammer zijn om weg tedoen bevalt erg goedMVG HANS VAN WIJK

Ja zeker. Je kan de prijs en het product hier vinden: /vaporizer-accessoires/vaporizer-onderdelen/arizer-glass-heater-cover-assemblies/

Ist das Netzgerät zum Betrieb im Preis enthalten?

Ja, das Netzgerät ist im Lieferumfang enthalten.

Customer evaluation for "Arizer V-Tower"

TERRIBLE vaporizer! It puts out mostly hot air -- very little vapor. It also gave me serious vapor burns when I turned it up to 400 degrees to increase vapor output. Very disappointing product from company who makes the excellent Solo portable...

After thinking for a long time my and my boyfriend decided to buy this vapo. Also because a friend has the same and he said it's really good. And it has been a good buy!
Vapo looks really quality made, with quality materials. It is easy to assemble, you just need to be especially careful when taking it to pieces, because a lot of pieces are made of glass and can break (happened with the glass elbow adapter - ADVICE: when putting it in the tube, don't push it too deep, so you won't have difficulty putting it out next time as you can break the elbow). Also clean it regularly, because it you wait too long it becomes so dirty it's more difficult to clean. Otherwise cleaning is easy, especially using alcohol for elbow adapter and cleaning brushes for dome screen (I use Vapir cleaning brushes).
Vapo warms up really fast, literally two minutes, and also cools down, so regulating temperature is very easy.
Vapor from Arizer is cold, I almost don't feel it, but effect is of course as it has to be :) First I needed some time to get used to it, but like instruction says, you have to experiment to find out what works best. It's really good to use different herbs and mixtures.
Arizer with its accuracy is like a gate to the new world of playing with so many effects nature can offer :)

This is the first vaporizer I ever bought after some pretty deep research on which one to get. I have had this one now for almost a year and works perfectly.

The only complain I have about is that the elbow adapter is quite fragile and can easily break, so you got be careful when handling.

I would say generally is a great machine, works very well and you save alot of money on week having it.

I use the V-Tower for a month now. It produces accurate vapor. I think it comes more close to the Volcano then others in terms of quality.Dont put too much herb in the bowl. Its not necessary.

I vaporize the herb around 190-220 degrees Celsius. I also vaporize tobacco in it, always at 200 degrees celsius. The V-Tower is very silent. Before this I had another vaporizer from Vapir that has balloons but this vape makes too much noise and it seemed it was vaporizing hotter than the screen indicated. With the V-tower, I finally vaporize without the irritation of my throat. Tip: buy parts! Delicious vapor because of the use of glass instead of plastic and metal, but glass can break.

I purchased the Glass Tuff Bowl that has a shield around it so it cant break.

Happy vaping!

My first vapo and i like it very much. i decided to go with an electric one because i didn't want to bother with fire lighter and overheating parts. and this one does a perfect job, easy to use and quick to heat. i use a longer whip so it can remain still on the table while i'm in the couch enjoying my aromatherapy :)

i'm writting this v-tower review because i had to come back here to order a new bowl so yeah like others said invest directly into it because it's the part which is the more likely to break.

This is a good vapo, in my opinion.
If you come here to buy your first vap, consider and think about what you want. This vapo is with a whip which means you can't take super hard hits.(or it will clog) And you need to be carefull. I've had it for almost a year until the head broke off. I have to admit i hammered it because it took to hard hits so it got clogged, then it broke off... so to be sure order some spare parts!

What should I say the product is unique. This is the fourth of my vaporizer and this is the best!

Nice vapor, works as it should. Quick heat up time. But I don't have anything to compare with. Don't forget to buy spare parts. My glass bowl broke after a couple of months. That's my only complaint. I'm very pleased with the product.

Beautiful! Very simple to use it, light, non fragile, silent. And it is working really good! I am an old school "heavy" smoker, smoking the last 17 years in a daily and i was always believing that is not gonna work for me. I was totally wrong! The effects are stronger and really powerful, real clear effects.

I bought one of these almost a year ago and I must say Im really impressed. Its easy to use and a very clean delivery.

I bought this vape 3 weeks ago and I'm really pleased with it so far. The vape is a different bang then smoking but no less enjoyable.

Extraordinary!!!! ;-) bought one 4month ago still working perfectly!

Superb product. It heats up to 200 degrees celsius in 70 seconds. It's easy to clean and easy to use. Absolutely no drawbacks.

bought this one 6 months ago and I love it!


I tried this Vaporizer at a friends house and I can say with all honesty, his is the TOP Price vs Quality Vapo I have seen and used !

I am ordering this one !

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Heating technique: Convection
Portable / Desktop: Desktop
Compatibility: Herbs (flowers)
Delivery method: Direct draw
Heat-up time: 1-3 minutes
Adjustable temperature: Yes
Brand: Arizer
Automatic switch-off: Yes
Warranty: 2 years