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Herborizer Bubbler Ti + Enail

14307 Herborizer

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If you consider yourself a true connoisseur and are looking for a beautiful and highly efficient home vaporizer, look no further! The Herborizer Ti is the elegant solution to extract the purest of (convection) vapour from your material. The innovative design of the heater system design allows for easy switching between vaporizing herb or concentrate.

Highly efficient

The Herborizer Ti is one of the most efficient convection vapes we’ve ever used, allowing for almost instant clouds of vapour (once heated up) - even with smaller amounts of herb (0.3 gram). This means that within just a few inhalations you are able to fully extract all the active components from your material.

High-grade materials, smooth vapour

The Herborizer vaporizers are made of sturdy, handblown glass (made in France) and a waterproof grade 2 titanium heater. These high-quality materials, a water filtration system (simply fill the bottom of the bubbler with a small amount of water), as well as superb convection heating, allow for the smoothest flavour possible.

Variable temperature

The temperature of the Herborizer Ti heater can be adjusted using the external temperature dial. When used as herb convection vaporizer, the temperature ranges between 90° and 300°C*. When using the enail for concentrates, the nail itself (on which the concentrate is applied) reaches temperatures between 170°C to 500°C.

*Please note: We feel it is important to note that with the wide temperature range of the heater, combustion may occur at certain temperature settings. When vaporizing herbs, we recommend not exceeding temperature setting 5 or 6. Higher temperatures are suited for use with concentrates (adjust enail accordingly first!).

How to use

To best see how to use the Herborizer Ti, please refer to the Herborizer Ti video (coming soon).

What’s in the box

  • Herborizer Ti Bubbler (glass body)
  • bowl Ti 18.8mm
  • 5 screens
  • Heat injector
  • 4 o-rings viton
  • Enail
  • Titanium dabber
  • Temperature controller
  • Carry case (for heater only)
  • Power supply and power cord (EU plug)

The Herborizer Ti Vaporizer comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty. The warranty does not apply to damage to the glass parts caused by user error.

Unfortunately, at the request of the provider, this product cannot be paid with PayPal.


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Herborizer Bubbler Ti + Enail Questions

In the feeder of the Herborizer Bubbler Ti + Enail, I read that it has a switch but in the image where all the various components are displayed highlighting the skein of the wire you do not notice the switch.thank you very much.

The switch is part of the temperature dimmer.

Good morning guys from VAPO SHOP I would like to know if there is any difference in size but, more precisely in the height between the Herborizer Bubbler Ti + Enail and the Herborizer Bubbler XL.But what I would like to know is the size of the BODY O

I see what idea you got in mind but we do not sell the XL Bubbler and all Herborizers are sold as sets so a exchange like this is unfortunately not possible.

Brand: Herborizer
Heating technique: Convection
Portable / Desktop: Desktop
Delivery method: Direct draw
Heat-up time: 1-3 minutes
Adjustable temperature: Yes
Compatibility: Herbs and oils