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Haze Square Pro Specifications

  • Brand: Haze Technologies
  • Heating technique: Full convection
  • Pass-through charging: Yes
  • Portable / Desktop: Portable
  • Compatibility: Herbs and oils
  • Delivery method: Direct draw
  • Heat-up time: 0-10 seconds
  • Adjustable temperature: Yes
  • Temperature range: 170 - 210
  • Replaceable battery: Yes
  • Battery capacity: 2600 mAh

Haze Square Pro

The Haze Square Pro is a unique square convection vaporizer which can be used with herbs, concentrates and liquids. A real all-round vaporizer! A unique tray holds four material pods. That way one can switch from material by a simple rotation without having to open the vaporizer.

Haze Square Pro features

Tray system. The tray system allows for prepacking of different materials. Once the tray is installed the pods can be accessed by rotation. The tray consists of removable parts that can be easily cleaned.

Easily adjustable temperatures. Temperature range of 170°C - 210°C

Smart Temperature Technology. The Smart Temperature Technology lets the Square remember your last preset.

On-demand vapor. The convection system produces constant and immediate draws.

Fast charging. The USB-C input allows for quick charging and programming. 

Customise your experience. Save temperature presets and change the LED colour, vibration feedback or dig into your session history with the Haze Square App.

Material compatibility and directions

Dry herb - fill the Material Pod with finely ground herbs to the top of the pod and tamp the material down into place. The material should be pressed firmly into the pod so that there are no loose or floating materials. You may experiment with grind consistency and fill levels to meet your preference.

The silicone lid is not required for dry material but can be used for travelling/storage. Stainless steel concentrate pads should not be used with dried herb.

Concentrates - remove the silicone lid from the material pod and place one or several dabs of concentrate directly onto a stainless steel concentrate pad. Secure the silicone lid back to the material pod.

Liquids - remove the silicone lid from the material pod and place 6-8 drops of liquid onto the concentrate pad. DO NOT OVERFILL! The pad should be damp with liquid but not soaked and certainly not swimming. Secure silicone lid back onto the material pod. You can also use e-juice, 2-5 drops should be enough in this case.

How to use the Haze Square?

  1. Fully charge Haze Square Pro before first use
  2. Open the lid on the Haze Square Pro for access to the Material Pods
  3. Remove tray from the lid
  4. Material Pods can be filled inside or outside of the tray
  5. Fill Material Pod with dry concentrate or liquid
  6. Place Material Pods back into tray if removed
  7. Secure tray back to the inside of the lid
  8. Place lid on the Square and turn lid lock back to the vertical
  9. Remove Mouthpiece from the bottom corner of Square and insert into air path at top of the device next to temperature adjusting buttons
  10. To power on the Haze Square Pro, triple tap Start Button
  11. To select a temperature, press the + or – buttons located next to the mouthpiece air path

What’s in the box?

1x Haze Square Pro
4 x Material Pods
2 x Stainless Steel Concentrate Pads
2 x Silicone Lids
1 x Mouthpiece
1 x Wall Charger
1 x USB-C Charge Cord
1 x Cleaning Tool
1 x Material Tool
1 x User Guide

Haze Square Pro customer reviews

  • 4 chambers (2)
  • Internal battery (3)
Void Nullname 2018-04-30
  • 4 chambers
  • Internal battery

I love the concept, but the lag of exchangeable standard battery is a deal breaker for me.

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Haze Square Pro Questions

  • Raoul: 2019-08-01 11:22:38
    Hi, the wall charger is EU or US?
    The wall charger is US and you will receive a additional EU-Adapter from us.
  • Jason: 2019-02-24 18:29:26
    Can I order that haze square pro to South Korea?
    No, you can check all possible destinations here in the small drop-down menu on the right side: /info/shipping/
  • Matty: 2018-09-20 22:35:31
    Why I can't see and choose my pre-sets history? And always when I connect the square, reset itself to 350F for all settings?
    If you are using the Haze Square App you should be able to save and choose from the temperature presets. Did you download the most recent firmware-update from Haze Technologies? Sadly as we are not the Publisher of the App nor in anyway connected to it, we can not give proper troubleshooting regarding problems with the App, it is best to contact Haze Technologies directly. You can find more info about the App here: /faq-general/sq-app/ and about the firmware here: /faq-general/sq-app/
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