Arizer V-Tower reviews

HiHat 2017-06-23

TERRIBLE vaporizer! It puts out mostly hot air -- very little vapor. It also gave me serious vapor burns when I turned it up to 400 degrees to increase vapor output. Very disappointing product from company who makes the excellent Solo portable...

Tina 2014-11-26

After thinking for a long time my and my boyfriend decided to buy this vapo. Also because a friend has the same and he said it's really good. And it has been a good buy! Vapo looks really quality made, with quality materials. It is easy to assemble, you just need to be especially careful when taking it to pieces, because a lot of pieces are made of glass and can break (happened with the glass elbow adapter - ADVICE: when putting it in the tube, don't push it too deep, so you won't have difficulty putting it out next time as you can break the elbow). Also clean it regularly, because it you wait too long it becomes so dirty it's more difficult to clean. Otherwise cleaning is easy, especially using alcohol for elbow adapter and cleaning brushes for dome screen (I use Vapir cleaning brushes). Vapo warms up really fast, literally two minutes, and also cools down, so regulating temperature is very easy. Vapor from Arizer is cold, I almost don't feel it, but effect is of course as it has to be :) First I needed some time to get used to it, but like instruction says, you have to experiment to find out what works best. It's really good to use different herbs and mixtures. Arizer with its accuracy is like a gate to the new world of playing with so many effects nature can offer :)

Ed 2014-09-08

This is the first vaporizer I ever bought after some pretty deep research on which one to get. I have had this one now for almost a year and works perfectly. The only complain I have about is that the elbow adapter is quite fragile and can easily break, so you got be careful when handling. I would say generally is a great machine, works very well and you save alot of money on week having it.

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