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Marios 2018-11-17

I bought the Herbalaire H3 a little while ago. I already own a few vaporizers (all bought from vaposhop). I wanted something with bags but not as expensive as the volcano. So I bought the Herbailaire and I must say that I m very happy with it. It works nice. It is a strong little machine. Very good build and nice quality. The vapor tastes very good (I compared it to the taste of much more expensive units and have to say that it really doesn t have anything to feel jealous of) and you can put whole buds inside it. All in all it is a very good unit for it s price (I bought it on sale for just 129 Euros). Also a big thanks to vaposhop for the great job. Everytime I order something, it arrives very fast and without any problems. I can reccomend the Herbalaire H3 to everybody, beginners and people with more experience. Excellent little device :)

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