Vapir Oxygen

With this portable digital vaporizer you can enjoy the benefits of vaporizing wherever you go.

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Vapir Oxygen

With this portable digital vaporizer you can enjoy the benefits of vaporizing wherever you go.

The Vapir Oxygen heats up herbs at a specified temperature, without making the herb go up in smoke. This way no unhealthy combustion products are released and one can enjoy the full flavour and pure effects of the product that's vaporized.

The Vapir Oxygen Mini 4.0 can be used with a (included) power adapter, or with a (separately available) rechargeable battery.

Set the temperature at 340 degrees Fahrenheit / 172 degrees Celcius (or as desired), and press the Heat button to activate heat. The LED will turn green when the set temperature has been reached. Remove the mouthpiece and insert 1/4 grams of your favourite pre-ground herb using the included long spoon. Attach the mouthpiece again and start exhaling two to four times into the vaporizer. This way warm air will start flowing through the herbs, beginning the vaporization process. Inhale the vapor, and enjoy!

Please note: This item has a European plug and works on 90-240V. The plug is not suitable for (among other countries) the UK, Ireland, USA and Canada. Users in these countries will need an adapter plug.

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  • Not a great unit:

    I love Vapir as a company, but this thing has a critical design flaw that makes it useless. Pros: Heats up very quickly Even, accurate temperature w/ full control Ok chamber size Very efficient heating element for a handheld Seems sturdy enough Cons: The draw / air intake is so tight that you can't even draw a half lungs worth of vapor from it before passing out from lack of oxygen. I mean seriously, 60 seconds of straight inhaling may (and I do mean MAY) be a quarter lungs worth of vapor. I've tried every way from slow, even draws to attempting to suck my teeth through my stomach on this thing and can never get anything more then a tiny whisp of vapor out of it. And by the way I'm very experienced with vaporizers, I've owned everything from the vapir one, magic flight box, vapor genie, box-style, ecig pen-style, standard glass bulb and WulfVape / Gpen style ones. So just keep that in mind if you think "Maybe he didn't know about how vapor works...". I do, and I'm just doing my best to help you not waste your money. Vapir, if you ever read this. Bad job guys, very bad job. You need to throw these in a landfill.

  • papa:

    I have the v.4 and I think its no good. It tastes bad cos the plastic flavour doesn't go away. Everywhere I look for advice says to burn it of for 30 minutes, well I've been burning it off for 3 days and it still tastes like plastic because its made out of plastic and when it gets too hot it lets off chemical like smell and dominating taste. Very disappointed that its so badly designed and thought about. And this is their fourth attempt!

  • Vincèn:

    Fast and well packed delivery ;) Ordered thursday evening, received tuesday morning in France !

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