Volcano vaporizer Classic reviews

kotte 2018-05-19

Volcano is not only a great vape. It's also really fun to use.

kotte 2018-05-15

When I buy something expensive, I'm always a bit worried. I don't know if I'd pay the same price after having the experience using it. For Volcano the answer is YES.

cannagibbon 2017-03-08

After trying the Verdamper and the Volcano, I decided to buy the Volcano because it's way harder to break and is a better session vape as you can pass the balloon(s) around easier. It fits quite an amount of weed (.3-.5g) but thanks to it being a convection vape you can pause between your balloons as long as you need without wasting any cannabinoids. I've put stickers on the temperature dial with the according temperatures, so now it reminds me a lot of an oven - set the temperature, if the lamp goes out it has reached its temperature. The classic version feels a little sturdier than the digital so I hope it will last me many years, so it basically pays for itself fairly quick. It's very low maintenance and simple to clean.

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