Linx Hypnos Zero customer reviews

Maurice 2017-04-18

So I've been using this one for a week now and I want to give some feedback. This is my first vape pen and when I tried it out for the first time, I was simply mind-blown. First, the pen is incredibly small. The total length is unter 10cm I think and it's about as thick as an AA battery. It is super light-weight and easy-to-use. The akku capacity is enough to go through the day without recharging and the taste is very good. But there's two downsides: First, the price: well the vape pen itself isn't that expensive. But the ceramic atomizer is. 30 bucks for a new atomizer. I mean, the device feels premium, so has to be the prize? I hope the atomizer lasts long on this one. Second, this one needs a carrying bag. It is so tiny and light-weight, why wouldn't you carry it around? Right, but I got no carrying bag. Anyway, I made a cap from paper to put on the mouth piece to prevent dirt from finding it's way in the vape pen while it is hanging aroung in my bag. Also a tool to fill the vape pen should have been included for that prize. So to sum it up, I think this is a good vape pen but the prize is a little (or very in the case of the atomizer) high, especially given that ohne a small charger and a second mouth piece come with the pen. In my opinion, carrying bag/cap and tools should be included.

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