VapCap OmniVap (DynaVap) customer reviews

Bill 2019-06-13

This is my review after a year of use wit the OmniVap XL. This thing is amazing. Packs a huge punch. Composed of only six parts that can be taken apart completely in seconds meaning simple and fast cleaning. This thing is built to last, you can tell. There's nothing here that will wear out as the functionality of the vape is purely mechanical. Anyway the OmniVap version is worth the extra bucks if you're extra hardcore. Otherwise the basic M model works just as well.

Razvan 2018-12-31

Very good product. Greatly satisfied with it. A little bit expensive but definitely worth it.

KR111 2018-08-18

Excellent vaporizer. My vaporgenie can rest in peace, i'm using this all the time, super stealthy. Love it

Rasa 2018-05-01

This is a really great vaporizer. I've never owned one, but since I'm not a smoker, the smoke from herb would hurt my throat. So I was looking for a healthier solution. I didn't want to depend on charges, electronics, etc., hence after an extensive research, I settled on OmniVap XL. I'm glad I did, as it produces a wonderful taste and satisfying clouds. It's also super easy to use; just make sure you get either a 2-flame or a 3-flame torch lighter. In addition, the item arrived in 2-days time! Great experience with VapoShop, and a wonderful experience using the OmniVap XL.

Mia 2017-11-29

This is the second vaporiser I buy and it's fantastic. If you are an experienced vaper, you'll love this old-school device, which delivers big, tasty and smooth clouds. It's easy to clean, pleasant to see, and incredibly light and stealthy. It's also a long-lasting vaporiser. No batteries, no worries. Fantastic for cloud-chasers, and fantastic for micro-dosers. The extra length of the XL is worth it!

Olli 2017-06-04

When the device arrived and I unpacked the package I was a little disappointed at first. Don't be, there is no reason. The vaporizer came almost without packaging. It also is very small, smaller then I would have guessed at least. There was no manual, just one small plastic tube for carrying the OmniVap. Before first usage you should clean the vaporizer, since there could be some leftovers from the production process. And you really don't want to inhale those. I frist tried out the peppermint herbs that were sent as gift from the shop (big thanks here!). I applied too much heat and so they became quite dark and tasted roasted. I got more disappointed. At this point I strongly suggest you watch some videos on youtube before using this vaporizer. There is an official dynavap youtube channel. Have a look here: After watching some of the videos I tried vaporizing again. This time I made sure to apply the heat more to the front of the OmniVap, because the peppermint has a lower vaporization temperature then other herbs. Once it clicked I removed the torch lighter from the tip. This time it worked outstandingly well. I tried a few other herbs afterwards an I am very happy with the OmniVap. It's quite expensive, so for it to work is what you'd expect of it. Also the vaporizing experience comes quite close to just smoking a cigarette, due its portability and vapor quality I'd rate the OmniVap five stars. Well done!

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