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Like every year around Autumn, DynaVap just released three sleek coloured editions of their iconic VapCap "M". The fifth iteration of their flagship device is now available in AzuriuM and RosiuM, as well as in a brand new green colourway: VerdiuM.

DynaVap VapCap M 2021 Colours

RosiuM - The RosiuM is a dazzling pink version of the VapCap M 2021. When you slightly overheat the vaporizer subtle gradients in the tip and stem will appear.
AzuriuM - The blue AzuriuM is the most delicate of the three colours but also hides an astonishing assortment of colour gradients when you overheat the vaporizer. (warning: don't overheat the cap but only the body of the vaporizer)
VerdiuM - The brand new 2021 colour! For the first time, the VapCap ""M"" comes draped in a stylish green featuring a range of hues, including yellows and blues.

It’s that time of the year! Every year around April, DynaVap releases new VapCaps. This year, no less than 3 new VapCaps are joining the growing DynaVap collection, including the VapCap M 2021, a new and improved version of the already iconic VapCap M 2020. With this new iteration of their ”M”odular vaporizer, DynaVap attempted to combine the best features of the 2019 and 2020 versions. At VapoShop, we're convinced they managed to achieve this..

VapCap M 2021 new features

Before getting into the subject, let’s have a quick look at last year’s great improvement: the Captive Cap. The original Cap has been updated with a new functional geometry, adding even more utility to it. The new design helps keep the Cap in place while also allowing for a more even distribution of the airflow as well as an improved tactile indication of both the heat up and cool down clicks.

Without further ado, let's discover the new features brought by this new version.

  • Septa serrated fully faceted extraction chamber. The new crown-shaped ridged tip is usable as an integrated grinder and facilitates loading.
  • The seven notches on the tip also make for more homogeneous air and heat distribution.
  • Intuitive tactile navigation geometry. The stem is enhanced with a new grip for better handling, making it easier to find the airport or spin the VapCap while heating.
  • Next generation chiral airports. The chiral airports have been redesigned for easier tactile navigation. It’s now even easier to find it while spinning the VapCap in your fingers.
  • Pro"M"inent compound angled rocker. Another upgrade offering better tactile navigation. Opposite the airport, the rocker is now more prominent to facilitate quick and easy hand movement when modulating the airports.

VapCap M 2021 characteristics

  • Midsection: Stainless Steel - Hourglass Profile Grip
  • Condenser: Standard M Condenser
  • Mouthpiece: Stainless Steel - 10mm Tapered
  • Cap: Captive Cap
  • Extraction chamber: Adjust-A-Bowl - 2 different levels of material capacity
  • Total Length: 92 mm
  • Weight: 19.5 g

How to use the VapCap M 2021

The VapCap M is very easy to use:

  1. Simply remove the small metal cap and load the VapCap with ground material
  2. Close the cap again
  3. Apply heat to the side of the cap, while rotating, until you feel or hear the click
  4. When it clicks, it’s ready for use
  5. Inhale and enjoy!
  6. When the VapCap has cooled, it will click again

The VapCap M 2021 can be used with resins. Make sure to remove the residue after each vaping session.

For a flameless VapCap experience you can heat the M 2021 with the DynaTec Induction Heater.

What’s in the box

  • VapCap M 2021
  • Captive Cap




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