Firefly 2 vaporizer customer reviews

Greg 2016-09-09

I wish I had a better report. The Firefly 2 was of interest to me because of the healthy materials that it is made of. The only others in that class are the Arizer products, and the MFLB. The Firefly 2 is weak. You have to use it on high, to get medium output. You need to open your app on your phone in order for the unit to work at peak strength. When you do have the app, make sure get the firmware update, so that it will fix the bugs the unit is shipped with. In order to make my Firefly 2 work, you have to (be exact) leave room in the oven, wait until the orange ring turns bright, then draw 15 seconds, hold in for 15 and you will have vapor, mostly from your breathe. The battery doesn't last an entire session, at times. You have to stir it well, every 5 draws (annoying). The battery gets very hot to the point that you have to put it down. For all the bother its hard to believe I waited for this vape and spent a lot of money on it. I started using my Arizer Air/Solo. Load and put at desired temp, and it keeps going. The battery will last a very long time (1 Hour, and pass through charging on the Air, as well as replaceable battery.) The Air/Solo, MFLB, are much cheaper and do a better job and are effortless/more enjoyable. Buyer Beware. I wish I had a better report.

VapMahnn 2016-08-30

One of the best vaporizers I ever try, specially in terms of vapor taste, in the quality line of Storz&Bickel products. I was several days in Amsterdam and I did not miss my Volcano and other vaps that I have at home! Warning: this vaporizer (majority of that) needs specific technique for the best experience, there is several videos in internet (I recomend the vapecritic video where he explains all about) to see his way of work and how to use and how to prepare it!(really really important, do not put tight the material!!) Do not despair if the first time you use firefly2 you do not get incredible results, look that videos, and after a little practise you will get the best vapour taste, I assure to you.

Vape Doc 2016-08-26

I give the Firefly 2 a 9.8 (Glass and Scientific grade metal). I got it last Friday. I have used it everyday. It is a great vape. The metal and glass build, the glass window, the flavor, very powerful, the dock, easy to clean and when cleaned its like brand new every time, no filters to clean or replace, it comes with 2 batteries a cleaning kit, the unboxing is top rate, the warranty is great, the app is a very good feature, the size is very good, excellent portability and the convection oven and dynamic heating is like no other vaporizer very stealth. The batteries do have to be changed sometimes in midst of a long session. This would be a major negative but the Firefly 2 does come with 2 batteries. It can be awkward to hold when touching both sense buttons. This would also be a major negative, but it can be changed via the app, and its not that difficult of a hurdle to get used to. The downside to the app is it needs to be reconnected each time, or it will be set to factory settings. I find this annoying because I need to keep my phone close. I am retiring some great vapes in favor of the Firefly 2, My Magic Flight (9.6), My Arizer Air (9.6), and My Arizer Solo. I will still use my Arizer Extreme Q Desktop unit, but not as much the Firefly 2 is an extremely powerful device. I would also like to warn you to take it slow while getting used to your Firefly 2, it is a very powerful vaporizer. I have learned via the vapes I have purchased that, although the plastics get top tier reviews fo vapes like the Volcano, Plenty, Mighty, Crafty, Pax, and others made with plastic. I have learned that there is a major taste difference, and the taste from these plastic vapes, is coming from the plastic and rubber washers. This is something that has been ignored by Bud and many other critics. I would like to say I am on a crusade to make my fellow Vapers aware the plastic vapes are marketed extremely well, the initial results are great, but the long term results go south pretty quickly. The Firefly for the most part will take the place of my Solo (Metal and Glass), Air (Metal and Glass), Magic Flight (Wood, Metal Acrylic) and my desktop The Arizer Extreme Q (Glass and Glass!) desktop unit. Please stay away from the highly rated and marketed vapes made of plastic and rubber, its toxic. The performance might be super duper but plastic and rubber when heated and inhaled into your lungs cant be a good thing. Glass and Metal is pure vaping. --- Doctor Vape

Rachid 2016-08-12

Got my preorder in. This thing is amazing, really enjoying it. Great taste and efficient. Will be my daily driver for a while.

cannamelier 2016-08-05

What a bundle of improvements, I loved the original Firefly but that battery life was a real downer. This one has solved that annoyance and then just kept going. Great vapor, great taste, lasts long enough and also comes with a spare battery and concentrate pads. Ive been hitting the rosin more with this lately as it hits so well!!

girlwhovapes 2016-07-25

As a girl who vapes, the Firefly2 is without a doubt the VERY BEST vaporizer I have ever used. The vapor is cool when it comes out, and both flowers and dabs taste SO GOOD!!! :D You will be so very happy with the amazing piece of vapor tech!

Charles 2016-07-25

Firefly has captured lightening in a bottle. Truly, this product is a masterpiece. It is hands down the most simple, elegant, and efficient way to enjoy the world's best plants. Firefly is my religion and I'm a true believer!

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