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The AURA vaporizer is a compact pen vape from vaporizer powerhouse Flowermate (Smiss), who managed to build a name with the V5.0 and Pro series. The Flowermate AURA is no exception when it comes to reliability and innovation, making this yet another classic!

Combining a sleek, pen-shaped design with a powerful Samsung/LG internal battery, the AURA provides outstanding value at an attractive price point. Other features of the AURA include adjustable temperature, LCD display, a ceramic heating chamber for use with herbs, waxes and oil and an isolated air path to ensure clean vapour.

Flowermate AURA features overview

  • Guaranteed free of combustion, the AURA is a true vaporizer
  • Pen shaped, compact size (less than 15 cm tall)
  • LCD temperature display
  • Up to 2 hour battery life on a fully charged battery
  • Built in LG battery (2600 mAh)
  • Micro-USB charging port
  • Heats up in less than 1 minute
  • Automatic shut-off timer (5 minutes)

Fully adjustable temperature

One of the most important features of a vaporizer is the ability to adjust the temperature. A clear LCD display allows you to configure a temperature anywhere between 40ºC and 230ºC . The Flowermate AURA heats up in less than a minute, allowing you to vape any time, anywhere.

Isolated air path for pure, flavourful vapour

The AURA features an isolated air path, meaning the inhaled air does not pass through electronics. This ensures safer and clean vapour with no possible off-gassing or nasty smells.


  • 1 Aura vaporizer
  • 1 Aura Mouthpiece
  • 1 liquid/wax chamber (made with organic cotton)
  • 1 medium stainless steel pod
  • 5 stainless steel screens
  • 1 packing tool and dab tool
  • 1 cleaning brush
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • 1 Instruction manual (English)

How to use the Flowermate AURA vaporizer

  • Rapidly press the power button 5 times within 2 seconds to power on the AURA
  • Press the + and – buttons to adjust the temperature
  • Hold the power button down for two seconds to activate the heating chamber
  • Once heated up, the steam symbol appears, indicating the vaporizer is ready for use

To adjust the temperature display from Fahrenheit to Celcius, keep the + or - key pressed for 3 seconds.

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Flowermate AURA Questions

How do I charge my Aura? It came with a cord but no block? I have several blocks but dont want to take the chance in case voltage is wrong. What is a compatable block ? I s plugging it in to my computer the only way?

devices will only draw the current they need / can use. As long as the device is getting the correct voltage ("electrical pressure") of 5 volts (USB standard), the available amps can be any amount.

Hallo , ist es gesetzlich erlaubt das ich mir Produkte von ihrere Seite nach Österreich online bestelle ?

Kurzgesagt, ja du kannst problemlos eine Bestellung nach Östereich tätigen. Einen Vaporizer zu besitzen ist in der gesamten EU kein rechtliches Problem und sie fallen ebenfalls nicht unter die gesetzlichen Bestimmungen für E-Zigaretten in zb. Skandinavien.

Do you ship to Brazil?

No we do only ship within the EU and Canada.

Hej! Jag är på jakt efter en vape i pen format som klarar av e-juice men som går att bestämma temperaturen på. Skulle Flowermate AURA vara den produkt jag söker? Jag äger idag en Mighty och en firefly som fungerar utmärkt för mina arom blandningar,

Tack för ditt meddelande. Aura fungerar med e-vätskor men tänk på att dess huvudsakliga användning är för örter och kapslarna är inte helt täta. Detta är viktigt att komma ihåg då pennan måste hållas upprätt. Om du letar ett annat alternativ så kan O.penVAPE DIY kitet vara något, dock så är temperaturen ej reglerbar.

wie lang ist die ladedauer des Aura? Und lässt er sich während de ladens verwenden? Ist am Boden der Kräuterkammer ein Sieb? Wenn ja lässt sich dieses wechseln?

Der vollständige Ladevorgang dauert ungefähr 4-5 Stunden. Ein Sieb für den Boden der Kräuterkammer ist inkludiert, dieses kann einfach ausgewechselt werden.

Does this pen come with a chamber that can use normal e-cig liquid/"e-liquid" as well as a chamber for herbs so you can use both?

The Flowermate Aura comes with pods that are suitable for waxes and oils as well as herbs. It cannot be used with e-liquids however.

Als ik vape komt er geen damp uit mijn mond bij het uithaleren.

Dit kan te maken hebben met een aantal dingen. Inhaleertechniek is hierbij ontzettend belangrijk, en het helpt ook als je kruiden goed droog zijn. Verder zou het zo kunnen zijn dat jouw vaporizer niet goed functioneert. Neem alsjeblieft direct contact op met onze klantenservice via het contactformulier zodat zij je hierbij kunnen helpen.

I bought it to vape herb I don't know much about it why can you control the temperature ..???when would you want the temperature to be less than 449 ?

For dry herb, we would advise to start around 356℉ (or 180℃). You can gently increase the temperature to 374℉ (190℃) and up to 392℉ (200℃) to see what works best for you. If you go much higher, there is a change that you will burn your herbs instead of vaporizing them.

How many grams can the oven/chamber hold?

The chamber holds up to 0,4g depending on how fine you will grind your Herbs and how tight you pack it.

How can i switch between fahrheit and celsius ?

To adjust the temperature display from Fahrenheit to Celsius, keep the + or - key pressed for 3 seconds.

can this vape be used for shatter

Yes this is possible in combination with the Flowermate concentrate pod.

Salve ma va bene anche per fumare normale tabacco?

Sì, puoi usarlo per qualsiasi erba secca incluso il tabacco

When I get to the desired temp and try to vape the temperature starts dropping automatically and it won't vape .. just bought it and it's fully charged if that matters

It is normal that when you inhale, the temperature drops a bit. Because you are basically drawing the heat from the oven. If you really feel that there is something wrong with your vaporizer, please contact our Customer Support directly through our contact form: /contact/

Is there anyway to get replacement pods mine didn't come with any?

You can find the Flowermate concentrate pods here: /vaporizer_accessoires/flowermate-concentrate-capsules/ . The herb pods are available here: /vaporizer_accessoires/flowermate-concentrate-capsules/ In case you bought your Flowermate with us but didn't receive any pods with it, could you please contact our customer support directly?

When it's fully charged does it automatically stop charging itself??

Yes, the Aura will stop charging automatically when its battery is full.

E' a conduziine o a convezione?Grazie

Il Flowermate Aura e' a conduzione

What is the temperature setting for oil / wax? And the temperature settting for herbs? Do I need to change the temperature when using for the first time?

An ideal temperature for dry herbs would be something between 170°C - 200 °C. It's good to experiment with this to find your 'sweet spot'. For oil/wax a higher temperature is needed. Set your Aura to the highest temperature (230°C) and always use a concentrate pod to prevent the oil from leaking into your vaporizer. Don't use any oils based on vegetable oil (like olive oil).

Customer evaluation for "Flowermate AURA"

i have already Flowermate V5.0S Pro and now i own Flowermate AURA best value ever !

Great if you want to explore the several possibilities of vaping herbs, and have no previous experience of vaping. I came across this vaporizer as a cheap trial option (that was my intention). First I was disappointed in the effects and the lack of vapour while exhaling. This was mostly because I stuck to a low temperature (180-200c according to Google, which I found to be too low). After increasing the temperature I was able to get the proper anticipated experience, with visible vapour, so my opinion about this particular product completely changed. Now I highly recommend this to everyone, especially beginners and price sensitive people.

Few tips:
- Long press power button for temporary on/off
- Heat it up several times to get rid of the possible side tastes
- Preferably use without the metal capsule (but remember to put the small filter on the bottom)
- Remember to wash mouthpiece to not clog the air flow

This is my first vaporizer and I am very content with its performance after the first usage.
I bought because I wanted to quit smoking (herbes and tobacco) and the Aura's price is quite fair.

After you turn it on (when it's filled), you can pretty quickly see a little bit of vapor coming out of it. The taste is ok (no comparison) and really smooth in my opinion.

If you are looking for a beginner's vape then go for it!

Best vape for use with bing. Did replace top screen with common screen. Helped improve air flow.

* easy to use
* battery big enough for 3 to 4 sessions
* when using the steel capsules for your herbs very easy to clean (they are easy to fill with the grinder)
* heats up quite fast

* the airflow is quite bad - even if you don't use the capsules.
* the mouthpiece did break after a while, just ordered some new ones

I'm a Crafty user, then i saw this product and thought this might be a good one to have on the side for when the Crafty is empty. (battery drains so damn fast)

But when i used the Aura i was so disappointed, almost no vapor - hard draw - hot air.
For me its all about the vape quality. So thats why i dont like the Aura.
It just cant keep up with the Storz & Bickel :)

It's a good product for the money and therefore a would recommend this product to people that does not want to spend 300 euro on pocket vaporizer.

Super fast heatup easy to use and has a long battery live.

My Aura arrived fast and in discreet packaging, thanks VapoShop! So far I'm loving my Aura. It's fast to heat up and easy to use. The only thing I'm not liking too much is the 5 minute shutdown timer, it would be great if this could be adjusted.

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Delivery method: Direct draw
Adjustable temperature: Yes
Compatibility: Herbs and oils
Heating technique: Conduction
Portable / Desktop: Portable
Automatic switch-off: Yes
Warranty: 2 years
Brand: Flowermate (Smiss)
Heat-up time: 10-30 seconds
Battery: 2600 mAh