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The WISPR 2 vaporizer is the second generation successor of the popular IOLITE Original. This butane-powered vaporizer features a number of updates to ensure an even smoother vaporizing experience.

The manufacturer, Oglesby & Butler, teamed up with two renowned San Francisco based design firms to create a new design, while at the same time making room for complete re-working of the technology that made the IOLITE into one of today's most used portable vaporizers. In addition, the box shape lets the WISPR 2 stand hands-free.

Updates of the WISPR 2 include:

  • A larger butane reservoir for increased vaporization time
  • See-through window to check the butane fuel level
  • Flexible, foldable mouth piece
  • The new body grill allows the WISPR to stand up and allows for optimal cooling

The iolite WISPR 2 vaporizer provides a constant vaporizing temperature of 190°C (374°F).

WISPR 2 usage instructions

  1. Fill the butane reservoir. As with all butane-powered vaporizers, remember to use only high quality butane gas! Look for the label "extra purified butane lighter gas" and "near zero impurities"
  2. Make sure the lighter is turned off!
  3. Prepare your herbs / tobacco and pack the filling chamber, then insert it into the WISPR 2 vaporizer.
  4. Push down the switch until you hear a click. You’ll hear a slight whisper and an orange light on the side of the device will become visible to indicate the vaporizer is heating up. This takes approximately 45 seconds.
  5. Place your lips on the straw and inhale slowly. When finished, push the switch upwards until it clicks. The heater is now off.

Detailed instructions are also included in the box.

The WISPR 2 by IOLITE includes:

  • WISPR 2 Vaporizer unit. Length: 87 mm x Width: 70 mm x Depth: 29 mm. Weight: 128 g
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Instruction manual (UK, NL, DE, FR, ES, PT)
  • Carrying pouch
  • 2 x Silicone Pop Out Mouthpiece
  • Extra mesh screen
  • 2 x Pipe Cleaner

WISPR 2 customer reviews

Bernardo 2015-07-08

One month of heavy daily use, I'm best friends with my WISPR vaporizer. One butane tank lasts for approx 3-4 bowls of material, and fills in a couple of seconds. I would find it very hard to keep an electrical vape charged at all times... It's supposed to be flowers only, but i've succesfully vaped hash-only bowls, too. Now I usually mix both! I have no experience with other vaporizers, but the WISPR became my companion for every high moment; and I was a pationate smoker! No more combustion for me. Only down side is that it's trendy looks and misterious wispering get a lot of attention in the street. No one is able to tell what it is, though.

Michal 2015-06-26

Great as your first vaporiser - cannot go wrong. Has one button only - ignition, with no temperature settings. It is as easy as it gets. Q1: But do I want a butane powered vaporiser? A1: If you forget to charge your phone every now and then - butane is probably a better energy source for you. WISPR2 can be fully charged with gas in under 10 seconds - vs. electric vaporisers that take hours. Gas is cheap and a 300ml can lasts for months. Q2: What is the flip side? A2: It is not silent in operation - after all it burns butane to maintain stable temperature. + Intricate object - does not scream 'I am vaporiser' or 'e-cigarete', + Easy to use - operation with one button, + Best price for a portable vaporiser, + Very good build quality, + Comes with a carrying pouch, - Not very handy when traveling by plane (must empty gas and buy a can at the destination), - Makes noise - hence the name WISPR, though a level higher then an actual whisper.

PIK 2015-05-19

Since I only used the original Iolite and now the Wispr 2 (both butane powered) I cannot compare it to electrical portable vapors. The main reason why I bought a butane powered vapor was because I wanted a portable one which would run for a very long time with one "charge" (from various comments I estimate about 1 to 1.5 hours) and would recharge in a very short time (it took about 3 seconds to fill up the empty unit). Recharging seems easier with butane too, especially when you are camping or just taking a hike. Why the Wispr 2? Compared to the original Iolite I actually think the original one would be the better choice. It is more compact, is ergonomically formed and should run and be charged in about the same time. I got the Wispr 2 though, because, from what I heard, the original ones mouth piece is prone to break off. Also, Iolite apparently enhanced the burning process (since, I haven't frequently used either of the units I cannot tell) and as a nice gimmick you now see how much gas is left. The problem with the Wispr 2, the original Iolite and probably a lot of other portable vapors is, that the air cannot cool down adequately which can result in an uncomfortable feeling. If you want to heavily use this I would suggest you better buy a (desktop) vapor with better cooling. Since I already knew this though, the only real complaint I have is how weird it feels when holding the Wispr 2, because of its shape. It does get hot on the side with the burning chamber, but never to the point where it was too hot. Also, the herbs never charred for me until now, rather they dried up completely (because you cannot regulate the heat this was a pleasant surprise).

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