Mighty vaporizer customer reviews

Trudy 2019-03-24
  • Easy to use/clean
  • Good w/ small amounts
  • Super efficient
  • Price
  • Visual design

I have a volcano as well and I never use it anymore because the Mighty is practically as good while being muuuch easier to use and clean. It is very expensive but well worth it in my opinion! It looks... very German? It's all about functionality! Something I really like about it is that it works great with super small amounts (like half a dosing capsule, 0.05g).

Nick 2019-03-19
  • Everything
  • Cleaning (Duh)

There are no downsides to this Vaporizer, Ive been using it for over a year now and its perfect. It holds its temperature very well. Its always been my go-to friend. I have been using it, this is without a doubt the best vaporizer out there.

Mitja 2018-09-05

Must buy! This is hands-down the best vaporizer I've used. Not to mention the customer satisfaction vaposhop offers. Mine started to act up (battery going from 2 to 0) and there was some LCD flickering (wasn't there at the start). What they did? Probably will repair my mighty but since repairs take long, they went ahead and send a new one to me which was like wow. Vapor production = 11/10 Taste = Depends on herbs but its freakin delicious! Recommended Temp: 195C ;) you will see why it has the name mighty. This vaporizer simply works. Just don't forget to charge it before going out. If I had to buy a new vape it would probably be this one again. I've tried many vaporizers but still come back to this one every day with the most satisfaction.

Dimitris 2018-03-11

Two words.BUY IT

Dark_matetr 2017-07-01

Amazing product producing great effect.

Tonypolo 2017-05-28

I I was reluctant for a long time because I had bought a "pen vaporizer" with poor results and satisfaction. After a few years came the Mighty, so I bought it but always with some doubt. Here, all the doubts have vanished vaporizing first 185 ° not understanding so much and when i vaporize 190 ° - 195 ° i realize because the name Mighty and i was very very happy about this marvelous product. I highly recommend my favorite temperature is now 190 ° but try it according to your tastes and aromas that you put in.

Rune 2017-01-18

I've had a Mighty for two years now, and have just ordered my second one. Advantages are a huge battery, great draw, large herb chamber and properly cooled vapor. Heating up takes roughly 1.5 minutes on a full charge, but decreases as the battery is drained. If Mighty replaced its heater with the no-heat-up-time heater used in the Grasshopper vaporizer, I think we would have a 5-star vaporizer. If you take small draws frequently, you'll spend a lot of time and battery waiting for it to heat up. That being said, it's still my favorite vaporizer out there. Better than the Grasshopper which doesn't properly cool the vapor.

kappavita 2016-04-14

There is no portable vaporizer yet (my opinion) that should get 5 out of 5 stars. Mighty though is almost there! great vape, efficient, odourless, tasteful. My everyday, all day vaporizer. Mighty perfoms always as a star vaporizer and never let me down. Covers all my needs and doesn't seem to ''sweat'' to do that. i own firefly too and feel that i have all i want...

albertprince 2014-12-03

Incredibly a powerful vape! Batteriest last forever, heating up is fast. I'm happy with this one, it literally breathes quality. Won't go back to any other vaporizer any time soon :)

Nico-Jeriko 2014-11-20

I used to own Volcano and I always thought it was the best there was and it always gave the best hits. I was out from the vapo-game few years and I bought Imags Vaporizer few months ago and I was pretty happy with that. Then this mighty came to stores and got me wonder, could it be so good like reviews said. Well after a month or so my imags mouthpiece got broken (chinese) and I had to react quickly because there is no going back to combustion. I did what every smart guy does, i slept one night and I decided to give early christmas present for myself and I ordered Mighty from Vaposhop last friday. I was amazed how fast it came and I was holing my mighty at tuesday. That day i was busy so I didnt have time to test it yet, but I finally got time yesterday (wed) and I was exited if it would be as good as others wrote. I locked and loaded my first bowl and it looked so small that I immediately loaded another bowl because i didnt want to leave any room for errors. After I was done it was time to go out and BOOM! I almost got down on my knees preaching the glory of Mighty and I just thought to myself that the germans really did it again. Its not stealthy at all but after those hits of that smooth, cool vape in my lungs I didn't care anymore if its stealthy or not. It's the best i have tested ever and I hope this relationship will last at least a decade. So yes its pricy but is it worth it? God/Hell yess!!!!

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