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Rich 2019-04-09

Getting a PAX is a new way of life. People of the PAX family will understand me. It is an incredible piece of equipment. My one downside is you can;t use it whilst its charging. Other than that its sick. If at any moment your PAX isnt AWESOME, it just need cleaning.

Elwood 2018-01-24

Very good looking, nice handfeel. Heats up very fast and is easy to fill. The charger is very well engineered. It is my first vape, so i was a little unsatiesfied with the steam production, but that may be a general vaping concern. Therefore I sent it back and VAPOSHOP support was very kind and helpful with that!

gchr 2017-08-18

I'm gladly surprised with this vaporizer. Been using an Arizer Solo for more than a couple of years, the battery was practically worn out so I had to either change it or get a new vaporizer, so I went for the PAX 2 now that its price has decreased on the launch of PAX 3. The Arizer Solo is a very powerful vaporizer and thought I'd be getting a less effective vape but more portability. Oh boy was I wrong, the PAX 2 is better on everything: bigger chamber, easier to clean, no mouthpiece, big vapor clouds and no toasted herbs at all! No need to mention how discrete and small it is! Eventho I'd prefer if it was slightly bigger overall. Must admit I was pissed off at first because I was getting no vapor on my first couple bowls until I learned how to properly grind and press the herbs inside the chamber; also using a second screen (not necessarily the one from PAX, you can use a folded basic round screen) improves the airflow a big deal and makes the whole experience perfect. Definately the best thing about PAX 3 is the fact PAX 2 is now on a very affordable price, totally worth it. 5/5 would buy again.

Hugo Aleixo 2017-05-27

I'm completely satisfied with the purchase I made. First of all, the quality of PAX 2 is undeniable, combining great looks with great performance. And last but not least, I'd like to appreciate the customer support from Vaposhop for truly caring about customers and getting me a new unit after I broke the first one I received. I'll gladly buy from Vaposhop again soon. Thanks again

xoxe 2017-03-01

Got exactly what I wanted, when I wanted. 5 star product (PAX 2) and 5 stars to Vaposhop, no complaints whatsoever about them. Excellent service, won't hesitate to do buissness with them again in the future.

emjay 2016-12-09

What an amazing little machine. Perfect for bringing with you. Small and inconspicuous. Packs more than enough herb for one person (I'm a frequent user), but if you plan to vape together with more than one buddy I would go for another vape. Love the design, looks so good. The LED's and motion sencing is nice, but I don't care much for the different "party modes". On a full charge i usually get 6-7 sessions. I highly recommend this vape. Thank you vaposhop

avcd 2016-11-30

I was really impressed by the efficiency of this website, I had initially some problems with the colours of the vape since there weren't available both the black and the silver. However since I had to wait 1 week for the colour details, my vape arrived within 2 days. I am very happy with my PAX 2, it is very resistant and perhaps discrete as well! Thanks Vaposhop :)

Melissa 2016-11-15

Nice vaporizer, great flavour, packs alot of herb and has a beautiful brushed metal finish.

Davor 2016-11-04

Amazing portable vaporizer! Everything is as advertised, even got some gifts and free shipping with tracking! Thanks! Only thing I regret is not getting the half pack oven lid straight away, no it's sold out :(

Freeze 2016-07-28

great product & super fast delivery / perfect ! thanks a lot for the box

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