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RBT Splinter

The RBT Splinter is a unique 510-thread herbal vaporizer tank that can be screwed onto any battery mod with a capacity of at least 50 watts. The Splinter is a pure convection system that delivers powerful and incredibly tasty vapor at the touch of a button. Additionally, it is also very efficient: the pure convection heat system only heats the herbs when you activate the unit. This also means that the Splinter is extremely easy to use. Two carb holes (Standard Flow) in combination with draw intensity give you control over the airflow.

The Splinter is handmade by RastaBuddhaTao with a hand-carved American Walnut wooden body. The glass chamber is made of 18 mm German ground glass fitting which perfectly fits an all-glass mouthpiece. It’s an exquisite combination of simplicity and high quality.

Made in the USA

Now available in two versions:

Standard Flow: For normal users. This version features two airflow holes, which translates into thicker clouds and more efficiency when used with mouthpieces.

High Flow: For users into heavy hits. Four airflow holes, which translates into a slightly cooler vapor through mouthpieces and bigger hits when used with water tools.

How to use the RBT Splinter?

  1. Screw Splinter onto a mod box
  2. Push screen into the mouthpiece
  3. Lightly pack ground herb in the screen
  4. Put the mouthpiece on the wooden unit
  5. Turn on the mod and select the desired wattage
  6. Optionally you can pre-heat for 3-5 seconds
  7. Draw for 10 to 20 seconds
  8. You can stir between draws to improve vapor

Recommended heating settings

Low: 20-35 watts for 120 – 175 °C

Medium: 25-35 watts for 150 – 205 °C

High: 35-45 watts for 175 – 230 °C


Allow the Splinter to cool if it gets hot. Do not unscrew when hot.

Battery Mod not included!

RBT Splinter contents

  • 1 Splinter
  • 1 glass mouthpiece
  • 2 screens
  • 1 stir stick
  • 1 natural cloth bag

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RBT Splinter Questions

  • Marek: 2018-12-30 01:04:03
    Hi,when will you have version with standard air flow,with 2 holes,not 4?Regards,Marek
    You can now choose between the Standard Flow Version (with 2 Airflow holes) and the High Flow Version (with 4 Airflow holes) in the Dropdown Menu above. Currently we are waiting for restock form the Manufacturer RastaBuddhaTao, you can sign up for a reminder and we will inform you straight away when your desired product is back in stock.
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